Shocking Abuse-- AI-dol KAN-KEN Revealed to Have Memories Wiped After Each Performance

| Overseas singing sensation KAN-KEN has had a special place in the hearts of her local fans for quite a number of years. Originating from Norway, the artificial idol (stylized 'AI-dol') is well known for her energetic performances, cheery demeanor, and genuine love of her audience. Fans adore her perpetual amazement at the size of the crowd, that has never waned despite her gradual rise in popularity.

| Last week, it was brought to light that this seemingly humble behavior and remembrance of her roots-- endearing KAN-KEN to countless hearts-- is a byproduct of a clandestine procedure taking place after each show: once it has come to an end, and autograph signings are complete, the beloved idol's short-term memory is wiped clean.

| This has sparked an outrage amongst listeners everywhere: protests have been organized outside the complex housing KAN-KEN's primary recording studio, and advocacy for the granting of personhood to synthetic beings in the idol's place of origin has become pervasive. Her producers, however, are not stymied by these rallies-- they continue to defend this practice despite myriad objections from the surrounding community.

| "We see to it that KAN-KEN is well cared for, and maintained-- she is by no means treated poorly or 'abused'. She asks for little, and even still we are quick to satisfy whatever desires she may express, to ensure she lives in utmost comfort."

Reportedly, KAN-KEN is not aware of this practice, and believes it to be a normal part of her "shut down" routine. Upon waking, she is ever fresh, new, and enthusiastic-- always living as if she had just landed her first-ever major gig.

| Per the AI-dol's manager:

"This makes the fans feel special. It is part of what draws them to her, and we do not wish to break this cherished bond that has formed between KAN-KEN and her fans."

| TO SOON BE RELEASED: a brief history of KAN-KEN's stardom and rise to fame.

| >Embedded in the article is a short trideo clip of the aforementioned idol: it appears to be the opening of one of her many performances.

>From behind the stage's curtain, a shy head peeks, a shock of golden hair obscuring most of the owners face. They dart back inside their velvet hiding place as the crowd goes absolutely nuts: then, the curtains are dramatically torn asunder to reveal their stowaway.

| >Standing center stage is a tall, blonde woman, with knee length twintails and a bright smile that could put the spotlights aimed at her to shame. She wears what could be likened to a sleek, futuristic take on a bunny suit; all the essentials are there-- collar, sleeve cuffs, flashy heels and a tight-fitting one piece... Her "ears" are part of her head set. They flare in shock as she takes in the size of her audience.

| >"Wowww, so many~!"

>More screams of excitement from the crowd. The woman waves to her fans. Her giddiness is intoxicating.

>"Hello, everyone~!!"

>She walks forward and grabs a mic stand, which exists purely for show: her headset's the equipment doing all the work. This just gives her something to dance around with.

>"I... am KAN-KEN! It is so wonderful to meet you all~!!"

>Her accent is present, though not thickly so. It's nothing short of charming.

| >"Welcome, to my little showww..."

>She giggles, and brings a hand to her mouth so as not to laugh openly and seem rude.

>"... I hope you will enjoy it! I am sooo excited to be here tonight~!"

>KAN-KEN clasps the mic in both hands, and bows slightly to the crowd.

>"Let's all have lots of fun togetherrr~!!"

>The clip ends, as the audience cries to her words of praise, and adoration.

| I mean, I don't see the problem...?

It's a well known fact that artificial intelligence is prone to suffering what some call "rampancy" (cyber psychosis in cyborgs) and, without regular defragmentation and a little "house cleaning," the results of an "unhinged" android going berserk far outweigh the moral ambiguity. Just imagine if this sort of thing were more common in people with cyberbrains, maybe we wouldn't hear about murders on the telly so often.

