Chrome in the Streets

| I think it might be war, kiddos. I'm seeing some concerning shit in broad daylight. Some overaugged freaks in full kit are trolling the backallies and off roads.

Some aren't so scary, kids with guns. But I saw a squad augged to their taint roll by and make a hobo disappear and laugh at it like it was the funniest shit ever.

Becareful out there.

| Word. All who still got ears ought to hear... chrome or otherwise.


| >>757005 Yeah, man. I don't mean disrespect for nobody. This is a warning for anybody that cares.

| Anyone know anything about these drekheads? -Cymophane

| Hobos? Why would you ever target such a low wealth target individual?
Get a life chummers, or atleast learn to hustle right.

| > DM to ( Cymophane ) from TIAMAT :
I know a little bit, unfortunately. Hoard of assholes like to hang around the wrecked industrial area near whatever the fuck's left of Flooded. They crawl out of all kinds of holes though...

| >>757036 Don't think that was about hustle, man. Guy got misted because he was there.

| And that's what I'm saying, those guys should learn that there's zero point to this kinda shit...

Zero pin bar, nada, zilch even
Unless you NEED a dead hobo, but who fucking does? Id rather have an Autoblow than a dead hobo, and I dont got a dick!

| >>757043 Agreed. I ain't going to be the one to tell 'em though.

Pretty sure it's all LEDs and BTL up there. Fucking things just need to be street cleaned.

| >>757038
Always with the Flooded... well in my experience everything that makes no sense and is nonsensical just means that there is something worth happening underneath the layer. -Cymophane

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