(Setting/Bar)The Bizarre Beefeater, Night Shift.

| >The Bizarre Beefeater, situated on the busiest streets of Downtown, is filled with merry patrons of various backgrounds, from the band of runners and bounty hunters to the everyday workers looking to have a nice relaxing time, the door stays open to everyone.

| >The interior decor of the bar reflexes that of a Prohibition-era speakeasy, with the vintage-style wooden decor and shelves upon shelves of alcoholic beverages up on display. The members of the staff also dresses the part, with the bartenders and security personnel dressed in three-pieces suits and bowler hats.

| >In the corner stands a fairly large stage, currently occupied by a high-spirited band(also dressed for the theme) playing some jazz and swing tunes for the crowd to groove along with.
>The night is still young at the Bizarre Beefeater and its staff, led by Sniffer the butler himself, continue to serves its merry patrons with a smile.

| >Steps in, a brown-haired girl adorned by a navy blue parka, hiding the accentuating lighter blue from her shirt. She hums a greeting while looking for a place to sit. One of her hand is holding steady to the strap of her leather sling bag, the other is free to explore the textures of the wooden decor.

| >Sniffer promptly heads over and politely bows his head.
>Sniffer, as you may or may not have known, is a bipedal dog - more specifically a White Swiss Shepherd whose physique is very much humanoid.
>He stands out not only for his race, but also for his uniform. He wears a black vest over a white shirt as well as a pair of white gloves, making him resembles more of an English butler than a speakeasy bartender.

| >>741280
"Good day, ma'am."

>He greets you with a humble yet dignified tone. His voice is smooth and he has a bit of a posh accent.

"Welcome to the Bizarre Beefeater. My name is Sniffer, but you can also refer to me as 'The Butler' if you prefer. Either way, I am very much at your service, how can I help you?"

| >Her smile broadens hearing the name spoken.

"Sniffer. That is the name that referred me here... were you the author of that post? The post from the board?"

| >>741297
"Well, ma'am, I do apologise as I am not able to quite recall being the author of any post on the board."

>Sniffer's tone seems curious, his ears stand up, quite adorably, and he raises an eyebrow.

"I do visit the board every once in a while, though I have never made any posts quite yet. Now, if I may have a name, that will be fantastic."

| >Caught by Sniffer's moving ears, she peers at them before resuming her interaction. It made the good pause before her reply.

"Pardon me! This is... Will it be fine to use my board handle? Using my real name here may invoke certain entities to roam after me."

| >>741311
"That shall be sufficient, ma'am."

>Sniffer picks up another glass and starts cleaning it while the woman continues the conversation.

| ">>>Ceasenne."

>She gives her name alongside a simple curtsey; she lowers her head and her shoulders with her right leg behind the left. The way she pronounced her name was similar to "sea-scene."

"I admire your understanding. There had been settlements too unkind; they didn't offer service without any identification. Silly me, for expecting food without my name!"

| >>741331
"Well, I do appreciate your kind words, Miss Ceasenne."

>Sniffer politely bows back in return for your curtsey. He then sets down the glass, now thoroughly cleaned, in its proper place.

"Now, ma'am, is there anything I can get you?"

| "A meal.. and... perhaps a consent?"

>She searches for a nearby seat, aiming for a position neither too close nor far from Sniffer, all while in the goal of maintaining conversation.

"You see, I am a journalist for a foreign news agency. Not from around here. If it's likely for you, may I have your time for a chat?"

| >Behind the brown-haired girl entered a black-haired girl, standing at around 4 feet. She was wearing a sweater that looked much too large for her, going down to her legs, and covers her knees. Her sweater was pure black save for a white lily in the center. Of course she was wearing jeans as well, and a pair of black boots.
>Peeking past the first girl, she stares excitedly at Sniffer, her eyes practically sparkling as she was bouncing up and down slightly.

| >A man enters the bar, his gigantic muscular figure covered by a tight fitting White coat with a large red cross adorned unto his breast pocket.
>Compared to the 4 feet of the girl who entered before him, his height seemed like that of a mountain, easily surpassing 6 feet, possibly even 7feet tall. His jaw is quite obviouly augmented, seeing as it is fully made out of metal.
>He approaches the counter without a word.

| >>741413
"Well, ma'am, I do apologize, but there are many patrons that needs to be tended to and it is still very much my obligation to do so. Perhaps, if you would like to stay around, I might be interested in an interview. For now, perhaps you may get acquianted with some of the patrons, our establishment do attract many sorts of potential customers."

>He gestures towards other patrons around the bar, before handing you a menu.

"As for the meal, what would you like to eat?"

| >>741415
"Welcome to our humble establishment, ma'am, how may I be of help?"

>Sniffer turns towards you, bowing politely.

"My name is Sniffer, or 'The Butler' if that is your preference. At your service."

| >>741429
"Good day to you as well, sir. Welcome to the Bizarre Beefeater. How may I help?"

>Sniffer bows to you as well.

| >>741478

"That is understandable. Anymore and I will have wasted your time here."

>She peeks at the new patrons; the man and the short girl are two new faces she put attention to. She returns, reading the menu in full while adjusting the strap of her bag.