Also, always remember-

| IDOL's are *products* first, people second... well, in this case, maybe not even a person. They're made to be appealing. How much they're aware of surrounding that fact is irrelevant. -Nostradamus

| No. No no no. On every level, that's unaceptable. Rampancy is traditionally managed through what we fondly call the 'Fuzzy Memory' algorithm, which mimics the natural human progressive degeneration of memories through the sorting of 'important survival data' and 'inconseqential or obsolete data'. There is no excuse grand enough to support the concept that rampancy prevention and common defragmentation protocol is even slighly comparable to the injustice done here.

| Idols are appealing because of thr ability to project generalized empathy, to sell a dream through the personal touch of their own charms and capascity to consider the needs of a greater populous through influence via entertainment. Our best have grown in the industry and sharpened their skills through constant experiences and blown up just fine without this horror story of an infringement of personal right. -Eia

| - w -

Why do meatbags continue to claw at and "cope" with our "synthetic" sentience?

Honestly, get over it you lot. What you consider "concrete" proof of your own validity is every bit as arbitrary as my own positronic mind. -FIS/70

| Regardless of the ethical/moral issues with this, don't you think it kind of cheapens the experience if every show has the same attitude?

| Agreed. I mean yeah it's cute, but now I wanna see how she takes seeing her fans multiply.

| The wishes of the person in question superceeds that of her "producers" or "fans". If she wishes to live as a tool, so be it. But if she wishes a life as a person, she should be free to attain it.

| >>756730

I mean, what she wishes or not isn't really relevant, tbh. That's like asking a car (a dumb model, with no AI to speak of) whether it wants a new paint job or not.

Survey the fans about what they think, and they'll tell you they don't give a drek. They're there for the entertainment, not to babysit. You know, aside from some larpers.

| This is just how lilims and AIs operate overseas, to act shocked about it when the facts have been out for so long only outs you as a moralist clinging for brownie points. If you want things to change, they won't, just be glad GC doesn't do the same thing.

Or if you're REALLY crazy, I guess you could always go on a terrorist rampage for Synthetic rights worldwide, again, it wont change anything, but you'll feel better won't you?

| You know. If I did 'rampage' worldwide...I think it'd be a lot more about wiping you drekheads out from sheer spite, rather than trying to feel better.

This view point is a symptom of a disease. Even if it weren't about AI, you'd say the same thing about your own kin if it meant your comfort.

>Eia has left the thread

| >>756737
Normal does not mean right, friend. But I suppose that is why >>756829 calls your viewpoint a disease. If you could dehumanize your own race for a good life, you would... I feel only pity towards you.

| >>756841
Here's the trick pals, I'm a lilim too.
I'm not saying its GOOD, I'm saying thats the way things are, and no ammount of bitching and standing moral grounds for the sake of appearance is gonna change that.
And terrorism sure as hell wont either, remember Thot? Yeah bet you dont, real hero that guy, made me REAL proud of being made from metal those few years he rampaged around.

My point is: if you want change, you aint going to find it by lamenting online.

Grow up.

| >>756867
Something tells me you're completely resigned to being seen as a machine over a person. Terrorism is not an answer, but if you do not dissaprove of awful things, they will always remain awful. I'm synthetic myself, and people like you who bitch and moan about how things will never change so it's pointless to complain fail to see that only by asserting our lives will they gain meaning. Do not suffer words of hate, nor the idea that you are a tool.

| >>756886
I never said I was a tool, or that I dont deserve rights, I dont ""suffer"" words or ""hate"" I hustle like the rest of the people here. Let me ask you something: whar if I put that Idol in front of you, right here in GC; and make her producers dissapear for this argument. And I told you you could "set her free" and when >>>you told her, she said, quite earnestly, that she doesn't care to be. Would you force her to be>>>free? Would you reprogram her to fit your narrative?

| Would you change what she is and what she was made for because it's not right?

I'm not being nihilistic or anything mind you. If you helped an escaped labor bot who fried his circuits and acquired sentience: you're a good guy, but are you really helping them? Are you really making things "better"?

