(Setting/Bar)The Bizarre Beefeater, Night Shift. Pt.2

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>The Bizarre Beefeater remains open to all patrons seeking refuge in the night of Glitch City, and it's bustling with life among the street of Downtown.
>Sniffer, the Butler, is playing the piano on-stage, leaving the other bartenders and servers to serve its patrons.

| >>745785

>Ceasenne glances at the photo and as quickly as she did, she smiles at it.

"A beautiful bond. I hope you are reunited with her soon. Surely, it wouldn't be long until then."

| "Ah, bollocks, I'm getting ahead of myself again. I'm Fields, Rowan Fields, but you can call me Impulse or whatever you prefer. This girl's Valentine, the love of my life."

>Impulse pauses to look at his partner, who gives him a quick peck on the cheek before turning to you.

"Hey, hi, I'm Valentine Storm, but call me Val if you want. That's guy overthere's my brother, Andrew."

>Val takes a brief moment to introduce her brother, who waves in your direction and smiles.

| >>745841
"Thank you! That means a lot"

> She beams and she puts the photo away for safe keeping

"Nice to meet you all! I'm Raleigh. Thank you for giving me a place to look for if all else fails."

| >>746039
"The pleasure is mine, nice to meet you as well, Raleigh."

>Impulse extends his hand for a handshake.

"...but please, do not mention that I told you about her. She didn't know that I know her actual name, and she seems to really hate people saying her real name."

| >A woman enters the bar, a low standing person of approximately 4'7" feet tall with shoulder lenght red hair.
>Her clothing shows a measure of excentricity, composed of a white shirt and pleated black skirt over which she wore an Embroided bomber jacket with large floral designs and silver kanjis; like the one a Bosouzoku would wear.
>Her red eyes looked around as if she was glaring and they surveyed the place abundantly, a cigarette hanging from her mouth.
>She approaches the bar

| >>746085
>The establishment has a vintage look tp it with the wood-and-leather decor, with piano playing in the background.
>A bartender walks over to you, a short-haired brunette in a suit slightly larger than her size and bowler hat, fitting for the atmosphere of the place.

"Hello, welcome. I'm Haiden, how can I help you?"

| >>746054

"What? Oh, of course! I'll keep your secret safe and sound!"

> Raleigh giggles and covers her mouth with her hand as if to be more polite. It has the added effect of making her look more cute, at least.

"Dusty just sounds like a strange name to me. I think Danielle is cute. I guess I'm going to find out what I need to eventually"

| >>746089
>The girl approaches the bartender, her eyes glaring at her, she pulls out her cigarette from her mouth and with a flick of the wrist produces a cigarette holder and portable ashtray, she crushes the tobacco within.
"I'll get a seat at the counter' Can ya' bring me a non-alcohlic drink: somethin' sweet"
>She says, speaking rudely

| >>746090
>Impulse nods and smiles, but doesn't laugh along.

"Well, that's good. Now, why don't you tell me more about this Danielle, did you know her when you were young? Were you siblings?"

| >>746091
>The bartender, Haiden, seems indifferent to the glare or the rudeness, instead replying with a smile.

"Alright-y, on it, miss."

>She disappears for a second and come back out with a glass of strawberry soda.

"I hope you don't mind this, I don't know how sweet you like your drinks."

| >>746090

"Dusty. Perhaps that would lend itself as a clue for your search."

>Ceasenne finishes the bottle whole, pouring the last contents into her shot glass to finish it. She sets down her glass after she takes her last gulp.

"Try searching for a courier. A particular courier. Clad in metal and resonates strongly with Niihama."

>She waves at the staff of the speakeasy.

"Maybe then, you will know where she is."

| >>746159
"That would be Fox, her roommate. Do you know them, miss... sorry, I didn't quite catch your name."

>Impulse asks, draining his own glass of drink. As a bartender come over, he waves at him as well, gesturing at his glass on drink.

"Balder, another Martini, please. Oh, and whatever these two lovely ladies want to order, they're on me."

>Balder nods, taking the empty glass and turning to Ceasenne.

| >>746161

"There is no need. The night calls for me."

