| The shadows call.[/c]

| >Thin the herd.
There's been more than a few unblooded individuals entering the city in recent days. As with most, their collective presence is sloppy at best, annoying at worst. Some may yet prove useful. Others, not so much.

20,000n Per decker. Bonus to be decided for intact devices.

40,000n Per Solo. Keep or discard the weapons.

5,000n per Rockerboy. A dime a dozen.

60,000n per Samurai. No haggling.

25,000n per Netrunner. MUST be clean before submission.

120,000n* per synthetic. Restraining bolts will not be provided.

*Flat rate regardless of sentience or chassis type- a-dolls, DFC, protocol, Militech, etc.

| Understood.

| Aren't you guys forgetting Riggers? You know? The real BIGDICKS around town? Or are we so RARE you know we're all soooo good???

| >>756815

Cluck cluck, chickling.


| >>756815

For our purposes, riggers and deckers are functionally the same. Dispose of the corpses and deliver their equipment intact, receive pay.

| >>756825
Yeah yeah hardass, you laugh because you aint never had a spider dump you out of a secure location using your own systems.

| Ey Johnson, uh, so, when do we uh... stop?

Also... you got a list or some drek of ne targets? You can't just look at a bar full of fools and go "dere, dat 'un looks like 'e 'asn't 'ad 'is cherry popped!"

'Specially sammies... yeah the razorkids are a dime a dozen, but when you run inta *real* one... -Gatz

| >>756961

Our price is not negotiable. 60,000 nuyen per dead Street Samurai.

| Anyone seen that lady offering immortality? Think its legit?

| >>756976

Depends. What does she mean by "immortality?"

| >>756979
idk she was offering it in the jobs thread for finding some guy

| hell she says she'll count the job just getting her to him so must be pretty confident. Doubt someone with immortality access wouldn't use it first

| I have a few ideas of what it could be. Stay away, choom. Ain't worth it.

| >>756992
Even ignoring that any info on the guy they want?

| Didn't realize we can gate keep in the city now. Just let their fuck ups solve it themselves. -Cymophane

| >>756993 You ever done a job where you can tell if you get in too deep there won't be any getting out?

| >>756995
I don't know this seems like less than a milk run if you just need to send her to the Aphroditus guy.
Whats less than a milk run? A mail run.
Yeah it's basically getting mail.

| >>756998 If you feel you got it, go get it. I said all I'm willing to say on the aether.

| >>756999
I have no idea where to look for this guy. So fuck if I know.

| We don't need competition, let us find the kid, and don't step in.
-CODE 00

| I'm sure some of you should be interested on buying information, addresses and IDs cheaper than anywhere else.

| >>757058
How much.
And how good is your info Omae?
-CODE 03

| >>757060
5,000n for decker; Got 7 addresses available.
30,000n for Samurai; 1 full profiled, ID and photo included.

My info is as good as my source, who hasn't let me down yet.


| >>757064
I'll take the Sammy's info, along any info you got on >>>bigshot deckers. None of the chaff, the big ones.
-CODE 03

| >>757066 The balls on this one. Lol

| >>757069
The balls have nothing to do with collecting info, if you're smart you'd want to be aware of things like this, competition, who not to fuck with, blackmail, adresses, contacts. Its basic stuff really.
-CODE 03

| >>757066
Deal on the Samurai, I don't mess with big Deckers out of principle.
Expect contact and billing information soon.

***Do not expect a physical visit***


| >>757074 Yeah it's basic, all right. You sound green af. Maybe I'm imagining it.

| >>757076
Understood, pleasure doing business with you.
I don't blame you, there's enough edge runners and razorkids here to make cleaning them up a paying a job.
-CODE 03

| >>757078 Yeah that's an understatement. Seen a lot of brighteyed glory hounds get ground up and on the bottom of folk's shoe.

Here's a tip, chaff like to get in shit bigger than them. They eagerly do the job for you and generate leads they don't know they got.

Saying too much. Enjoy that.

| Why is every chummer just going along with this? First they start with the razorkids, but how long until we start getting hits on all the vets? -Cymophane

| >>757101 Ha. Any vet that gets hit had it coming. You don't do this kind of work expecting to get off free.

Curses come home to roost and every bullet has a name.

| >>757107
I ain't denying that, but we see a new Johnson with an obvious pitchfork joining the crowd and we're just gonna go along with it just cause he got some cred in the other hand? -Cymophane

| I mean. Johnson is a premier fixer, but he isn't the only one.

Personally I'm pretty big in not putting your faith in one church, if you get my meaning. If Johnson fucks me, I still have business just like he still has people.

Anyone who just does a job without the homework deserves to get hit.

| >>757109
Fair enough, this ain't the first mass hit job I've seen on here and I don't like the pattern the way things are going. -Cymophane

| >>757035
oh yeah and hows the search going then

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