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[NEWS] Ultimate Combat Lilim is created, and sues the company who made him.

| written by Marion "May" O'Naiz
After a long a sense, the news is back. We had a hickup with misinformation a while back, but it seems we've gotten back on track. Today, veteran electronics company "CapsulComputers" finally created the ultimate super soldier using human test subject "Cross".

When he awoke he promptly tried to sue them immediately for ruining his entire life. When asking Cross about this, he has this to say. "Fuck off."

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We're Desperate.

| So desperate, that you can't seem to get your editor to do his job.
- Nerris

| ... Now that I think about it, I think that case came to my desk at one point...
- Anteros

| Here's a comment: Any idea where I can find this "ultimate super soldier?"


| Waiting for him to get recruited/abducted/brainwashed/blackmailed into being a slave for some corporate fags.

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Good question, I wonder if it's any good in a fist fight, sounds like money to me.
- Step

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Forget fist fighting. We're looking at another future of law enforcement, chummers.


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One word:

| We can be glad that he just seems to want his peace. That "Fuck off" could've very well turned into "He fucked them up" instead.

What could go wrong?

| What kind of deranged psychopath do you take me for...? I don't know what's going on, what I can do, or why they did this to me of all people. Also, please don't come searching for me just to pick a fight...

| This is one overwhelmingly incompetent company, fucking up enough to let its own creation start a lawsuit. If all the corpos are this bad, the worls will be much better off.

| I can agree with that... They really shouldn't have expected the person they practically forced into what I can only describe as a personal freezer to be cooperative.

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That's far from the only show of incompetence. First, the company didn't made the guy sign some kind of agreement. Second, they didn't install some kind of failsafe or back-up plan that will quickly make control the guy in the worst case scenario(think the Order 66 and Clone Troopers from Star Wars.) Third, they didn't immediately neutralize the guy straight away as soon as they know the guy will not be happy. There's a bunch more fuck-ups, this is just a few.

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Time to fuck around and find out.


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I'll watch. My money's on the terminator guy.

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