>Ceasenne smiles, politely rejecting the drink.

"My name.. Pardon me, I seems to have slipped out of my etiquette. It's >>>Ceasenne. A journalist. It saddens me to say that I will have to leave this fine conversation so early."

| >>746166
"Very well, next time then. A pleasure to meet you."

>Impulse replies, extending his hand out for a handshake.

"Stay safe, the night's not always welcoming here in this city."

| >>746168

>Ceasenne replies in kind, shaking Impulse's hand with her right hand. Her hand felt cold to the touch.

"It has been a pleasure, Mr. Fields, Miss Storm. Rest assured, your advice did not fall upon deaf ears."

>She pulls back her hand, now standing up and reaching to search something in her bag.

| >>746169
>Impulse nods, taking the new glass of martini Balder manages to mix up. He takes a sip as he quietly watches Ceasenne fumbles around in her bag.
>Valentine smiles at Ceasenne, but stay silent as well, opting to take a drink from her Bloody Mary.

| >>746157
>The girl simply shrugs and sitting down, receives her drink
>She looks around for a 'no smoking' sign
>She takes a sip of the drink, and gives a grin
"Not half bad, sweet as hell though, but that's good an' all: I did order that way"
>She seems pleased, despite her expression

| >>746178

>She finds a piece of credstick in the bag. A plain looking tender. She sets it down to the table, almost mimicking the way a previous patron paid for her drink, then zips her bag up.

"I shall entrust this payment. If you may, please pass it to one of the staffs here. I have much more to do tonight; no time must go unused."

>She steps to the door and goes outside, soon disappearing from sight.

| >>746112

"Mhmm! We grew up in the same orphanage, so I think that makes us sisters in a way. She ran away right after she turned 13 and then I just stopped seeing her all together a year later. We never knew what happened to her, but there was talk that someone called a bounty hunter on her"

> She looks sullen now, before picking herself back up just as quickly

"I'm sure I'll find her here. I can feel it"

| >>746183
"Thank you for your patronage, miss. Please do come back soon."

>Balder, the bartender, says as he takes the credstick and clean up the bottles and glasses.

| >>746187
"That sounds like Dusty alright. Well, I do wish you the best on your search."

>Impulse replies. Valentine seems lost in thought at the mention of them being an orphan, her casual smile replaced by a sad frown.
>Impulse notices this and take Valentine's hand in his own, pulling her back to reality.

"Do you need a moment?"

>He mutters softly, giving her an encouraging smile. Valentine smiles back.

"No, it's alright."

| >>746187
>The small, glaring, girl at the counter looks upon you with a wolf-like grin
"You looking for someone in town lady? Someone bein' hunted?"
>She says, taking another sip.
"Somethin' I may help with then? This is who I am see..."
>She slides out her cigarette carrier and from a small opening pulls out a business card, sliding it over to you.
>It reads: C&C Services, "Mikamo"

| >>746179
>There's no 'no smoking' sign in the bar.

"I'll be sure to make it less sweet next time if you don't like it. Do you need anything else, miss?"

>Haiden asks, her face seems a little worried that you were not exactly satisfied.

| >>746294
"Nah, it's fine, s'all good don't worry 'bout it, You got the order right"
>She says, with a small grin, pulling out a large Cigar from the box, cutting it deftly and ligthing it's end with a large trench type lighter from her bomber jacket
"Don' make me repeat myself, I knew what I'd get"
>She smiles

| >>746292

"Hmmm? Pardon me, I'm not. Elle getting allegedly caught by a bounty hunter was almost 15 years ago now. Ancient history. Thank you for your card however! I might give it to someone else, if that's alright"

> Raleigh gives a smile, her "cat ears" perking up as she does


"Thank you for the assurance as well. It means a lot to me"

> Despite being among strangers, the catboomer seems comfortable and even happy.

| >>746300
"Ahh, must've been selective hearin' then; I tend to jump unto things with my loud mouth, can't let any job pass me by."
>She scratches her neck before putting the cigar to her mouth and inhaling.
>She exhales, a long plume of smoke leaving her lips, before continuing:
"But do feel free to share the card, doubly so if you know anyone who's got big scores planned or a mess to clean, I like big payouts!"
>She says, smiling

| >>746304
"It's quite all right! I don't exactly lead the most exciting life, so I'm not too sure about any 'big scores' going on. I'm just a tourist here, pretty much."

