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Gimme some tips

| I need to uh, make my way to downtown from westport with some... apples, right?
I had a route, it collapsed, anyone got any ideas to help a chummer out?

| Could always call a taxi. What kind of "apples" are we talking?

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Apples you know, the ones that are "Real" good, make you "healthy" and nice feelin'

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Well, if you got into the city that means you got past border patrol, which is a feat in itself. Why not walk the walk?

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The quantity is a problem, usually I'd hire some courriers and share the load, but the usual people I hire are busy chasing down something else, the pains of the working man...

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When you want something done right...

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Right... but I can't really help the lane "collapsing"

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This thread is permanently archived