When was the last time you ate

| I haven't for 5 days. I literally didn't notice or remember the need to eat. Was I secretly turned into a cyborg?? Do I absorb nutrients directly from the sun now?!
Let me know if you had something similar lately. Or just complain about grocery shortages. God knows I could have written a novel in all the time I mouthed off about rice or celery prices online.

| I'm eating right now

| >>754873
Prestigious cunt.

| I think its the nanomachines in the air and water, turning us all slowly into silicate based uneating life-forms copied from ancient egyptian WISDOM, read more on my website: Spiritual-science
-Jordan E

| >>755086
Fuck you and your superstitious horsedrek

| Do vitamin injections count? -Big Neil

| you're a troll. if you were a real conspiracy theorist you wouldn't say the words "I think" and you'd just proclaim it as absolute fact to the annoyance of everyone. try harder next time

| Guess I'm stuck in the past. I have 4 or 5 meals a day~

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