| >[Transmission shared as part of non respect of agreement and contract, targets now on black-list: "DONT FUCK WITH US CHUMMERS"]

>[BLigh]: Reporting target omae, we got some odd synth we wanna catch, Blazko spotted it last night.
>[Yuro]: Synth? Lilim or some andro?
>[Bligh]: Some combat bot, human shape apparently.
>[Yuro]: make or model?
>[Bligh]: I'm no gearhead omae, all Blazko told me was that it was short and humanoid.
>[Yuro]: Did he mention an estimate?
>[Bligh]: depends.

| >[Yuro]: That's no answer, how much he think the damn thing is worth? I aint busting a mil doll if I cant make a drekking profit with it chummer, especially if its corporate or somethin'.
>[Bligh]: ... 7 mil
>[Yuro]: You're fukken joshing me aren't you omae?
>[Bligh]: I aint Yu, I'm real, Blazko said it and you know how he is.
>[Yuro]: Well cover me in karmotrine and light me ablaze, a fucking 7mil bot runnin around GC? Any handlers? What about corpos?
>[Bligh]: None to see yet.

| >[Yuro]: So you'll tell me a drekking multi-mil bot is just running around unsupervised? There has to be a catch, out with it you rascal.
>[Bligh]: Blazko said it was covered in something bad, its skin he said, It's Vitreous Enamel Shock Dampeners.
>[Yuro]: I hate repeating myself chummer, I aint no techy, what's a goddamn Vitreous Enamel?
>[Bligh]: Its a material close to ceramic, really brittle looking, yet it could stop a AMR round with no trouble, it redistributes shock...

| >[Bligh]:Blazko says its made in Ghana from ressources dug up in some war crime controlled mines, and its why ARES and Fairweather have been trying to outs eachother from there ever since 34'. Its stronger than anything on the market, and way more expensive too, a single plate from that bot is worth millions.
>[Yuro]: so that 7 mil figure...
>[Bligh]: that's for the plates alone, its head to toe on this bot, we don't even know what chassis lies under there but the price... Well.

| >[Yuro]: So theb how the hell do we get that bot? From what you've been saying its no sex-doll or mil infantry, its a goddamn forteress walking on two legs!
>[Bligh]: Blazko says its weak to heat, and that it doesnt prevent hacking. It also probably doesn't have a huge frame under there, so no faraday drek according to him. The unit is also small, just about the size of a kid, and the VT armor on it is super light, we conk it out with decking and drag it away, simple as.

| >[Yuro]: That sounds TOO good to be true, lets keep some other plans open, get Blazko on working some weakness to that Enamel shit, and find us a decker who can run this Bot's programs... Also look out for handlers.
>[Bligh]: we told you we saw none omae...
>[Yuro]: Then look closer goddamnit! You think a Fairweather or ARES doll just walks around naked in their multi-million nuyen armor without anyone who put it on them nearby? Are you daft chummer? Too much BTL will do that to ya

| >[Bligh]: You don't gotta scream chummer, sheesh, we'll give it a second look, christ.
>[Yuro]: you will, and get me some pictures too, ask Blazko for those.
>[Bligh]: we got some already, here you go.
>A picture of a short figure under a streetlight, covered in a black coat, a large transparent piece of plastic makes up the coat's front, revealing what appears at first to be naked skin, but is in fact White porcelain covered in dark lines, criss-crossing over the whole

| >The unit is short, no taller thab a child, and has average proportions for a human of said age, although her arms and legs and unable to be seen, their face is covered by a ARES visor, complete with a whole comms device on its side, two blue lines strike the frontal piece of the visor.
>[Bligh]: this is the one, Nifty aint it?
>[Yuro]: Why does it look like a kid?
>[Bligh]: Blazko says its because it can mingle with Child soldiers in Ghana.
>[Yuro]: Right...

| >[Bligh]: So? We on it?
>[Yuro]: Yes, but remember my demands, that thing has got a handler for sure, with a comms deck like that especially.
>[Bligh]: Sure thing chummer, anything else
>[Yuro]: Yeah. Get me a good decker, a legendary one if you can, Spider of philly type. Hell I'd settle for NERDBOY.
>[Bligh]: gotchu, we on it Omae.
>[Yuro]: Good. Any unit name should be forwarded too.
>[BLigh]: you're actually in luck Omae, Blazko just found its designation.
>[Yuro]: shoot.

| >[Bligh]: FAIRWEATHER o-789 its a corp bot... Purpose if top seects' but its got another name in the shadows.
>[Yuro]: what, an alias?
>[Bligh]: yeah, an alias: "Double" or "Doublers" some also call that model "Cloners"
>[Yuro]: what for?
>[Bligh]: No clue omae.
>[Yuro]: yeah, get us a good decker then. Cutting the line.
>[Service]: Line cut!

| Ooh boi.

