Blue Lantern and the staff's tendency towards overdoing it.

| So I went to the Blue Lantern for Kyogoku's dragon-river sake annnd...
They used every onboard hologram system in the izakaya to make it look like an accounting firm. I flipped my shit, seriously thinking some kind of otherworldly rift opened between me and the door...

Then I saw Kyogoku dressed like a salary man.

Blue Lantern, *please*. Get some chill...

| That said, real interesting holiday prank.

| Now they're thinking with holos. -Gunny

| Buddy, we're talking about Kyogoku here, they're as fiery as their dragon. You've got to respect their dedication. Haven't gone to that place in a while, I do miss their food and drink.
-Red 9

Do you think it's a good place for a dinner? I know we haven't had one of those in a while because the deadline and stuff.

Yeah, we can if you want to.
-Red 9

It's a date, then.

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