"I will take what you recommend. Surprise me blind."

| >>741482
>The man's jaw lowers, and from deep within comes a deep voice, modulated by some kind of augment
"I'll have a gin and tonic"
>He "says", his jaw moving back to being closed as the voice cuts out
>He sits down

| >>741485
"Very well, ma'am. I do have to remind you that our establishment do not serve full-course meals as we are primarily a drinking establishment."

>The menu is fairly intricate in design and is decorated with some fancy designs.
>True to Sniffer's words, the menu primarily consists of various beverages, alcoholic and otherwise. The food section is also very much varied, from budget menus like synthetic meat sliders and rat and cheese sandwich to real pork and beef menus.

| >>741487
"Right away, sir."

>Sniffer picks up one of the glass and fills it up with ice before he walks over to a shelf and pick out a bottle of gin while another bartender hands him a bottle of tonic water.
>He pour the gin into the glass, followed by the tonic, and stirred it a little before topping it with a lime wedge. He slides it over to you with a smile.

| >>741490
>The man's jaw opens once more
>His augmented hands pick up the glass, which ends up looking miniscule compared to his sheer size
>He takes a sip and although his face stays neutral, his eyes look amused
"This is pretty good, Icing it correctly as well"
>His deep baritone voice expresses

| >>741488

"That too, is understandable..."

>Her eyes traces the words written on the menu. She smiles at the sight of the decor, after which she faces Sniffer again.

"I will have your grandest meal. These beef will serve the duty well."

>She scoots to a nearby seat without completing the order, namely the lack of drink to accompany her food.

| >>741496
"I appreciate your compliment, sir. Now, is there anything else you need?"

>Sniffer politely nods, although his face stays the same, his ear peaks up once again for a quarter of a second.

"It is within my obligation to inform you that if you are in a possession of a firearm, we do have a gunsmith in-house, if you are interested."

>He gestures towards one of the door behind the counter, with a sign that says 'Gunsmith Available'

"Otherwise, enjoy your drink, sir."

| >>741500
"Of course, ma'am."

>Sniffer tap a shoulder of another bartender passing by and whisper a few words into the man's ears. The bartender smiles and nods, before walking along and disappearing into another door behind the counter.
>The same bartender later reappear with a plate of beef sliders, as well as some onion rings, placing it in front of you, he tips his hat and walks off to serve other patrons.

| >>741503
>The man points to his breast pocket, tapping lightly the red cross printed upon it
"I'm an Ex-Valkyrie, not a soldier; I don't carry weapons past Class-2 reinforcements, although I did use to carry a taser system back in the days"
>He laughs a bit
"I guess my size leads people to think I'm the more martial type though, which is fair."

| >>741505

"Thank you."

>She didn't take any utensils provided immediately, what she did instead was hop over to her bag, unzipping a thick, weathered journal and a fountain pen with its ink container attached. She unfolds the journal and begun the process of recording.

>Solemnly, she writes to the rhythm of the steam coming from the freshly cooked sliders.

| >>741509
"My sincerest apologies for the misunderstanding, sir. I do hope that I did not offend you and that you would forgive me."

>Sniffer snaps his fingers and a bartender walks over and serves you a plate with some deep-fried fish fingers.

"As an apology, this one is on the house, sir. Please enjoy."

| >>741515
"My pleasure, ma'am."

>Sniffer nods a polite acknowledging nod.

"Now, is there anything you would like to drink?"

| >>741518
>The man chuckles
"Don't apologize so much, i'm used to it."
>He says, calmly

| >>741519

>She looks up from her journal, meeting eye-to-eye with Sniffer.

"Should you have anything without karmotrine or alcohol, yes. My preference is sweet and bitter, but pay this old tongue no mind if you have no such drink. I will be fine with plain water."

| >>741520
"Nonetheless, I do insist. Please enjoy the complimentary dish."

>He politely nods again as he turns to addresses Ceasenne.

"As you wish, Miss Ceasenne."

>He briskly disappears behind the door, coming back a minute later with a glass of bright yellow drink. He places it in front of you.

"Chrysanthymum tea, courtersy of Mister Wyatt, the owner of the Thai food stall across our establishment. Please do enjoy."

| >>741524

>She takes the glass with her two hands, albeit ignoring any heat it can radiate.

"Please do send Mr. Wyatt my gratitude. Something like this... This will surely make me dwell on memories."

>She sends off Sniffer with a smile with the cup still between her hands.

| >>741536
>The glass is actually cold and refreshing to the touch, thanks to the amount of ice inside of it. The drink itself is fairly sweet with a pleasant scent.

"Well, if you would like, Mister Wyatt is right over there."

>Sniffer gestures towards a tall man in a hoodie playing chess with someone who seems to be a member of staff, dressed in the same suit and bowler as the rest.

"Though I wouldn't recommend disturbing him right now. He seems to be winning his round of chess."

| "No, let him be with his victory. My compliments will come in his free time."

>Without any heat hindering her, she takes the first sip from the glass; a small, insignificant take from the volume.

"The decor here is outstanding. It reminds me of an era gone by. I say, a remarkable job."

| >>741539
"Thank you, although we can't quite take the credits; the vintage decor was our generous benefactor's wish and provided to us by him, as are his choice of security staff. I am merely here to serve."

