I now, have a new issue.

| So, you all probably remember me. A while ago, I was looking for somebody named Rebecca, who I met once at a pet store. When I met her the next time, it turned out she was a sex worker who went by Dorothy. We're still together, and I love her to death but...

After my parents called last week, she's been asking to meet them. I love my family and her, but I don't know if we should keep her job a secret for now or just tell the truth when we get there.
- Makura

| I'd say tell the truth now~
Hide the truth, and it will evolve into a giant two-headed monster that will bite your head off for deceiving it~
Fun fact, the monster will grow bigger and scarier the longer you try to hide it~

| >>740681
Is it somehow guaranteed that the topic of her profession is going to come up?


| No, but it's not an inevitablity.
- Makura

| >>740733
Have you asked >>>her how she feels about it, or how>>>she'd like to handle it if the topic should arise...?


| I have, and we can't seem to come to an agreement over it. We aren't heated over it either, just stuck. I'm just investing in some other views on it.
- Makura

| >>740749
You could... tell your folks a half truth, or something that isn't technically a lie.


| That way I guess I could break it easy to them... I think this might work~! Thanks Hawkeye!

- Makura

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