Friendly Music Competition at Dang! Pad Thai.

| Hey, Hi! I'm Dang, you might know me for my "Dang! Pad Thai" food stall, and I've got some news. I'm setting up a little friendly competition, if anyone want to participate.

Just play a little tune, put up a little performance, I'll let the customers vote on their favorites. Winner get free meal for... say, a week.

You don't need to participate, everyone's welcome to hop on by, have a meal, maybe play a game of chess with me.

| for a week???????fuck count me the fuck IN omae


| Huh, that sounds a little funky. I'll see if I can remix something groovy together. I'm an audio jack of all genres, so is there any sort of limit on what to get down with?

| >>750618
No, just play whatever you think the customers would enjoy. They're the judges, not me.


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