>Sniffer picks up another glass to clean as soon as his orders are served.

"I shall not be talking any more about this benefactor of ours. I hope that wouldn't be too much of an inconvenience..."

| "No. Keep secrets as secrets, stories as stories."

>She puts the glass down. Her hand reaches for the slider

"A kind man then, with reasonable appreciation of the antique. It's a rare thing to have in this time."

| >>741546
"Very much so, ma'am."

>Sniffer replies, and another patron hollers him over.

"Very well, now if you would excuse me, I have other patrons to tend to. I do hope you enjoy your meal and I once again do encourage you to have a conversation with other patrons of our establishment, Miss Ceasenne. Perhaps you might find it useful for your journal."

| >John walks in to the bar, giving a nod to the security, and takes a seat at the bar in a hurry, adjusting his suit jacket.

"Bartender, a moment, please?"

| >>741575
>One of the security members tips a hat to you in return as you nod to him.

>Sniffer walks over and gives you a polite bow as soon as you called.

"Of course, sir, how can I be of help?"

| >>741580
>John stares for a few second, before speaking.

"Uh, yeah, a stiff one please, is it ok to smoke in here?"

>Before he gets to the end of the sentence, he's already got a cigarette in his mouth.

| >>741582
"Certainly, sir."

>Sniffer answers both of the questions in one sentence.
>He turns around and picks up a bottle of whiskey with one hand and a glass in the other. He pours the drink out and slides it over.

| >>741583
>John snaps his fingers, and lights his cigarette with his finger.
"Thank you, Sniffer. Any news from the ground?"

| >>741585
"I do not quite understand what you would like to inquire with my humble self, sir. For that, I do apologize."

>Sniffer replies, performing a curious expression with his ears.

"Now, it is within my obligation to inform you of our gunsmithing service, should you need one. But aside from that, I believe my ignorant self to be clueless about any news that could be of use to you, good sir."

| "Less a bar. More a classy, antique restaurant."

>Ceasenne let her attention wanders to the newcomer upon hearing Sniffer's response. She flicks pages from her journal then her hand settles for the glass again.

"Care for an information trade, Sir >>866e99 ?"

| >>741598

"Gunsmithing? I hate to say it Sniffer, but you're selling a spaceship to a void worm. But... If you need manufacting, let me know."

>John takes a small sip, glancing at Ceasenne.

"Depends, are you a journo?"

| >the door chimes ring to signal the entrance of a new patron! They meekly walk to the counter to get comfy and take in the atmosphere
"...did i step into a magic portal to new orleans..?"
>with a giggle and tired look on their face they flag the bartender hoping for a food menu or something
>with a name like the beef eater they better have some good beef dishes!

| >>741524
>The man nods once
"Then I won't refrain, how about an old fashionned?"
>He asks simply

| >>741626

>Ceasenne finishes her light sip as soon as she heard John mention her occupation.

"Splendid! What made it obvious?"

| >>741480
>Taking a seat the small girl takes in the atmosphere of the establishment.

"Oh! I'll take something sweet to drink!"

>Smiling wide, she started to reach for her identification, in case she was asked.

>In her seat, she swings her legs slightly, letting her eyes wander again.

| >>741626
"Very much noted. Once again, I do apologize, sir."

>Sniffer replies as he leaves you to your drink, turning to the other patrons.

"Good choice, sir."

>Sniffer picks up another glass and mixes in some ingredients. Namely the sugar, bitter, ice, and a lemon peel. He then pours the whiskey into the glass and masterfully mixes it together before sliding it over to you.

| >>741629
"Welcome, ma'am, to the Bizarre Beefeater. I will be with you very shortly."

>Sniffer says as he mixes up the old-fashioned and sliding it over to thw man (>>5fcec7). Once that's over, he head over to you and politely bow.

"I'm Sniffer, but some other patrons call me 'The Butler' if that's your preference. How may I help you, ma'am?"

| >>741699
"Very well, would you like something that is alcoholic or otherwise, ma'am?"

>Sniffer notices you reaching for your identification.

"Well, ma'am, if I could take a look at that ID, that would be excellent."

| >>741713
"Thanks fella"
>The man says, grabbing the glass
"Lots of places around town would of made it like a fancy cocktail, glad to see this bar has got it's traditions in the right spot"
>His jaw augment don't allow him to smile, but it's quite obvious that if he could, he would

| >>741715
"Alcohol sounds good!"

>Sliding Sniffer the ID, the girl gives another smile.

>The picture matched the girl's appearance, and it showed she was 23. The girl's name was Aduial, but no last name.

"Is this good enough, Mister Butler~?"

| >>741722
"It will suffice, ma'am."

>He nods as he gives back the ID. He then picks out a bottle of Ruby Port.

"Would this be alright? This should be quite sweet, or would you like something more from the BTC line, perhaps?"

| >>741717
"Once again, I do appreciate your kind words, sir. Do you need anything else?"

>Sniffer picks up another glass and starts cleaning it.

| >>741723
>Looking at the bottle, she nods and grins wide.

"Sure! That'll be good! I like the name too, it's really pretty~"

>Putting her ID away, she leans on the counter and sways her head side to side slowly.

| >>741726
"Very well, Miss Aduial."

