"The Blue Havens" - Released Now!

| Hey all, I'm a novelist. A while back I asked all of you for help with the cover art for my new novel, that is now done. So thank you so much for your help.

Anyways, I'm glad to announce that this new novel, "The Blue Havens" is now out and available in all the major bookstores. You can also find it and all of my other works at my website, TerraPublishing.com.

If you have any questions about the novel or any of my works in general, ask them down below.

Thanks again!

| That sounds like a good read~! What's it about?
- Nerris

| >>748437
The novel is the first of my new series, 'The Shore of Krieg', which will be taking place in the same setting as my previous series, 'The Plains of Patisch', although at a different time and place. The two series have some connections, but both can be enjoyed separately without having read one of another before. This series will follow the life of Hans Bluestone as he and his crew go through the rise and fall of the Kriegish Empire, finding their true purposes.



| Big news, I'll be doing a release of my erotica book series I wrote about my spouse, you can drop by my website if you are interested.

Wait, you aren't talking about...
-Red 9

I'm just kidding. You guys can still drop by if you want to take a look at "The Blue Havens", and all the book from my previous series; "The Plains of Patisch", are 25% off for today. Happy April Fools, everyone.

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