Question, how long have the White Knights been gone?

| Don't me, just an idiot living under a rock for the past 20 years. Good rock too, had all kinds of... Rocky... ness.

See, I'm a sort of a traveler, well, more like a nomad, but the last time I was here in Glitch City, the White Knights were everywhere, but you've all gone back to using police?

Because I'm an idiot, I was just curious what happened to them.

- John Smith

| Oh, you know, the usual, Corruption, Abuse of power.

-John Malkovich

| I'm gonna go grab some popcorns and see how many 'John' shows up.

Good idea, grab me some as well.

| Oh, love a good popcorn! Especially with butter and a bit of salt. Anyway, I ask because, well, I almost about got shot, by some sort of malfunctioning Lilim. Seems like their internal matrix was hacked into through a backway for a new authority. Basically, the poor man got turned into a game character for some strange bloke, who has it out for somebody, possibly me.

This isn't the first like I wager, because the frequency he's tuned to branches.

| The only type of person who could gain access to multiple Lilim like this, would have to be some of a high military power, and the only one who can do that is a White Knight.

So that begs the question then... who's controlling some of these lilim to attack?

I suppose though it could be nothing, really just wanted get my thoughts out. Didn't have anybody to share them with over it.

Thanks for any help though.

- John Smith

| I'd say about... four years now? Four in April, in fact, ever since the 24 Hours War.

Sometimes you see ex WK's around or in special forces, but rarely organized. The megacorps would throw a fit.


| Ah, I see. Thank you Domino, that makes it so much easier. I can narrow it down from there!

- John Smith

| >>740896

>an emoji of a hand giving the "ok" sign.


| >>740853

Oh I'm sorry I was born with "John".

-Jhan Quixote

| >>741051
Sorry, didn't mean to offend you. I just found the first two posts being made by people named 'John' kind of funny.

Oh, oh, I get that reference! 'Ron Quixote' or something, right?

It's 'Don Quixote' I think.

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Eugh, kids these days.

-Jhanny Guitar

| >>741056

Don Quixote. Alonso Quijano. Knight of the Melancholic Looks, Knight of Lions. The literature survives even today. Did you read his tale in a library? I wonder if there are any libraries in Glitch City.


| I'm sorry, did you say Alonso Quijano? I always wanted to me et somebody named Alonso! So I could say Allon-Sy Alonso! Also, no all the libraries in Glitch City were demolished in favor of things like an internet café. Terrible waste of knowledge. Everything is digital now anyway, but I love a good book.

Anyway, where was I? ... Oh yeah, Lilim Hackers.
- John Smith

| >>741103

What an unfortunate thing. It really is the same as my hometown. I didn't come here expecting any surprising changes in regards to literature but it disappoints me to hear this still.


| There was this literature fair once held by a girl, Uni, I think? It's pretty nice, too bad it's gone now. There's also this place my SO absolutely adore. What was the name again, Al?
-Red 9

I think it's Claritea, Claritea Cafe and Bookstore. It's up in Cloud district though.

| >>741092
I've read it before, but not in this city. You wouldn't want to hear the explanation.

| I mean, atleast the WhiteKnights didnt burn down whole blocks like the GCPD did a few months back...

| >>741181

I apologize. It's my nature to question everything I read.


A bookstore? I'll pay it a visit when I'm free. A break from work is much needed for me. There are bars around, but I'm not fond of drinking after work.


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