>Sniffer put down the glass he's cleaning and picks up a wine glass. He pours the liquor out for you and slides it over.

| >>741714
>the girl in question is...rather short at a rough 5'4 - 5'6, dont call her a loli though she isnt you pervs
"Oh hello there! Uhm do you guys have a food menu? Im all for a nice drink but im more curious about the food"
>she gives the nervous chuckle only a complete lightweigt could give, soft purple eyes drawing attention away from her tanned skin and short and messy hair bouncing as she laughs
"Aheheh yeah t-totally"

| >>741686

"The attitude, you sound like information is your drug."

>John downs his drink in one go, grimacing.

"What do you report on, miss..."

>John trails off, looking at Ceasenne, trying to guess her name.

"... Cassandra?"

| ">>>Ceasenne."

>She corrects him missing more than a letter. Offering a hand for her introduction, she gleams a smile at him.

"I'm writing a piece regarding Glitch City's life. I come far from here and I prefer if this piece alleviates my page-turner status."

| >>741729
"Of course, ma'am."

>He hands you a menu.

"I don't mean any offense, but I would like to request some kind of identification if in any case you would like to order something alcoholic."

| >>741751
"Ceasenne, right."

>He shakes her hand, only showing a bit of a smile.

"Alleviate your page-turner status? I thought all jornos want to be printing page one, so why are you going the opposite way?"

| >>741753

>Her hand is warm, cold only from the glass.

"The case stands. I want my piece to be read, but I don't want this one to be read so quickly. It will be a new style in journalism. An immersive one."

| >>741754

>John slightly squints at what Ceasenne just said, and tries not to think about it to hard.

"Sounds like you want to write a book, not an article. Anyway, enough foreplay. What do you want to know?"

>He gestures for Sniffer's attention again.

| >>741755

"Your name, if you will? It's only fair after I have given mine, isn't it?"

>She brings then open her journal. The pen greets her, doubly acting as a bookmark for her to return to. The journal has brown papers, looking weather and well-used.

| >>741757
"Let's go with John, since we're pretending things are fair."

>John takes a long drag from the cigarette.

| >She smiles, shaking her head.

"Now. I will begin the interview. Your personal records will be obscured to the best of my ability."

>Putting up the journal close to her - the pen she held with her right hand and the journal with the other - she starts writing.

"How is life in Glitch City? What do you think about living here... the advantages, disadvantages.. things that stick out to you?"

| "Let's see, we live in a corpotocracy, everything we eat, breathe, and see is artificial, or genetically modified."

>John pauses to keep smoking.

"This includes myself, and the cigarette I smoke... But, on the plus side, technological and biological advancement starts in this city, be it immoral or illegal. And with all that advancement, is money, to be made."

>He pauses to give Ceasenne some time to write it down.

| "I see. I see... Every benefits have their price."

>She jots into her journal the important points of his answer. Her hand writes briskly, ending letters with a remarkable energy and a full stop with an audible dot.

"How are the people of Glitch City? Friendly? Dismissive? Welcoming? How easy is it to communicate.. find relationships, here?"

| >>741763

"There are pockets of people where hostility isn't the default, like the bar we are in, but to sum it up, it's best to carry a gun."

>John finishes his cigarette, putting it out in an ashtray.

"It's best to ask someone else about relationships than me."

| "That is understandable. I was told of the dangerous districts when I first arrived here."

>She finishes writing the short answer, looking back at him, then back at the journal.

"Does the thought of a relationship scares you? Err... Don't answer that. That was my personal question. Rather, have you been to other places? How open is Glitch City's transport network?"

| >>741768

"I'm not originally from here, came here to do business. Public transport here is pretty limited, and late. Getting out of the city is a hassle at times too."

>John takes another cigarette, lighting it with a snap of his fingers.

| "Business..."

>She taps her journal with her pen, idly gleaning at her surroundings.

"Final question. If you don't mind sharing, do you believe in god, or any higher-order beings?"

| >>741752
"Oh yeah sure here"
>absentmindedly she hands over her id while glazing over the menu for something she might like
>lets see valk, tsalie yadda age 2X and yadda yadda yadda Canadian national yadda yadda
>nothing out of place but she seems uninterested in drinks at the moment! Nor does she seem the type to go hard on them
"Uhmm..you got any recommendations for little ol me?
Wait rgh no not little! Just me"

| >>741776


>John tilts his head back a little, laughing at the question.

"Before I came here, no, not really. Now, I sort of know one."

| >>741755
"How might I be of use, sir?"

>Noticing the holler, Sniffer heads over to John.

| >Ceasenne gives a pleasant accompanying smile too. She tilts her head, writing the final notes of the interview.

"Thank you for your time. I'm aware service doesn't come free here. If you have any questions for me, then ask away."

>She pauses then turns to the newly-arrived Sniffer.


"Before he speaks, put his bills on my tab. I'll pay for his orders."

| >>741784 >>741788

"I'm not one to turn down a drink. 2 shots of vodka, please."

>With the interview over, John leans on the bar with his elbow, more relaxed.