> Raleigh looks over the card and drops it in to her purse

"I imagine you lead a life of danger if you were so set to help me out find someone that was caught by a bounty hunter!"

| >>746309
>The girl snickers a bit, exhaling another draft of smoke
"Danger is for the people who don't got plans, I'd like to think my work's mostly rather safe, well from my side of things anyway"
>She drinks the rest of her glass, resuming her fearless grin
"Trust me, Most jobs by people who don't know our group end up being the usual fare of cleaning, and I don't mean double meanin' or "Cleanin'" I pick up some things and vacuum around... Not that I mind though, work's work"

| >>746298
>Haiden smiles back.

"Alright then, if you need anything please call on any of the bartenders here."

>She says, turning to serve other patrons.

| >>746310
"Plans can always come apart, no matter how well you did or how ready you are."

>Impulse chimes in when he overhear the conversation, not bothering to turn and face the girl, instead he continues drinking his drink.

"Lots of good lads and lasses got the short end of the stick, and a lot of clueless cunts ended up winning the bloody Russian roulettes. Planning and training helps, but lady luck's got a play in it as well; sometimes the circumstances just aren't favorable."


| >>746318
>The girl winks
"That's why you put that lady luck at the end of a chain', that's Trainin', and makin' doubly; triply sure that all will go smoothly"
>She says, confidently
"As for if it should go wrong, that's what plan B and C are for: Luck ain't got place within our operations"

| >>746699
"Not everything's set in stone... but hey, maybe you can afford all the time and training in the world for every single operations to deal with that. Perfect inteligence, inhuman reactions. Who am I to judge?"

>Impulse finishes his drink and hollers a bartender over.

"I don't have that luxury; it would've saved me a good bit of griefing."

>He turns to face the girl, handing his empty glass to the bartender.

"Still, I admire your confidence, lady."



| >>746699 >>746777

> Raleigh stared on at the two people talking now. She felt a little concerned for these two talking so placidly about dangerous things, but did her best to ignore it. Instead, she raises her hand in an attempt to get the bartender's attention

| >>747140
>Haiden notices it and walks over, with the same smile on her face.

"How can I help you?"

| >>747140
>Valentine notices Raleigh getting uncomfortable and walks over, putting her hand on Raleigh's shoulder.

"Hey, Raleigh, was it? Don't mind Rowan, he's just been through a lot..."

>She says, gently, with a knowing smile on her face.

"Why don't you tell me more about this Danielle of yours, maybe we can swap stories, or something."

| >>747151
"Hi, can I just get another martini please? Thank you!"

> She shifts around to get a better look at Valentine

"Oh! I appreciate the concern I guess there's just a lot on my mind. About Danielle though? Hmm... We were pretty inseparable as kids! She always tried to find ways to make the other kids happy, which usually meant stealing or fixing things. She was good like that. I hope she still is"

| >>747357
"Of course!"

>Haiden nods, the cheerful and relaxed expression still fixed on her face as she turns around to find some ingredients before mixing up the drink for you. Once she does, she slides the drink over.

"Oh, Haiden, don't forget to put that on our bill, alright?"

>Valentine calls over to Haiden as she mixes the drink for Raleigh.

| >>747357
"Oh, I get that. Me and my brother was really close as well. You almost never see one without the other, although we're not as inseparable now that I'm dating Row. Don't get me wrong, three of us hang around often enough, but there's gotta be one without the other every once in a while, you know?"

