Fuck it, I'll try something.

| Hello Glitch City, this is a terrible idea, but imma go through with it. Who here wants to go on a date with a nurse?

Note: Pull any sort of bullshit with me, and I can drag your ass into work with me for your sudden need for stitches.

| Someone's horny.

| I love sex.

| >>756123
this is called a conflict of interest.

i don't think your supervisor will appreciate that.

| I would but I'm kinda robosexual right now. Come back fully augmented

| Real women have circuits and bolts-Big Neil

| Is there anyway to nominate my roommate for this? He could really do with some getting laid lmfaoooo

- EZBreezy

| Okay, first question:
You a guy?

| >>756543
Last I checked no.

Maybe? I mean, what's he like?
- Nerris

| >>756560
You sure? can you check again?

| >>756560

| >>756584
Let's fuck

| >>756587
Are YOU a guy?

| >>756632
No there's only g/u/rl on here but let's fuck anyways

| Holy christ. I'm DMing you my holoinfo. I really hope this is fake. If not, fuck, just...call me and we'll talk. -Eia

| This was a mistake.
- Nerris

| the internet was

| >>756732 What was your first clue? If you're getting cold feet that's a reasonable reaction. -Eia

| >>756732
I guess you really weren't thinking when you started this thread, were you?

| I haven't had a successful relationship since I left the White Knights!
- Nerris

| >>757386
Ah... I see. Well, I don't know about dating immediately, but if you're interested, we could meet for coffee and just talk a bit? Just an idea.

| >>757392
See people!? This is how you ask people out! Also... maybe. Don't expect shit though.
- Nerris

| >>757393
Understandable. Just hit me up in DMs if it strikes your fancy at any point.

| Love's blooming, huh?

How long do you think before they hit it up and smash?

Oh, stop ruining it, for christ's sake. Is that all you think about?

| >>757404
Oi, ove ain't blooming just yet. In case any of y'all remember, my last girlfriend was a serial arsonist.
- Nerris

| >>757407
Even better, you've seen the worst case scenario so this one can't be as bad, right?

...and now you've gone and jinxed it.

Oh, just shut up.

| Have fun with your dates.
I'll be over here.
doing it.

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