| >A large file packet is uploaded to the matrix... it seems to be some kind of repertoire for sensory augs to access, it's name is ominous.
>No trace of its make is available anywhere in the data, no date of conception remain either.
>It instills nothing but a bad feeling.
>Who could of left this here? and who devised it?
>Only the city knows now.

>Shivers, a blink, and the feeling passes.

| This is... interesting
let me see if I can figure anything out about this... thing.
without plugging it into myself of course, I'm not crazy... or atleast not that much.

| >>755594
>The files are heavily encrypted, it will take time and effort to break through anything.
>No comments or notes, usually the hallmarks of developpers are present anywhere within the densely packed code.
>Its true form is hidden from you.

>Shivers, again
>A single line of code is decrypted.

>Outside, the wind howls, the city moves.

| Woah, yeah this is wiz drek... I'm not sure I wanna delve into this.

| Yeah no I need to figure this out, goddamn.
Ill be trying my best to decrypt these fragging lines of code!

Get ready to be BENT code.

| >>755670
>The code is rigid, unbreakinh in its complexity, but nothing is truly ever impossible with enough time and effort.
>The code bends under the attempts, but never much, it fights back almost.

>[Roll 2d6 and share the total here]

| >>755672
Please god tell me I can do this, show the world Drach's still got those fangs and all that wiz drek!

| >>755675
>[11+3 for time and experience, 14]
>The code doesn't budge much, but it does reveal more about itself through the small patches of code you manage to fish out of the encrypted mist that is this ominous package.
>It seems to be a dedicated Sim-sense product, made for use with something called the ""travel network"".
>It would require an inordinate ammount of time and effort to find anything else about it.
>Maybe if you had help, lots of help.
>The code is silent now.

| >>755676
This is tiring, jesus.
Whoever wrote this, kudos because fucking hell this is intense. Good brain workout though...
What the heck is a travel channel? That weird thread?
I dunno about using that tbh g/u/rls.

| >>755677
Someone found this uh.
I'll forward it to the terminals if you don't mind.

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