Moving to Glitch City

| I will be moving to Glitch City in the next week for personal reasons and I know pretty much nothing about it (i don't read the news and have just discovered this site), I'll be working from home so I can pretty much get a hose anywhere there is a convenience store near, any advice to where to go to live/advice in general? thx :3

| Advice: Live literally anywhere else unless you're an AI.

Even the Seattle Sprawl is a better place sometimes.

| fact is: i really can't, my gf already lives there but is getting evicted at the end of this month. I've seen this as an opportunity to finally start living together and she agreed to start doing it, but she really don't want to leave that city so... :/

| Don't go to The Flooded District. Period. Make sure your apartment has deadlocks on its doors, and be careful of anybody you don't consider a friend.

Glitch City isn't exactly a good place to be.

- Nerris

| "Don't get involved."


| Been there just once, didn't like much, but I guess I just don't like the country itself v.v
They had neat landscapes 13 years ago in the outskirts, I bet they've ruined 'em for some super market sort of crap so I bet that's gonna work for you.

| Watch your back, watch your front~ Other than that, this place is fun to live~

| Get a gun, or guys with guns. If you can, get both.

| Here's a tip, don't.
- Makura

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...............this tbh


| "The walls speak secrets," is a saying from my hometown, but my findings show Glitch City isn't much too different; be careful what you say around here, the people here have told me that your words can be used against you.


| Fairly fresh face myself. Been here maybe 10 months? Can’t remember exactly. Either way, I’d say try to find a balance between low rent and low crime, even though no matter where you go you bound to find plenty of the latter. I don’t go out much so I can’t say I’m too knowledgeable, but I do know some locations you might be interested in. Besides, it’ll be good to talk to someone who doesn’t look at me like I don’t belong


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It would've been, if I'd heeded my own words.


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We all make mistakes~?
Just keep moving and take those words to the future?

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