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[NEWS] Rokkaku Group expanding to Glitch City?

| >Written by Marion "May" O'Naiz
The Rokkaku Group, a military weapons company bent on cleaning up the streets, is expanding it's operation out to Glitch City.

"Glitch City is the perfect place to develop new weapons." Gouji Rokkaku, The CEO told TMNN. "With how rampant Glitch City is with gangwars and street punks, I feel we need power like that of the White Knights with the Police Force."

Most citizens are worried about this change, due to his radical methods at use in Tokyo-To.

| However, the Rokkaku Group assures it is for the best, arguing the White Knights use of tanks and weapons were no different. They're also trying enforce their defense force "The Golden Rhinos". What does this mean for Glitch City?

Comment Below On Your Thoughts~!

| Rokkaku Group... One can only wonder what their intent is for spreading here. Though quite bluntly, I do notice the rudies of this city is growing far too uncontrollable in some districts.

There's only more hope and waiting, I fear.


| Cool, another corpo fucks tryna give the ol' Glitch a run. Well, let's see if they do a better job than NDSec did.

Good luck cleaning up the cults, those bastards pop up like weed.

| Another day, another paramilitary force attempting to take over a city full of corporations with their own paramilitary forces.

Don't these dimwits do any research first? Or was a country getting BTFO not big enough of a disaster for them?


| Let me guess how it ends: they start "cleaning up the streets", run into either Veriatech or K-TRAN shit, try to clean up said shit and get their ass absolutely handed to them in a matter of hours.

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