thoughts on a-dolls vs lilims?

| that is, pros vs cons

tbh i like the fact that they don't fit under existing lilim laws and dont need to "look" robotic, at least not rn. you cant even tell if someone is one unless you notice them not breathing... and even then, i heard some models do "breathe" to sound more lifelike.

ne1 else? theres a few working in some /burgs/ now and sometimes theyre running groceries and whatever. pretty wiz. -Glitch

| What're A-dolls?

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A type of android. Similar to lilims in the sense of mimicing humanity, but very different- the largest differences lying in the purpose behind their models, their cyberbrain structure, and the circumstances of their production.

Unlike lilims, they're mass produced with pre-programmed personalities, likes and dislikes, and are often subject to planned obsolesence. They're usually purpose built for a single occupation, so when the odd 'droid somehow retires or

| finds itself out of work, its often difficult for them to make a living. Many are scrapped, have their mindmaps wiped, and find their bodies resold- others still either get hired out as simple maids or even cheap PMC's.

Supposedly a megacorp had a surplus of these... "guard" dolls, and didn't think to terminate any of them when a lucrative deal fell through. They run amok in packs. -Nostradamus

| It goes without saying that they're not native to Glitch City, and have only been trickling in either as stowaways or as pets for the rich and powerful. Neither the rich nor the dolls have thought to adapt to lilim regulations.

To answer your question OP: "Absolutely Disgusting."


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stands for "autonomous doll," obvs

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| Wouldn't those be illegal under GC law? Imitation of humans is atleast, last time I checked...

Why the heck would you even risk getting a robot that looks exactly human anyway? The fact that they're not is why they're so moe...

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Oh they're totes illegal, or should/would be if anyone started enforcing it. I think it partly has to do with them not being considered on the same level of "sentient" as most lilims. They got something *like* free will, dependin' on who you ask, but they weren't built with that in mind, know what I mean?


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... Well, that's just insulting. :T

Not all humans are particularly bright either, you know.


| Can I become a doll?

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You one of those perverts who get their brains put into sexy dolls or some shit? Weird.

| >>757300 doesn't have to be sexy. I just want to be immortal.

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Ah yes the normalfag answer

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I mean, it's not wrong, something that was programmed to answer in a semi-sentient matter is a VI, a virtual intelligence, not an AI. they're not on the same levels as lilims, factually speaking.

| >>757438 whatever you autist. Is it possible? The sooner, the better.

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I mean, there's shady rumors about some guys doing brain mapping and transfering it into robots, but is that really you at that point? Ain't it just a copy?

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