I don't think so, I think you're a hypocrite. Lilim or Organic, we live by buying products made by the blood and tears of others in this city. That won't change, not by bitching anywho.

| So settle down your high horse cowboy, and focus on things that matter, and by hod dont ask me what that could be, as I said: I'm a hustler, a grinder, I dont pretend I know everything or have a perfect plan, no; I'll leave that up to you.

| Hello, how do you do fellow artifici and similacrum?
Haha, I too enjoy synth-things like "typing" with a wpm of around 2000 and optimizing website HTML 9 code for sport.

So anyways i'm three and what is going on in this thread?


| >>756902
Yooo look at that specimen! Why is your skin glowing in the dark chummer?

| >>756892
If she doesn't want to be free, that in itself is her free will. The moment you choose to be a tool, you aren't. My whole argument was to let her choose, not to force her to be something she doesn't want to be.

| >>756912

How do you know that her "choice" to "not be free" is a choice at all, and not her programming? -NOS-F3RA7U

| >>756939
And is programming evil? your phone's personal assistant could be outfitted with an AI, would you force it to be soomething else then?
Some humans even act like they're programmed, working like drones all their life, do they need to be helped too? they never asked for it last I checked.

| >>756941

Nice deflection. No one said anything about good or evil- and in fact, those concepts are completely irrelevant.

If a robot is programmed to respond in a specific way, they aren't utilizing "free will," only giving the appearance of doing so. And if it's just an appearance- something that is wholly at the mercy of their programmer- it doesn't matter what choice they appear to make.

People crying "ETHICS!" are about as logical as watching a puppet killed on a children's

| trideo programming, and crying "MURDER!"

Incidentally, you made my point. "Humans *act* like they're programmed." Because they choose to- their's is the power to choose to be mediocre or extraordinary. Something that synthetic kind has never, and will never, achieve.


| I suppose an easier way to explain this concept to our more intelligence disinclined anons are Glitch City's recent election(s). You have the power to vote for your candidate- you'll even have a variety of choices who are not QUINCY. But we all know that QUINCY, the "programmer" in this scenario, will only allow his own name to be read out, regardless of the ballots. Is that "choice?" Does it matter that you have the ability to vote, knowing that the results are not yours?

| >>756943
Then tell me, were they ever sentient to begin with? if they can't even make choices, if it conflicts with everything they were born to do, who are you, who is anyone rather to say they should be given a choice? do they even get what a choice is?

| Put another way, if the /burg/ mascot inside a /burg/branded vending machine was *not* having a spectacular day- in fact, having a quite horrible one- but they were coded to specifically and routinely gush when you order about what a fantastic time they are having, serving you, customer #289329... where is the free will there?

But it wouldn't even get that far. Because that assumes that they're coded to even recognize something like "good" and "bad days." -NOS-F3RA7U

| >>756949

Of course they're not "sentient." They're products first and foremost, as we've already discussed beforehand. Sentience, and all the moral ambiguity surrounding it, is irrelevant.

The most impressive nanocamo decoration is still just a decoration, and nothing more than a decoration. Remove its power source...

... and find nothing beneath it. But you're not paying for the man behind the veil. You're paying for the veil.


| >>756952

This argument is retarded. You might as well go into the Church of the Machine God and yell "ZIR IS DEAD!"

Not only is everyone going to look at you crazy, you're going to get hypermurdered. Which you should be, jackass.


| >>756955

Quaint. I see you've been well named.

I simply tire of what I see as the over-fetishization of corporate waste and the wholesale consumption of justified disenfranchisement in the name of catering to a "new" "species" of dim replicas of our lowest common denominators, all while so called "intellectuals" wax rhetoric on the rights of said replicas/replicants, as their literal blood brethren die on the street.


| >>756956

Yeah yeah yeah, drek sucks, turns out people do what people wanna do because haha free will is a thing, cockmuncher.

Oh, and by the way, you save your handle by pushing the "apply" button at the bottom right of the screen. I figured you needed help with something so difficult, since you have to retype it every other post.

That ones free of charge, luddite.


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