A lone traveller in Glitch City

| I want to introduce myself. I go by the name Ceasenne, I'm a journalist from a faraway country (approximately two plane rides from here). I'm looking for sights and places I can visit and write about for my article. Any natives willing to participate?

| As a fellow journalist, a few words of advice...

>Keep your occupation close to your chest.

>Do not visit the Flooded District.

>Do. NOT. Visit the Flooded District.

There's a husk of a gigantic, burnt out tree in the Midnight District, unless it's been recently torn down. The nightlife centers also tend to reside in the following areas: Neon (cheap bars), Glitz (casinos and gambling dens), Temple (bars and night clubs), Uptown (upper middle class to classier venues) and Downtown (our default commercial zone).

What's your article about?


| It's about the life of Glitch City (the rest unfortunately I can't tell for other circumstances). I heard the warning about Flooded District before I came to my motel. Out of curiosity alone, what makes it heralded with that reputation?

I'll keep these details in my notes. I will be taking a detour to Downtown this evening. Maybe I can get a clearer picture of the city this way.

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Oh, a little bit of everything. The practical reason is that it consists chiefly of sunken or beginning to sink city infrastructure that's been left to decay and hasn't had its "floaters" replaced. The main reason though has to do with all kinds of... uh... how do I put this nicely...



| That doesn't sound fun. How much is it for a view of the district? If possible, I want to have it in my article. If it is as dangerous as others have warned me...

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How much? Maybe around thirty nuyen if you're traveling by taxi from the K-Tran Air/Space port. Can probably get a cheaper rate or a "tourist" view if you contact Gray's Cab, though. Tell him P-

Er, I mean, Glory sent you.


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Noted. Thanks for your help so far. This city has been welcoming enough. Better than home for sure.

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You're welcome.

Where was home?


| If you ever find yourself in Uptown, go up to the Midnight Drifter and say Eleaine sent you, The barkeep is a nice gal and she knows a bunch of stories about town.

| Sure, I'll help, I know a couple places around town, plus if you're interested in the urban legends that float around here, I specialize in that sorta thing.

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It's far from here. For various reasons I'm unable to tell exactly where I'm from. The group controlling my hometown isn't kind to outwardly mention.


Bars will be a good way to record the lives of Glitch City. Thank you. Is there anything you recommend in the bar? I heard Glitch City is famous for its exotic drinks.


That will be wonderful. How can we collaborate together? Should I meet you somewhere?


| If you plan to visit Downtown, we here at the Bizarre Beefeater would be honored if you would so much as to make sometime in your schedule and give us a visit.

You can find a review for us here :

If you do decide to give us a chance, I hope that our service might be up to standard.

My duty is to serve,

| A curious establishment. Surely I wouldn't miss it. What are your opening hours?


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Take your pick, I'm not fussy--but I'd prefer somewhere near Little Akihabara, that's where I am at the moment.

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My digital map says I should be able to reach Little Akibahara with a cab. Would you care to spend your time for me? Not for free if you're worried.


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Well, I offered, didn't I? Of course I don't mind hanging out.

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Perfect! Do you have any approximate address that I can pinpoint on my map? I will be there after I finish my meal.


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Yeah, I'm at the south end of Tachibana Avenue. Can't miss it--the road's elevated, and there's that creepy low-rise tower near my location too, all black and blue.

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Noted. I will be in a navy blue parka, bright blue shirt. Long hazelnut hair, ponytail, and I carry a laptop. I wish to meet you there forty minutes from now.


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Got it. Look for the pink-haired girl dressed all in orange.

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We are open in between 11 AM through to 11 PM. If you do visit us, any feedback or constructive criticism is very welcome.

Faithfully yours,

| Hey OP, another journalist here.
I second everything >>2bff46 said, with an additional "don't talk too much about yourself online", typical personal information protection and that sort of stuff. You're probably fine because you haven't made any enemies yet, but walk around town long enough and some will find you.

I'd probably also pick up some kind of gun while you're here, if only for self-protection against petty thieves and razorkids who see you as an easy target.
-Cody Foss

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Full-day establishments are rare in my hometown. It's refreshing to see Glitch City continue its role to surprise me! After I finish my tour around Little Akibahara, I won't miss your place in my schedule.


My benefactor wasn't lying when she said this board is full of underground journalists. Duly noted. The rules here don't tick all differently from where I am from. Well, it takes one to know one, as they say!


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So you're a whor- sexual worker.

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What of it?


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How much.

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