And that dere kids is why you don't fuck with Mister Johnson, or missus neither, Har har! -The_Greater_Azul

| And it looks like our little troopers got fucked royally too! Mind you lot, never trust a gear head you ain't holding at gunpoint!
That Blazko guy said the doll was worth 7mil, bastard was trying to make a good cut, that armor aint just solid, its ungodly expensive: a full set fitted and custom made can run you 22mil, easily, even suits don't make that much goddamn money, or atleast, they won't spend that much for armor of all things!

| Not only that, but he kept saying the little killer had some connection to either ARES or Fairweather, but truth is she most certainly don't.
Sure, Fairweather and their commisars might have fitted her nifty little skin, but she aint in their contact.
This here is a trick for all you g/u/rls out there if you ever end up in
A) a war in some third world shit hole
B) in a suit of ARES armor, trying your best american accent to disguise in.

| The trick is simple, see that comm decj and the visor on it? That's a HComm 70'mm its about ten years old, fitted for war, most commandos in Ghana still wear the drekking things, corp says it dont make enough to change all the gear hired troops use, anywho.
That thing connects to the lights on the visor,and the color changes according to some secret specs, bot something they say in the manual mind you, this is secret info only soldiers are told.

| I got my badge in Eastern europe, and that's how I know, There's one thing any army hates: friendly fire, so they devised a system to make sure to avoid any accidents on the field. Using the visor color.
Green is when the comm is linked to a known network: in this case, Corpo line from ARES or a commando of troops.
Red is when the comms are linked with a "hostile" unit, shit like Fairweather lines that espions and linecutters ID'ed in Ghana or some other shitholes

| Blue, is short for neutral unit, some jackasses from Geneva in most war torn lands, trying to make sure you read your "codes of war" and weren't torturing "innocent folk". But really it means any contact outside those two I talked about above. Shadowrunner lines show up blue, which is why I'm recommending you gurls cut comms with your super hacker if you manage to try and infiltrate wearing that kind of helmet kit, rather no light than a blue light, you look like a razorkid!

| That's all I gotta say gurls! But be aware, if this dumbass contact ocean's 15 transmission teaches us its that fucking with Miltech aint a good idea, and to trust anyone past someone you hold at the business end of shake-blade is drekking stupid!

| Now the question is why a 22 million nuyen worth combat... Android? Is doing in town...

| More like, who the fuck is operating it... if not a corp, then someone surely is, nobody just lets a gold plated pet run around and jump the fence... if you get the analogy.

Anything else you may know about this thing chummer?

| >>756944
Depends on *what* you want to know, this >>>is corporate data so you know the deal, cant just babble out that drek from the goodness of my little heart, Papa's gotta eat too yaknow?

| How about this, pay me 500 and I'll get you some cool factoids, omae

| >>757042
Sure, fuck it, have 500.
Now what's that thing?

| >>757232
Thanks buddy bud.
Now, where do I even begin with this?
Yeah, let's begin from the start.

This model, it's a Fairweather bot, Fairweather is a Maltese company who got started making big bucks first as a think-tank for the EU back before crash 1.0, it was filled with people who knew how to turn warfare into money, or to turn peace into even more money.
That business lasted until 29' when the Matrix crash virus first appeared.

| That's when they diversified their assets, they spun the think-tank business into a second company called Eclipses, which still operated today, and then started moving on to manufacturing "Security implements" and not the kind BIGBRO makes, I'm talking guns, rifles, and automated systems to defend high tier locations, both from attackers within... and from the new threat that were Deckers and Spiders, they were pretty good at that, but they almost went bankrupt in 34'

| They fucked themselves over at one point, they didn't plan for obscolecense in a post-crash world, and thus lost most of their funding pretty quickly as their systems were slow to update, and didn't have annual new versions to face-off cutting edge hackers and shadowrunners. They had to liquidate assets back then, and struck a deal with some investors who took the company public to make just enough money to change their angle again.

| They decided to move from security into the military complex, they also started planning for a new crash just in case. and guess what, it came. They made big bucks on the chaos in the States, and in the middle east; cashed in on Asia too, selling weapons to military types AND the freedom fighters they wr fighting, they funded regime changes and shadowterrorism all across the globe for a while, which paid off the debts pretty easily, as expected.

