new to town and i gotta ask

| whats with all these robots everywhere? is this like sex doll city or what?

| I mean...there *are* sex dolls, if that's what you're looking for. No need to beat around the bush.

| >>756719

beatin? nah im gud bro im just wondering why theres so many of them.

even saw one moving some kids off a bus and i was all DAYUUUM girl! keep it pg 13 you know what im sayin??

| >>756720
Uh, not all synthetic life are made for sex, did you not read the brochure when you came here? Most Lilims actually DONT do sexwork

| >>756738

dey don't!??!?!!



what a waste of so much ass...

aight im bored so what you robofetishests do for fun arond here

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Sometimes you can find a sexy robot to date... Other than that I guess some people import dolls if they got the money... Or go to Midnight to check out the AUCR units that walk around, they're pretty cute.

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