Spider Webs in the Water?

| Yo, I'm up in this safehouse in a dark orange "Lesser Maintenance and Care" zone and there are these weird, thin silky strands pouring out of the water tap. Anyone else in the D.O.Z. gettin' this shit? I heard rumors of water filtration facilities getting infested and covered in spiderwebs. Sounds crazy but it'd explain the webs in my water.


| They don't have cleaners in those filtration facilities though?

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Yeah I'm pretty sure they would. But for whatever reason I guess they just aren't working? I wanna head over there and check it out but my van is getting repaired. At least I have my own water rations to go through. When I can I'm gonna head down to the water treatment plant down by the greymouth river and see what's up.


| Pretty sure they put these in the water as an experiment on amphibian sexuality.

- GarB

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Whatever it is, it seems suspicious. You need a bit of help investigating?

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Hell yeah, I'm always down. Send me your coordinates and I'll be over when the van's done.

(My discord tag is loveableTechnocrat#4719)

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I'll get some lads ready.
(We're already friends.)

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