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Willing to sell rare Chanka pictures.

| What it says on the tin, I got some good pictures for all you chummers who love the little oni's stupid mug.

How much y'all willin' to pay?

| whats a Chanka?


| >>760641
A Major from the GCPD, little oni, just about 130 cm tall, she has a dedicated fanbase in some circles. I'm not cathering to pedos though, if I hear one more request for "Sexy BIKINI PLEASE PLOX PLZZZ UOOOOHOHHHHHHH" I'm closing my thread right there and then.

| >>760643

Hmm, sounds cute. Tell me more.


| >>760648
Sure, here, a freebie

>Chankasanta.jpx is posted
>It's an image of a small girl, with two large oni horns sprouting from her forehead, both with ribbons attached. She has long cream-colored hair and blunt cut bangs. Her sanpaku eyes are red and teary, she looks upon her held empty plate in absolute despair.
>She's very cute, perfectly balanced features complimented by the exotic charm of both her sharp teeth and horns.

| >>760653

...No way. Are those real horns?

Hell of a surgical chop job. Surprised the GCPD let her in the force with those kind of biomods... unless she's actually some kind of mascot to play nice with the kids and their little "dare to be safe" programmes.


| >>760657
They seem real enough, she hates when people touch em'
She's apparently a propaganda officer, but that's debatable.
Rumors says she was a White Knight, nobody I've talked to in the WK can confirm it, and the data is locked tight enough to make me squeal.

Cutiepie though.

| >>760660

Yeah, yeah. Too cute, almost. Hard to believe that this is where the average wageslave's taxes are going.

Got any other leads? Maybe a... publicist or two?


| >>760663
Nah, shit's kept locked tight, but... according to what I hear, she's the real deal.
Raised from Sarge to Major in two years, in the 90th percentile of all officers, She also doesn't wear a purple ribbon.

Weird rumors too, apparently she wears a papal order medal, and has a Maltese passport from the Order of Malta.

Wacky shit, none of which is provable mind you, but it's all I got.

You'll have to hack the GCPD if you wanna figure out more, cuz I sure aint doing that.

| >>760670

Hey, if the nuyen's good...


| >>760684
Sure thing I guess.

So, anyone wanna buy pictures or am I wasting my time here?

| >>760821

Eh, I guess anything's good as paydata.

How much?


| >>761069
100 zenny per pic set.

| >>761072

Gimme all you got.


| >>761080
That's gonna be 500 zenny pal

| >>761093

>Moments later, a secure escrow account with one way transfer (toward you) makes its way to... whatever you're using to access the Matrix right now.

| >>761101

>And in return comes in five photo sets, each containing about 15 images of high quality photos of the smallest Major in GCPD history, she's always wearing her uniform or civilian clothes, but one set has a photo that seems older than the rest. Of a shorter haired Chanka in a full set of White Knight Power armor, the insign of the Blitzkrieg corp looks weathered on it.

There you go, have fun chummer.

| >>761104

Hell, she's ex White Knight? Didn't expect that...


| >>761112
Better than that, she was a Ltn.Col.
Someone doesn't just become such a high rank on connections alone.

Also notice the lack of Purple ribbons on her dress uniform in set 08, she doesn't have a purple heart, meaning she never got any injuries bad enough to deserve it. That's awfully odd for someone so high up.

| She's a cutw little warrior, for sure.

| >>761119

Hell, she survived the the Civil War with nary a scratch?

Now I believe ya, omae.


| >>761122
Right? That's why she's so interesting.
She was also already employed during thr Apollo lynchings. Makes a man think.

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