>Valentine suddenly catches herself and put her hand over her mouth, her cheeks turning a little rosy.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to talk so much."

| >>747376

> Raleigh seems to be eagerly listening to Valentine talk, not bothered on bit

"Oh no! It's okay! I think it's really cute! It's healthy to know and enforce boundaries. I'm guessing you don't do what they do for a living then? Because they look like the mercenary type to me"

| >Soon, a rather lanky, and tall man would head in to the Beefeater. He wore a black hoodie coupled with a beanie, jeans and a pair of red tennis shoes, seeming to have a rather retro look to them. He'd look around, before sitting down, staying silent, preferring to be welcomed first then to interrupt whatever conversation they were having.

| >>747806
"Mercenary type is one way to put it, I guess. I like to think that we're better than that."

>Valentine averted her eyes a little, her cheek still red.

"Look, both of them might look scary, but they're actually nice people once you get to know them. Row is actually really kind and caring underneath that mask. Andy is, well, my little brother."

| >>747817
>One of the bartenders, a brunette dressed in a suit and a bowler, come over and greet you.

"Hey there, welcome to the Bizarre Beefeater, how can I help you?"

| >He seemed rather disgruntled and a tad grumpy, as he leaned forward in his seat.

"Yeah. I was hoping to get a look at your menu & drinklist."

| >>747937
>The bartender simply nods, taking a fairly-sized menu from a rack behind her and hand it to you.
>The menu itself is beautifully adorned with decorative designs and lists a large variety of food items and beverages, alcoholic and otherwise.
>Meanwhile, Sniffer continues playing the piano, switching up the song.

| >Andrew hollers the bartender after she handed the man his menu.

"Haiden, can I have another French 75? Thanks."

>He asks the bartender, flashing her a smile. The bartender smiles back as she quickly mixes up another cocktail and hands it to him.

>He takes the drink and turns to look at the newcomer as the man took the menu.

"Long day? You look... tired of life or something. What's your name?"

>He called out, still looking pretty content.

| "Nick... Nick Makura."

>He responded, taking the menu from the bartender, setting it beside him.

"Also, yes. It's been a long day. I had a... plumbing problem earlier today."

>He went to rub his eyes, the day clearly having got to him.

"My Lilim girlfriend lost her thumb in the sink at our apartment."

| >>747994
>Andrew seems pretty surprised, he raises one of his eyebrows. He looks like he's on the verge of laughing, but did his best to keep it in check. It takes a while to keep it down before replying.

"Right, that's... normal."

>He takes a sip of his French 75, swirl the glass around a little, watching the liquid slosh around j the glass.

"Tell you what, Nick, I'm Andrew, Andrew Storm, but call me Andy. I'll buy you something and you can tell me the story."

| >He would smile for a moment.

"Alight Andy."

>Trying to gather it in his mind, he took a moment before replying.

"So, my girlfriend recently got some sort of upgrade in relation to her job. But, the guy must have done a piss poor job, because her thumb fell down the drain when she was her hands."

>Thinking on it now, it's fucking hilarious. So hilarious he can't help but bring a smile to his face from it.

| "So, I go ahead and hiring a plumber, and he gets to work removing the pipes to try and get at it, WHEN his HAND gets stuck!"

>He throw his hands in the air, to emphasize his frustrations with the matter, before turning to look at his new acquaintance.

| >>748033 >>748034
>Andrew watches Makura throwing his hand into the air, amused. He takes another sip from his drink before replying.

"Yeah, alright. I have a few questions, but before that, how about you calm down a bit and order a drink?"

>Meanwhile Haiden, the bartender, is leaning over the counter, listening in on the story as well.

| "Question, is this the BTC drinklist, or are we going for real stuff?"

>Fair question. The BTC Drinklist was standard in most bars, due to how simple it was, but the good natural stuff was becoming hard to come by.

| >>748141
>The menu, if you examine the drinklist, is a mix of BTC and real drinks and cocktails. The food is also a mix of synthetic and real natural products.

| "Sorry, just had a proper look."

>He set the drinklist to the side. Weighing his options.

"I guess to start with I'll have a Fluffy Dream. Do you have a recommendation for food? There's not much you can serve me that I won't eat."

| >>748196
"Right, of course."

>Haiden pops up from her leaning position and does a little strech, before turning around to mix up the ordered drink. She replies to the question as she slides you the drink.

