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| So1 So4 Re4 Fa4 Fa4 / Do2 So4 Do2 Ti4 Do2 La4 / Mi2 Ti2 Fa2 So4 / Re2 La4 La2 La4 So4 Fa4 Fa4 / Fa1 Mi4 Do4 Re4 So4 La4 Do4 / Re3 So2 Do2 Ti4 / So2 Re4 Fa2 Re2 Ti3 Ti1 So2 Do2 So2 So2 / Fa2 Re2 So2 La4 Re3 Mi3 Mi2 Do4 / Ti2 La4 Fa4 Mi3 Do1 So4 / Mi1 Ti4 Ti2 So2 / La4 Ti4 Re3 Do3


| ... Huh?

| Huh, haven't seen a good cypher here in awhile. Anyone taking a crack at it? -Vanished Van

| It looks like...Music notes?

| fucken.........they sign w/ the L but forget it in the code huh?????


| Not any song I recognize... but the name of the poster is weird, why didn't they encrypt it too?

| T|G-MAJ|4/4


| >>740564
was lit abt to as what time sig this was in jfc


| >>740565


| T?
G major
4/4 Time signature.
So I guess each slash is a measure, but how do the notes flow together...

| >>740567
Wouldn't T be treble? As for the measures... well I'm no musician, but could you really fir so many notes between each lines?

| uhhhhhhh hey can i get a bpm on this


| >>740570

Mi2 Ti2 Do4 Ti2 Fa2 Mi4 Do4 Mi4


| Woah... it's still responding

| >>740569
When using eighth, sixteenth, or even thirty second notes, it is possible~
And treble makes sense~

| Message well received.


| >>740574
Is that so? Sorry not an expert...

share results plz?

| this is what i get for writing my own fucken tabs


| Isn't this a Solfa cipher? I mean, it's gotta be right, look at the OP's name?

| >>740579
look im a simple musician omae i see music n then i struggle to read it

dont give a shit whether its a code or not


| ...Ah! I was taking this too literally!

| ..........though that might explain why none of these have 5 after em


| >>740580
Dunno if that makes you smart or not omae.
I'll lean on a middleground.
Anyway, drek is a bad cipher, it's got all sorts of exceptions and rules to it.

| >>740584
What does that mean?

| Means what I said Omae, You need a key, bpm and all that just to make it work, and then probably the next step would be to build a grid once you figure out what's what. Can't say I'm a fan of those types wwww

| I built the grid.
The rest is up to you chummers tho, I'm not about to parse this data right now and hurt my eyes, monitor space is already low enough.
a= mi4
b= la1
c= re2
d= so2
e= so4
f= do1
g= mi1
h= mi2
i= re1
j= so3
k= do3
l= la2
m= fa2
n= la4
o= ti4
p= fa1
q= fa3
r= do2
s= fa4
t= do4
u= ti2
v= ti1
w= so1
x= mi3
y= re1
z= re3

| -KY

| This is where the fun begins~

| Oh, nevermind, the key is wrong, or am I using it wrong?
Aha, my head is hurting pretty bad~

| >>740613
Might of messed up on I
it's Re4

| >>740614
omae if youre so fucken good at this just tell us the fucken answer ffs


| >>740620
I've got other stuff to do though...
I could try and decrypt it, but you'd have to wait, and I'd have to get a bigger monitor, can't be watching Andromeda, this thread and a grid at the same time omae.

| >>740622
>imagine watching andromeda instead of dynamoforce wwww

| >>740622
hate to break it to ya chummer but weve BEEN waiting


| It looks like the Cipher uses the same notes for multiple characters, this is a chore to decrypt.

First line is: WEISS

Ill be trying the others...

| I think I figured it out.
Letters set in a certain pattern seem to affect surrounding letters within the cipher, building and changing the tune as it goes, with a little patience and some guess-work I'm actually making some progress:

For exemple:
Mi2 Ti1 Fa2 So4 reads as HUME if I follow the plain single letter key, but by writing it HOME I still get the same result: mi2 ti1 fa2 so4.

Lemme parse this!

| Here's what I managed, playing it by ear.
CNLNESS (no clue what this could be)
MCDNZKHT (long word, no clue)
NOZK (again, no idea)

This is all I could manage for now.

| >>740571
This one reads: AUTOMATA

Happy now mister high and mighty? Busted my ass making a godsdamned spreadsheet, im no wagie, I dont know how to use a drekking Excel.



CNLNESS is still eluding me, and I'm this drekking close too, CMON!


| I GOT IT!!!

Weiss Return Home Illness Patient Zero Discovered Midnight Unsafe Good Luck

What does this even mean tho?

| Weiss of White Lightning? Assuming this is her, I wonder what sickness befalls her.

| >>741450
I think it's asking this Weiss person to "return home" not that she fell sick.

| >>741450
Whatever happened to White Lightning anyway?

| >>741453
An astute observation. Alas, eyes fail me yet again, thank you for the correction. I have nary a knowledge of White Lightning, save for secrets yet unfolded. You may find better answer from the many beholders of information.

| >>741450
I doubt this is related to WL, Ngl
I mean, we're talking about some kind of message about an illness somehow spreading, not restructuring or well, the project.
Weiss is also a pretty common name, German in origin, but also used widely by netrunners.
I know two shadowrunners who go by Weiss, WeissWind the sword-saint, and Weisslily; the fixer bar owner.
None of them deal with ilnesses or act from midnight tho.
which makes this doubly strange

| Possible relation to that other thread about that weird disapearance?

| Smells like a guy with a typewrite and cipher typed edgy shit, go back home Edge-runner!

| >>741458
What I said was nothing short of assumption, out of a consideration for a friend. I know not of any truths behind this, only speculations.

The mention of an illness, much more one that spreads, is something that begets attention.

| >>741449


>Patient Zero


Oh, lovely. The mutant fuck tree of years past has transformed the inhabitants of the twice-destroyed Midnight District into plant based zombies.

The time of the NightMother is at hand, as the prophecies of nature have foretold!

-Mooncaller Theresa

| >>741463
Midnight was rebuilt lady...
Don't use this thread about my success and mad haxor skills to promote your weird cult drek chummer!

| >>741461
Fair enuff.
Spreading illnesses tho are kinda wack ye.
Wasn't there an advisory lately about a pet sickness being noticed in Midnight or something? Forgot the thread name since I don't got a mutt or anything.
Weird writing tho.
Maybe I'll do some searching after I call my Shishou.

| >>741466
Selene Island, Jupiter Waterfront, Lunar Strip. Dare I say, something is abound.

| well, im no maestro

and perhaps i wouldnt call this a warning

but if you insist


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