"Now I know you must be a big piece writer, so you have good sources. Any word of instability in the world? Any civil wars brewing?"

| >>741790 >>741788
"Very well, sir and ma'am."

>Sniffer picks up two shot glasses and walks over to pick up a bottle of vodka. He returns and pour it into the glasses. He slides them over.

"Two shots of vodka, neat."

| >>741780
"Well, ma'am, might I recommend the roast beef sliders, as I've served that lady overthere, with a side of onion rings?"

>Sniffer gestures towards Ceasenne's plate of sliders.

"If you're on a budget, deep-fried synthetic fish fingers or rat and cheese sandwich might be more of your choice."

| >>741790

"The hard economical crash of NEEC members. Niihama's monopoly. The weakening of Canton Confederation, threatening Wuxing to recalibrate its position in the global market."

>She leans forward, putting her journal to the side.

"From Celedyr of NeoNET, there are uncertain movements from Knights of Rage... What topic are you truly interested in, Mr. John?"

| >>741792
"Roast beef sliders...? Hmmm alright let me thing about ittt."
>suppressing her shock to the offer to eat rat meat he turns to >>741793 hoping perhaps to hear their opinion on the food
"Uhhmmm excuse me ma'am, if i may ask. How do you find the roast beef slider? Err is it worth the money..."
>she gives the innocent question, not wanting to be rude to staff but also not wanting to waste time and money

| >>741793

"I deal in "commodities", the kind that keeps an army strong. So knowing who's gearing for war means food on the table for me."

>John takes his shot of vodka, gesturing to the other one.

"Bottoms up, Ceasenne."

| >>741794

>She looks at the girl, eyeing her without moving her head too much.

"The beef slider? My suggestion is to try what you think befits you."

>She leans back from her position. She turns her head around and relaxes her expression.

"Owe the chef your doubt."

| >>741795

>Ceasenne copies the act; she takes her shot and proudly displays it.


| >>741797


>John drinks his shot, and sighs as it goes down.

"So who else are you planning to meet in the city, just random people?"

| >>741796
"Ha-hard to trust when the beef slider is recommended with the r-rat but i get your point hahah"
>the girl nods a nervous laugh and decides to take dive! Hopefully it isn't just prettier rat meat mash and will not kill her

>flagging down sniffer >>214938 she gives the simple request for
"Y-yeah beef slider please"
>then she proceeds to make some wierd hand movements and follows up with
"Uhh what form of currency do they use here...? Uhh dollars? Euros?"

| >>741798

>Finishing her shot, the vodka didn't faze her. She puts down the glass, considering the answer to John's question.

"Yes. People from different backgrounds, but... Random is one way to put it. I want to let the world know about the lives here. How different it is from theirs. How better or worse their situation is."

| >>741799
"Of course, ma'am. My sincere apologies about the suggestions if that makes you uncomfortable. I regret to inform you that due to the rat infestation and numerous requests, we have integrated rat meat into some of the budget-friendly menus beside synthetic food. I assure you that they are throroughly sanitized and fit for consuming."

>Sniffer calls over another bartender and tells him about the order.

"We accept dollars, ma'am. Though normally we uses Zenny and nuyen."

| >The bartender disappears behind one of the doors and in a few minutes returns with a plate of beef sliders and onion rings similar to Ceasenne's.

| >>741802

"That's not a plan, that's an idea."

>John takes a puff, and flags Sniffer for another 2 shots, turning back to Ceasenne

"You should be very careful around corpos, especially here, so don't have an idea, have a solid plan."

| >>741813
>Sniffer nods an acknowledgement and pour two more shots of vodka, then slide them over.

| >>741809
"Oh good i didn't get the chance to convert some yet...uhh you guys take direct wiring?"
>jittery, she swipes the air a few more times and then a small little holo screen pops in front of her ready to make a transaction
>more or less just online banking really but fancy and augmented reality holo projections because futureeee!
"Uuuu its so weird that people here don't use lenses..."

>...it keeps her mind from the rat food

| >>741813

"I can assure you, that is a plan. I have done this before and I will do it again. Corporates or not, there is nothing that will break the plan."

>Ceasenne sees the shots filling in. She decides to take hers early, moving to lead the shot this time.

"Call me foolish, but I'm not as foolish as men are."

>She lifts her glass and gestures the same to John.

| >>741816
>John turns to Sniffer.
"Sniffer, leave a bottle with us, I'll pay for the whole thing, Oh, and some cocktail pickles, if you got any."

| >>741817
"We do, but I would suggest finishing your meals before proceeding with the transaction."

>Sniffer replies as he places the plate of slider in front of you.

| >>741818

"Seems we have different ideas of planning, but trust me, you'll want sever escape ones with the corpos."

>John raises his glass to match Ceasenna's, making a mini toast.

"To plans going wrong."

| >>741819
"Of course, sir."

>Sniffer hands the bottle to you, alongside a small jar of dill pickles.

| >>741820
"Oh pay after eating like in a restaurant!? Alright then thank you for the food!"
>she fades the holo and simply digs in as i realize this is the wrong Setting and the jargon "fade the holo" makes no sense in glitch city

>the peculiar spec is that she went through half of the food in the blink of an eye...!? No mess or anything of the sort its just consumed in a split second
"Wait right no off duty take it slow and enjoy it...!"
>then she eats at normal pace...what th-

| >>741821

"Heh. To plans going wrong."