"For the food, well, fries and onion rings are pretty popular here. Then there's the sliders, synthetic meat if you're a bit hard for cash, beef or pork if you're not."

| "Those sound good, I'll probably have a few sliders with some onions rings then."

>Makura would set his menu aside. Deciding to take another glance around.

"But yeah, after that whole fiasco I came here to unwind, since I kept seeing an advert for it on Danger/u/. I really wish my girlfriend came with though."

| >>748244
>The establishment is bustling with patrons. Sniffer is still playing the piano in the background. The White Swiss Shepperd is impeccably dressed in his fine butler suit, his gloved fingers dancing nimbly on the piano keys.

"Why isn't she here, busy with work or something?"

>Andrew asks, putting his hand up to call Haiden.

"Haiden, get me... a lemon soda, or something else non-alcoholic. I'm not risking a hangover tomorrow."

| "...and what kind of sliders are you having, Nick?"

>Haiden asks while mixing up a lemon soda for Andrew.

"What's tomorrow? Another wet job or something?"

>Haiden turns to ask Andrew, curious.

"You can say that, important one too, the power couple is going to fucking kick my ass if they knows I'm showing up to the party hungover."

>Andrew replies, which prompts Haiden to laugh.

"That's what you're calling them now?"

| "I'll try synthetic meat."

>Looking back over to Andrew, he scratched the back of his neck a little sheepishly, glancing over at the piano playing dog.

"But, my girlfriend is kind of... afraid of dogs."

| >>748257
"Sniffer? Trust me, he's the not scary at all, the most polite perso-dog you'll ever meet. Best part, he doesn't bite, unless you count the shotgun under his counter as biting, even that is rarely used at all."

>Andrew laughs, turning to gesture to Sniffer once the song is over so he could tap out.
>Sniffer complies, stop playing the piano and walking over, some jazz and swing starts playing automatically in the background as to not disrupt the atmosphere.

| "How may I be of service?"

>Sniffer asks, turning up behind the counter, looking at Andrew. Meanwhile, Haiden arrives with the plate of sliders and onion rings for Nick.

"Well, I just want to introduce you to Nick over here."

>Andrew gestures toward Nick and Sniffer turns to him.

"Good day, sir, my name is Sniffer, but you can call me the Butler, an honor to meet you."

>Sniffer introduces himself with a polite bow, he speaks humbly and has a light posh british accent.

| "OHMYGOD you're adorable!"

>Suddenly, the man who walked in, didn't appear very manly.

"Sniffer you are utterly and literally adorable~!"

>He'd cough into his hand momentarily.

"S-Sorry about that... but, um
... my GF is not just afraid of Sniffer here because he's a dog. All Lilim are programmed to have some sort of random quirk?"

>He'd go to take a drink of his fluffy dream with a light smile.

"I guess her random quirk is she's afraid of dogs."

| >>748379
>The response startled Andrew a little bit. He raised an eyebrow and whispers to Sniffer.

>"Sniffer, get the shotgun."

>Sniffer actually reaches down under his counter and was about to actually pull something from under the counter but Andrew quickly stops Sniffer.

"It was a joke, Sniffer. You need to stop taking everything so literally."

>Andrew takes a looks around the bar, nobody noticed it yet. Sniffer puts down whatever he was holding.

"My apologies."

| "Anyways. Well, I guess your girlfriend isn't a vet then, I assume?"

>Andrew speaks up again.

"Also, it might be a good way to try if that applies to Sniffer, since he's... you know, not a normal dog."

| >748392
"No offense to you Sniffer, but I'm afraid that doesn't change much of anything."

>Nick would sigh before propping his head up with his hand.

"It's a shame because I'm a really big dog person..."

| >>748399
"My friend Redford and Terra have this husky, Fenrir. He's a dog, like a normal dog, 55 pounds of energy and fluffy fur. I think you'll like them"

>Andrew speaks up before gulping down a portion of his soda.

| "He sounds adorable~!"

>He said with a smile, kinda hoping to cuddle said adorable animal.

