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| Hey hey people, NC Hammer here, it's time to share all info Glitch City related. Big or small, anything can be asked and shared here.

Incidentally, reports of my death(s) have been greatly exaggerated, me and the Dynamite Fuckers are alive and well and standing against the forces of Big Pharma and Big Mecha, and are totally not under the payroll of BIGGEST ENERGY.

Anyway gather around gather around it's been too long chummers!


| What. -CN

| I heard tell that KTRAP was penetration testing their servers in the wake of a forced entry by some shadowchoomers Last Thursday. Can anyone confirm?


| >>749352 shadowcummers you mean? harr harr

| >>749343 >>749341
Interesting, I wonder if the impostor has the same legendary between-the-legs item that the original does.
-Red 9

| >>749373

yeah, op be lookin kinda sus rn -A fungus

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