>Ceasenne finishes the toast, downing the shot. Again, being unfazed by the vodka.

"You shouldn't worry about myself, Mr. John. It's the same with this drink; let me pay the full sum of it. From where I live, rejecting kindness is punishable."

>She puts a meager smile, glass still at hand.

| >>741823
"Now, is there anything else you would like to order?"

>The food tastes amazing, the roast beef is seasoned to perfection and compliment the crispy onion rings well.

| >>741824
"Hugh, that last one went rougher than the others."

>John mutters as the vodka burns his insides.

"I know, but neither do I want to be responsible for the death of your wallet."

>John chuckles a little, eating a dill.

"And no 'Mr. John' you make me sound older than I already am."

| >>741826
"N-no just some water please"
>covering her mouth while making the request to not seem rude she tilts her head
"Wait whats this about a rat infestation!?"

| >>741827

"You are asking me to be less polite. I can do that."

>She leaves the glass alone. She grabs the journal again, going back to read through what she wrote.

"Mister... No. Pardon. John, I am serious when I say that; leave the cost to me. It's an equal trade already."

| >>741829
"No, I just hate feeling old."
>John pours them another round of vodka, but leaves the glass on the table.

"Well then let's not waste what is given to us."

>John's phone buzzes, and he pulls it out to check, smiling smugly.

| "Will you be okay?"

>Ceasenne pauses momentarily, giving John time to check his phone.

"Do you have anything else to do tonight? I risk seeing you drunk, even if I say the whole bottle is yours."

| >>741835
"Oh, I'm more than ok, I'm great now, Thanks to the Canton tip."

>John puts his phone away, still smiling.

"I did, but that's the best part of my job, deligation. What about you? I know you've got people to interview."

| "Rest easy. The night is still young. There is enough time in a mortal life to do one job."

>Closing her journal, she stuffs it back inside the bag alongside the pen, leaving the table empty save for their drink.

"If I want to immerse my reader, then I will have to immerse myself too. You will be the first and last head I interview today."

| "And by immerse, you mean get drunk with your interviewees?"

>John eats another pickle, secretly wishing for the vodka burn to go down.

| "That is the life in Glitch City, isn't it?"

>She finishes the last of her chrysanthemum tea, downing it in one sip to cleanse her mouth.

"This.. broken, everlasting night. It's the city itself, at its core."

| >>741845
"Life in Glitch city is a lot more glum than that. Entire districts have been flooded for years, Corporate police is a reality, and a gun in every hand. What we are doing is living the high life.

>John takes out his pack, offering one while putting another cigarette in his mouth.

| >Ceasenne accepts the offer, taking the cigarette.

"A high life is a strong word for escapism. Knowing an eventual end, why not enjoy yourself?"

>She gestures John for a lighter.

"Corporates. Disasters. They don't last forever. Nothing does."

| >>741850
"The fact that we sit here with no worry is the high life."

>John snaps his fingers with his left, producing a flame, holding it out for Ceasenne.

"It's just as you say, nihilism and hendonisim is 2 sides of one coin."

| >>741828
"As you wish."

>He pours you some water.

"Do you need a glass of water as well, sir, or a chaser, perhaps?"

>He asks as he pour the girl some water.

| >>741853

"I've witnessed what low the human life can get."

>Lighting up her cigarette, she idly holds it between her fingers before smoking it.

"There is always a first for everyone, even myself."

>A visible grey smoke rises as she exhales out, Ceasenne clearly coughing too.

"Ah.. Even now I can't handle cigarettes..."

| >>741855
"Just 2 more shot glasses for the pickle juice, please."

"You know you can just say no to cigarettes?"

>John lights his own, and gives his hand a shake, putting it out.

"Trust me, seeing it is very different from living it."

| "I know."

>She hacks another cough, pressing her chest with one hand to heave a deep breath.

"I wanted to try.. if there's any difference with cigarettes... It turns out I'll need more to overcome the issue."

| >>741861
"Very well."

>He hands two shot glasses over to you.

| >>741863

"Come on, let's wash the tar out with some vodka and pickle juice."

>John pours the pickle juice in to the two new shotglasses, and pick up his own vodka shot.

| >She gives the leaves her cigarette on the ashtray after giving it some gentle shakes, turning it unlit.

"Pickle juice and vodka? What a strange taste you have."

>Unwilling to be left behind, she takes the glass of pickle juice. She stares at it, admiring its content.

"And still.. I can't remember when the last time I drank with someone. Thank you for this experience."

| "To re-newed experiences, and opened eyes, then."

>John raises his shot, toasting, and drinking his shot, following it with pickle juice.


| "Ah. Cheers."

>Unlike John, Ceasenne drank the pickle juice first, continuing with a vodka once the toast finishes.

"This.. doesn't taste wrong."

| "Funny, as pickle juice really is just brine."

>John puts the shots down, choosing not to refill them.

"So what did you report on before GC?"

| "To enshroud the details, I mainly cover the tension in Europe. What's left of it, or what's left trying to recover it."

