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someone pinkpill me on the legend of the geek and his band of dynamic fuckups.

| inb4 "lurk moar," inb4 "newfag."

Yeah, i'm new. And I have half a mind to prove you asswipes whatfore.

I know intel's the main squeeze around these parts and that's what I'm looking for. Half you cocks seem to worship the man. The rest act like they're japanese cartoon characters come to life.

So? What is it? Who the hell are these people? Or is it some kind of big inside joke?


| Is this about the DYNAMOFORCE show???
NERDBOY is my OSHI dude

| >>760658

yeah yeah yeah i know about the show, but what i want to know is who the jokers are that everyone keeps alluding to outside the show.

You know the kind. Not this "geeknerd" that everyone keeps joking about, and his band of color coded NERPS.

Tell me about this...



| >>760661
Here's what I gather JS, I can call you JS right?

Back in the olden days, a guy called CN used to run an information thread on here, he was some kind of decker, experienced from what I heard, idealist type tho.

He had a bunch of pals and they did crazy shit and he gathered the info about that yaknow?

His legend blew up when it was found out he had a few kids he "acquired" wether he saved them or smth is unknown, and people kept the meme alive since then.

| >>760665

...that's it?

He was some datajockey who used to be hot shit and then got found out as a kiddie fucker?

Mang. This blows. Who'd want to remember him?

Though I guess this ain't too different from celebrities getting found out either. Them and TransCatholic priests.

...or UCAS politicians...


| >>760686
Nerdboy would NEVER diddle kids! He SAVES them from EVIL

| Pretty sure geekboy's set on marrying somebody already. Which means that the reputed huge magnum dong of his is reserved. I have to say that I'm a little jealous...

No, you little cunt ain't gonna turn gay on me today.

...on the behalf of all the ladies, who I will let you get my numbers if you are done crying over the loss of the magnum dong.

Right, cool, we've got you back.

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YES he loves LADY ENGINE, who is an ENGINE!!

| >>760819
Not what I heard, but ok.

| >>760775

Waaaait hold up hold up, *marriage*?

I thought the golden rule of shadowrunning is not having any contacts that can lead back to you. If that's true, how have the corpos *not* kidnapped them or whatever?

You sure we're talking about the same geeknerd? The one that shattered an orbital prison's power grid, killing several with the sudden lack of life support and escaping during the process?


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Yeah, I heard the chummer's engaged to somebody.

| >>761054




| >>761054

| >>761061

Stop foolin'

| >>761065
You're fooling, what the heck is a jetscream anyway??

| >>761067

My handle, cuz. And you better remember it.

It's gonna be infamous in this town someday, omae.


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Uh, okay?? I thought this was a DYNAMOFORCE appreciation board though?
Why would you want to be infamous on here?

| >>761060
No, really, I heard somebody talking about his fiancee somewhere.

| >>761075

Dynamoforce appreciation...!?!?! I thought this was a shadow board for blackmarket stuff and the like?

Aren't y'all supposed to be the "Final Boss of the Matrix?"


Yeah I just picked up some paydata real easy- looks legit.

Looks like we're going to be eating well tonight, Martha.


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