Question for any former White Knights.

| Hey, it's Nerris, Former Eir Unit for the WK. Which, were essentially nurses for any and all White Knights, and any potential citizens who needed it.

I came here to ask if... the White Knights training ever fades? Sometimes I forget I'm just a nurse, and my Eir training kicks in. I try to handle everything to save a patient, even though I don't have authority to.

Luckily, Doctors always stop me but... I was wondering if anyone else here has issues turning it off?

- Nerris

| Yeah...I actually work in cyber security now, so it's not so bad since folks appreciate a hacker that can intuitively work through ICE systems on a high level.

My only real issue is the associated meatspace combat training. I have so many hair triggers it's really just impossible to do fun things like surprise parties or anything. Like...I even specifically take off on Halloween after one incident.
- Hanya

| >>750094
I still have the muscles!
I think that counts right?

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