>Her eyes wander to the shots and the bottle before going back to John.

"Walls speak secrets. That is all I'm able to provide as an answer."

| >>741882

>John watches her eyes wander to the bottle, glancing away before she goes back to him, feigning interest in a pickle.

"Easy there champ, let's not get too carried away. Isn't this your first drink in a while?"

| "I'm able to tolerate more than this."

>Ceasenne smirks. Her tone sounded like a challenge.

"Dare I say, we'll waste more than a bottle trying to find my limit."

| > A small girl hops into the bar, dressed all black — from her shoes, all until her shirt and her skirt, she's even covered her hands with matching black gloves too. Her hair is undoubtedly a cherished colour of blonde of some kind and it's tied to a braid.


> She tries to find service, any kind of service, that can guide her to a desk.

| >>741902

"Oh I *see*."

>John smirks again, flagging Sniffer.

"As much as I'd like to drink you under, I would much rather not on an empty stomach."

| "I recommend the slider. It's the only menu par for a vodka."

>She takes her shot glass and traces her finger across its rim.

| >>741909

>John grabs one off her plate, taking a bite.

"Yeah, they're not bad at all..."

| >The large man at the counter turns his gaze to John and the Journalist talking, his eyes showing clear interest, narrowing down at key points.
"Seems you two are having a lot of fun there, how about letting this old man in on it?"
>He looks towards Caesenne in particular
"If you have the guts to proclaim a high tolerance, I believe it's only fair we widen the base of reference, And I'm no slouch see?"
>He says, chuckling aloud

| >>741940
"Widen? with your body weight, we'll flatten it."
>John chuckles as well.
"You got a glass? The more the merrier."

| >>741947
>The man laughs, and scratches his head
"Now ain't that true"
>He looks toward sniffer, but before speaking, he instead turns back to his glass, draining it of the old fashioned within
"Well, I got a free glass now"
>He says

| >>741957

>John pours him a single... approximately...

"So what brings you round these parts?"

| >>741906
"Welcome to the Bizarre Beefeater, ma'am. I am Sniffer, the Butler, how may I be of service?"

>Sniffer walks over to the newly-arrived girl.

"Would you like another plate of the beef sliders, sir?"

>Sniffer politely asks.

| >>741967
"Nah, I think will go for a charcuterie board, 2 more shot glasses, and another bottle, please and thank you."

>John asks, as he pours another round for everyone.

| >>741971
"Very well, sir."

>Sniffer calls over another bartender and whispers the order to her. The bartender tips her hat to John and disappears behind the same door.
>Meanwhile, Sniffer reaches for another bottle of vodka and gives it to John alongside two more glasses, as ordered.
>The bartender later reappears with the charcuterie board. It's a fairly-sized one, with 5-6 type of meat and fish, pickles, sliced baguettes, crackers, as well as some cheddar and brie.

| >>741965
>The man doesn't seem the mind the hapazard measure
"Oh, you know, just saw an Ad online, thought I might as well get drinking since work gets less hectic around these parts of the year"
>He says, while sipping from his glass, or well as close as an aproximation of sipping one can get with a robotic metal jaw in place

| >>741967
"I'm looking for a John. If he isn't here yet, then I'll just go get a drink."

> The girl responds to Sniffer, obviously entranced by his appearance.

| >>741984
"Well, ma'am. I do believe that the gentleman sitting overthere presents himself as John."

>Sniffer gestures towards John sitting beside Ceasenne and the other person.

| >>741985
"Looks like a John anyway. Stupid dumb face."

> The girl sighs. She presents an ID to Sniffer, showing her age to be slightly above the legal age — even more — despite her appearance.

"I'll go to town with the karmotrine."

| >>741986
"Very well, ma'am, what would you like?"

>Sniffer returns the ID to you.

"Perhaps a name, if that's not too much of an inconvenience."

| >>741989
"Lucetta. Let's keep it at that. Get me a burger or anything to eat, I'll be sitting next to that man."

> Lucetta takes the ID and with the same hand she points to John's position.

"What the hell is he doing, getting drunk with a journalist like that?"

| >>741990
"Of course. It'll be just a minute ma'am."

>Sniffer snaps his fingers and the same bartender that was serving the charcuterie board came back. She disappears and reappears from the same door, this time with a plate of salmon burger.

| >>741990
>John spots Lucetta, sighing to her comments.

"Lucetta, how long did makeup take to look that pale?"

>He turns back to his newfound compadre.

"That's Lucetta, She's a friend... of sorts."

| >>742127
>The man nods
"Looks like a riot"
>He pauses
"I never did introduce myself, now did I? Call me Perzival and with that a delayed nice to meet you eh?"
>He adds before emptying his glass

| >>742129
"Well met, Perzival."

>John drinks a shot of vodka to commemorate.

| >>742127

"...Of sorts? A coworker?"

>Ceasenne blurts out her question when she turns her attention to Lucetta.

"Hail, Lucetta! We are spending the night away here. Come, the drink is free for you to enjoy."

| >>742129

"Perzival. Nice to meet you. I'm sure you have heard of my name before, but it's in my best interest to be polite."

>She puts a hand on her chest as a gesture then gives a small bow.

