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Paydata for sale, cheap prices!

| Hey chummers, i got rent due in around 72 hours and i'm selling some paydata i've got stored away on the cheap. Some of this is novahot, so first come, first serve.

First one up is healthcare related, and no, gonna stop you right there, it isn't about a certain Verboten company... either of them. Not sure many of y'all even heard of these peeps... a mom and pop shop if any existed. I'll share it for around... 2k nuyen.


| Second one is a little more relaxed, but probably useful to some of you real techies who are more silicon than gray matter, know what i'm saying? Its a catalog attached as a bonus special to one of ARES' weapons catalogs. Sadly, ain't the milspec or law spec stuff, but just as good. Ever hear of Wiremasters? You sure will now.

1.5k nuyen for this baby.

| >cont

Last but not least... got a little squeeze here on some newblood around town, thinking they can just slide in without anyone noticing the goddamn waves hitting the beach head. This one isn't so big of a deal... you'll find out eventually, when they make landfall... but a few of their "advance" scouts are in town and masquerading as GCPD's finest.

Incidentally, also healthcare related... barely. Between you'z and me, feels more like a PMC.

1k nuyen.

| This content's first come, first serve. Don't keep me waiting, please. I do wanna eat soon.



| >>760668
I'll take the 5k one chummer, I love techie shit.

| >>760673

Five thousand nuyen? Well aren't you mighty generous... I'll be sure to donate some of that to a local charity in your handle, chummer.


| >>760674
I gotta use that pension somehow, still it's also a play nice price eh?

| >>760676

Hell yes.


| Any chummer still interested in the third and final paydata? Ilsa here bought the first two, speed demoness as she is.


| >>760683
I'll take them.

| >>760690

Sold, chummer. Enjoy what you learn.


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This thread is permanently archived