| They Spun that side of the business into a co-jointly ran company in 47' and called it Mayweather, you might have heard of them, they make large arms and military implements, the kind that cost more than a whole block. If memory serve, they might have been investors in the GC defense system, but I dunno.
Now, Having spun that off, Fairweather moved on to become an experimental kind of corp, they had the money from MW rolling in, so they learned from their mistakes and planned ahead

| They started testing Android fighters, struck a deal with ACRAS, now AUCR, to work on AI research, and worked on Flight tech in Sweden with KRAFTA, they started doing bio research, mineral tech, experimental weapon testing; if it's cutting edge and can't be sold anywhere due to low availabilty: they made it.
And they still do, to this day they're still mostly a research conglomerate, with patents being lent to organizations and corps around the world.

| But, back in 58' they made a move back into a limited customer provider role, they started providing high-tech weapons to high paying customers, and with help from Mayweather funded regimes in Ghana, secured a good source of rare materials needed to produce in consumer quantities.
Their first product was a smart rifle that could aim for armor gaps, and learned from an onboard AI. that tells you how high-tech this is. cutting edge even today.
Their seconnd product though.

| Their second product was an armor type, made from a newly acquired material in Ghana, made by scientists in a lab under burning hot temperatures using a process so secret no employee knows it completely, like the old manhanttan project. That material is what that doll is equiped with, VE, Vitreous Enamel, scientists call it Zirconium Dioxide. again, the price is massive and the ammounts produced is minuscule, as of now only 60 sets are known to have ever been made, according to FW.

| Oh did I say *sets* Sorry, I mean individual *pieces*, that's how crazy this thing is.
The material itself is close to porcelain in appearance and feel, it even clinks like a tea-cup if struck, but it's anything but as fragile as it's cousin; it's a kinetic redistributor; assemble it the right way and it'll shrug off anything but a high powered energy beam, it's also light as a feather, I've held a plate of it before, couldn't have been more than 5 grams for a sabaton's foreleg.

| The thing is worthy of truly being called a bulletproof armor, not just *bullet resistant* And they're made to last too, a good set manufactured in 58' has a warranty up until the summer of 88' count em up that's thirty years it's suposed to do it's job for.
Now, of course it's good armor, but it aint unstoppable, the wearer is still human after all, catch him in a pit and his fancy suit won't help much, burn him alive and he's out for the count too. it also doesn't negate energy.

| A big enough bullet wont break it, but it can break bones inside as the energy is too much to be redistributed enough.

Now, that's enough about the armor, you asked about the bot wearing it.
First of all, yeah it's a Fairweather bot, only they would ever wear VE, there's also a visible sequence number underneath that plastic coat, those criss-crossing lines, they're a serial number. A mighty interesting system they got.
Model: Doubler FW-O-789

| Those bots are made to thrawt assasination attempts chummers, they're usually equipped with high levels of armor, and a massive array of sensors, which they wear underneath a fake "Costume" made to look like human skin, which would make this one "naked" it's not wearing it's human skin.
Their purpose is to go out in public instead of the person they're imitating while there's suspicion of an assasination attempt being planned, and then get shot.

| but of course, they don't just get shot either, this is FW we're talking about, no, their whole deal is to get shot, analyze the shot in a quick split second, using that array I mentionned; and then return fire and kill the agressor. if it fails initially, it's got enough power and torque to chase them down until it finds them and well, takes care of them.
They're safety bots, made to be shot and resist that shot... still seeing one in VE armor is overkill.

| >>757417
Okay, but why would you even want a bot like that for a kid? I mean, you saw that unit, it was small, smaller than most children I've seen running around.

| >>757418
Smart assumption, ever heard of "Cathering" dunno if the term is used often in GC, but in brief it's a shadowrunner and Corpo scheme.

Here's the rapid breakdown:
Hey mister corp man, see I really need you to do something for me! (Ie, for my boss Johnson who hired me)
No, I would never do something for you
Ahh, too bad, would this change your mind?
>Shoots their kid or wife

See? Easy.

| If you have someone you need to force into doing something, and you don't have time for blackmail or hacking, it's easier to just use some sentimental pressure to get the job done, this bot is a counter-measure to exactly that, and also sends a message: try and fuck with me and I'll sic my android on you.

It's corp bullshit, but also why a good runner learns to identify the taletell signs of a doubler or cloner, which is why their alias is known to wetwork specialists.

| Woah, yeah that sounds "rad".
How do you know all this?

| >>757426
Because I used to work for FW myself, but also because I'm a huge nerd about this kinda drek, I got gears for a brain, not literally mind you: although I'm not all organic at all, my brain is still bio-ware.

Also, I ain't got a job. So I got time to spout off online...


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