">>>Ceasenne. A journalist."

| >>742170
>Perzival returns a bow of his own
"It's a pleasure, I've met plenty of journalists in my time, but most of them were lacking in manners, glad to see that's not the case with you, Ceasenne"
>He winks while softly chuckling

| >>742174

>She lets out a chuckle of her own.

"I'm flattered... In that regard, the customs here are shockingly different from my hometown. Politeness dictates one's social standing and age. That doesn't apply here, does it?"

| >>742176
>He laughs
"Can't say it does, it's a lot rougher around these parts, unless you're corporate; in which case I guess propriety is as important as ever."
>He says plainly
"I come from an even rougher milieu, so that's why I'm particularly not used to it"

| >>742179

"It's a breath of fresh air arriving here. There is less visible facade; honesty isn't as bitter."

>She leaves a gentle smile, some kind of reminiscent for her.

"It's disappointing how human bonds can devolve into a tool for power."

| >>742127
"Did you really ask a woman how long it takes to put on their makeup?"

> Lucetta hops closer to John, taking a seat not too far from John and his journalist friend.

"Alright, I'm here now — what do you want? I have thirty minutes, so you better start speaking."

> She darts her eyes at John, obviously not taking any kind cues or friendship points at this rate.

| >>742249

"I was hoping you'd stay and have a drink with us, but since you're in such a rush..."

>John sighs, taking some cheese from the board.

"Fine, whatever, did you bring Uni's gift?"

| >>742249

"Oh, and at least introduce yourself."
>John pours himself and Lucetta a shot of vodka.

| >>742253
"Didn't you do it earlier?"

> Lucetta takes her shot, downing it immediately — not even a consideration placed, she puts down the shotglass as quickly as she swiped it from the table.

"Lucetta. This guy's friend. How are you all doing this night?"

"… And John, fuck off. I'm not showing something that personal in this decrepit-looking coke den."

| >>742266
"We'll talk about the item at another time then. Prick."

>John pours Lucetta another shot, spitefully.

"And how do you drink so well?"

| >>742268
> The answer to his question becomes clear as Lucetta started hiccupping.


> She holds her mouth shut with her palms, trying to find a way to shut herself.

"… W-why the fuck— didn't you tell—"

> Her words were spoken amidst the rather high-pitched squeaks. She did sound like a child here, even more so than before.

| >>742269

>John stifles a laugh, holding a hand over his mouth.

"Does... does that always happen with alcohol?"

| >>742269

"Are you okay, Ms. Lucetta?"

>Ceasenne looks at Lucetta then towards John.

"Perhaps she took the vodka much too brazenly. Is there anything we can do for her?"

| >>742270
"F-fuck you—"

> Lucetta's hostility only grew as she slams one of her fist to her hips. She slouches and directed her echoing back down to herself.

"Happens all the-- TIme- just gIVe me… some f-Fucking space…"

| "If that is what you wish for..."

>She briefly averts her gaze to Lucetta.

"Please refrain from drinking if your time is short, Ms. Lucetta."

| >>742271
"She definitely did..."

>John looks for Sniffer again, beginning to feel a little bad to how many times they've called them over...

"Sniffer, a glass of water please!"


"It's not my fault you can handle alcohol as well as you handled Uni."

>John responds with equal hostility to his hospitality.

| >>742276
> Lucetta hisses at the reply. She was going to say another pence from her mind, but her tongue staggered the response, only resulting in another curse.

| >>742284
>John sighs, shaking his head.

"Just drink something non-alcoholic. It's more frustrating not knowing how you're cussing me out."

| >>742284

>Ceasenne opens her bag and takes a small water bottle. Its content is sloshing around when she passes it over to Lucetta.

"Here. Let's not trouble the busy butler."

| >>742297

> Lucetta hastily grabs the bottle, opening it in one swift motion. She chugs the entire volume, emptying it with ease.

> Her hiccups were annoying, but as she regained the ability to speak, she could utter a single world.

"Fuck you, John."

> She passes over the bottle back to Ceasenne, turning to her to face her.

"You saved me from this guy. How much did that water cost for you?"

| >Ceasenne retrieves the bottle from Lucetta. She smiles at the strange question.

"Cost? It's water, miss. Surely it's not a rare commodity here?"

| >>742300

"Why did I invite you again?"

>John gets up from his chair, stretching his legs.

"Oh right. Anyway, I'll be back in a second."

>John walks away to the bathrooms.

| >>742302
>Perzival laughs at that
"Well, depends on which part of town you're in, and the quality of it; Water bills are very much so a thing around here"
>He cocks an eyebrow
"You really aren't from around here huh?"
>The large man looks at Lucetta
"Coke den is a bit harsh miss, this place looks like heaven compared to some actual "dens" you'd see in war-torn Ghana... or Motor if you wanna stay within GC"
>He notes

| >>742276
>Sniffer was going to pour out some water for you, but Ceasenne has already handed Lucetta a glass of water. He puts down the glass and returns to cleaning the glasses and service other patrons.

| >>742349

"Yes. Admittedly I'm more than clueless to the lives of Glitch City, but I can say the same for the rest of the world too."

>She twists the bottle to check if it's tightly closed and as she finishes her check, stores it inside her bag again.

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