"Do you have any pictures?"

| >>748409
"I don't, no."

>Andrew replies, it was at this moment that another figure suddenly emerges from behind him with a "boo!". This startles Andrew, but he sighs as he saw the peeson behind him.
>The figure is a woman, mildly attractive and a fair bit shorter than Andrew's 6'2" height. She has a black hair cut into an asymetrical bob and has a matching black woolen turtleneck and beanie on.

"What's up with you two trying to spook me today. What's up, Val?"

| "Row told me to come check on you, just so you don't get too drunk. You remember what's tomorrow, right?"

>The woman replies, skipping the first question. She speaks with a slight British accent similar to Sniffer's.

| "Yeah, yeah, I know, both of you're gonna chew my ass off if I forget."

>Andrew replies and a cheeky grin appears on the woman's face. She turns to Nick.

"Right, and who's this guy?"

>She asks, Andrew turns to Nick.

"Oh, yeah, this is Nick Makura. Nick, this is Valentine, my sister."

>The grin turns into a charming smile as Valentine extends her hand out.

"Valentine Storm, nice to meet you."

| >748418

>He goes to shake her hand, quietly thinking on that name for a moment. He's heard someone been called Val before, but where? Perhaps it was read?

"... Weird question, do you go by Sierra online?"

| >>748420
"That's right. I would ask how you know, but I know we have a habit of saying our real nicknames in online discussions, especially this guy. Good memory though."

>Valentine replies, still smiling. Then she remembers where she heard the name before and laughs a little.

"Wait, aren't you that guy that got your girl's finger stuck in the pipe?"

>Andrew seems confused.


>Valentine slaps him on the shoulder.

>"The guy whose partner you keep trying to hit on, moron."

| >>748433
"... Wait that's fucking you!?"

>He seemed a tiny bit surprised and aggravated towards his new friend "Andrew", but not at all hostile.

"Dude, learn some boundaries."

| >>748435
"What? I'm just trying to support them financially, what with all the incidents they get into and that."

>Andrew replies to Valentine, who is less amused than he is. She turns to address Makura.

"Don't mind my brother, he can be a knucklehead sometimes."

>Andrew clears his throat, seemingly to get your attention.

"Right, let's just change the subject. That reminds me, Val, you've got Fenrir's picture?"

>He asks, Valentine seems a little confused.

"Fenrir? Yeah, why?"

| "Well, why don't you show them to Nick; He's a big dog fan."

>Andrew says sipping some more of his soda. Valentine obliges, taking out her phone and scrolling through it. She hands it to you.

>The phone contains a picture of a black-white husky, tongue out, and two people kneeling down beside him. The people were a woman and a man, both smiling and wearing hoodies. The woman has a beanie and a sling bag on while the guy wears a plate carrier and has a pistol strapped to his side.

| >>748511
"Awww...~! He's a cuddly, fluffy husky~"
>He'd grip the phone very lightly as he adores the animal, feeling warm fuzzy feelings inside.
"He's so cute~! I love Huskies and Chows in particular! They're so soft, and I just want to hug them and cuddle them and pet the-!"

>Realizing he was probably making his new companions comfortable, to which he slowed down and offered Val her phone back.

"Sorry 'bout that..."

| >>748577
"Yeah, you're a big dog fan alright."

>Valentine raises an eyebrow, similar to how Andrew had before.

"Maybe we can introduce you to the couple, I'm sure they wouldn't mind you petting the dog."

>Andrew says, concealing his joy at being able to divert the conversation away from the previous topic.

"Hopefully Fenrir won't get freaked out."

| >>748588
"Dogs naturally like me, so I'll be fine~"

>Makura responded with a smile, before his thoughts drifted back to the previous conversation as something hit him, bringing his phone out.

"Oh! You asked for Dorothy's number the other day for... "business", right, Andy?"

| >>748613
"If you haven't mentioned that you have a partner, I would've thought that you're attracted to do-"

>Valentine comments, before being cut off by Andrew, who perks up at the mention of the number.

"Val, shut up for a moment, this is important."

>He takes out his own phone.



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