[N?WS] Dynamoforce Season 69 Cancelled, ANDROMEDIAN Reboot OVA


In a shocking turn of events, DYNAMFOROCE season six-nine, called by critics to be the "cornerstone of our great franchise," has been abruptly cancelled in the wake of scandal involving unripe wax fruit at the local JC Denton's and not-so non-toxic lubricant, in particular, slathered all over underage actresses whom producers say "was definitely a lilim, see it says so right here on the contract."

Fueled by social media shitstorm and the #m32 movement, production has

| been halted on new episodes while the mysterious executive producer, only known as "Ashley" to the global elite, licks her chops as she decides what to do with the production costs wasted on said lubricant.

MEANWHILE, in other, more OUT OF THis WORLD news,

AIDEN AIDERNDIDACKS's masterpiece, ANDROMEDIAN is slated to make a MASTERFUL CUMBACK as a reboot direct to trideo pay per view OVA using the latest in foreign, untested, and unapproved technology. Experets within the field

| SAy that the hip new device that all young chooms and razorbois are getting into these days involve "dancing brains," which require NO surgery, NO chips injected into your skull, and most importantly, will NOT, I repeat, will NOT have ANY chance of INDUCING a grand mal seizure.

"its no mistake that our films have always given the impression of being high on drugs." Aiden SAID, when we caught up with him at the hooker lounge in Neon District, "So for us this is a win win,"

| "I heard they like drugs so we put drug experiences in our drug experiences."

The story of ANDROMEDIA involves a young, voluptuous, and barely in her middle ages man who steals the hearts of unwilling space princesses while simultanaeously fighting off the forces of copyright infringement and the ethics rating board, so not too different from DynamoWars, when you really think about it. It wa CANCELLED a few years ago in favor of superhero flicks, but we seem to have cum full

| circle.

"the more memes change, the more they stay the same." AIDS said, take a fat draw on a fatter stick of psycholeaf, "And I'm a meme."

Coke Teats contributed to this report.

| I sense a disturbing discrepancy...

| I feel like my brain is melting out of my skull, and it's not the reductive neurosurgery I just had.

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