Anyone here know anything about medicine or anything?

| I uh, need help.
See, lately I just got a new girlfriend and I've been spending a bunch of time at her place to uh, well you know hang out? but today just as I was finishing work and drove up to her place... well let's just say things got weird.
see I uh, got a key double from her, and while I usually call before I arrive, it skipped my mind that day and I just... entered.
The smell was awful, like a pool in summer...
T-this is a pretty long intro isn't it, I'll move to the point:

| I found a body that day, and it wasn't my girlfriend's, or well atleast I THINK? I mean, the body was all covered in... something, and it was completely empty? or atleast it looked like it was? it was flat, real flat.

I ran at that point... but I still haven't called the cops, and I can't get in contact with my Girl, It's been a day and I'm going insane over wether I should call some bio-hazard experts, an hospital or the cops...

I need some help, what the heck should I do???

| Is this a normal thing when bodies decompose or did I see some other THING? What kind of medical bullshit is going on here!?

| Can you please go into further detail? I used to work as an Eir for the White Knights. Which means, I'm a certified nurse.

| *- Nerris

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call the cops omae

got a feeling they might be familiar w/ shit like this


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Uh, okay?? thanks.

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I can't say much more, The body was covered in something black and dark like oil and the room smelled like what they used to put in public pools, you know the thing that would make your eyes sting if you stayed too long, and augs start to cause rashes? I don't think they use it in glitch anymore, but back home they did--
The body was like... flat, almost as if it was just the skin left.

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Nasty. Presuming it was a murder, who has the time to pull that drek? -Connie

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Couldn't it be that new-gen whatsit called? I heard about em on the news, wacko criminal who does this kind of shit... I sure hope my girl is alright and that this is someone else... god please,

I called the cops and gave them the run-down, apparently they'll be coming to check things out... I can't help but feel like they weren't taking it seriously, I only got to talk to a dispatch and she wouldn't tell me anything about WHO they were sending... or is that normal??

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In the best case, they didn't take you seriously and sent some bored beat cop or no one at all.

In the worst case... well... uh...

...ahem... you don't want to know the worst case. -Connie

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I- Yeah I heard the rumors... I think I'm about to lose it.. what if they send the boys in yellow? burn the whole place down before any kind of investigation is made???
I-I'm going back in, I need to atleast take my stuff before anyone arrives, fuck!

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Smart move, omae. -Connie

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... Where is her place of residence, exactly? What district does she live in?


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