| (.w.)

| Awww hello to you too fren!
its been a while

Oh my it has been long since now hasn't it?

| >>740068



| >>740167
Virtual hugs! Here ya go then!

Aheh how have you been fren?

| ... Is that you, Lisa? Long time, no see!



| Oh, it's her again~

| >>740171



7|\ /-\ \/ 3 |_




|-| 3 1 1 [] |\ [] \|/



| >>740178
Ah, "hello" to you, too! Where have you been hiding, Lisa?


| >>740178
Ah, don't mind me. I'm just a bystander~

| >>740180


Prefetching 33 TB of virtual ram...


Retrieving partition fanpxf sbe yngre from virtual container "3 15 14 19 21 13 5"



>Beginning playback...

>J3:...ozen ... encer class hazard suits, each ... ipped with Dexter automatic sho
>J3: ... spears tipped with ...plosive compound, reactive arm-

>B: What a load of junk! What... uffer Shack did you pull ... ost bidder frames-

>J3: ...not all, you asked for government surp... est I can do is an outdated initiative meant to suppress... ugs from outer space.

>B: ... did they ever get to be used?

>J3: No idea. But none of this is scrap. This is prime tech. And that's just the top of the list of the lot.

>B: ... have a field day cleaning out the PCS old offices and garages. Don't worry about pretenses. The muckrakers already saw to that and as expected, no one's cared ever since the last paramilitary disaster.

>J3: Understood, ...ief.

>B: ...not yet I'm not.



>Playback has ended.



| >>740183


| >>740201
I've never been the greatest with emoticons...Just know that I returned your hug, very very tightly~

| Hey there Lisa. -CN

| >>740218


( |\|!!!!!!!1111

| >>740223
Are you... >>>blushing, Lisa?


| >>740223
Where have you been poking around in Lisa? -CN

| >>740238



>PLAYING trainbrochure.mpx...

>It looks like this used to be a trideo/visual file at some point, but the corruption and noise is so heavy, the best you can make out are blocky, inorganic shapes, making a mockery of humanoid forms.

>Oddly enough, the audio is not so poor by comparison...

>"...enfits, pension, and over 120 days paid leave, YEARLY, with six month training and initial vestment. We have multiple opportunities for promotion! Do more than just bulk up your resume, and see yourself transferring a career in law enforcement to security consultation with in demand, life long skills!"

>"Have a STEM degree? Looking to get a little more out of life than sitting underground in some faceless, corporate lab? Why not take a look at our lucrative and exclusive side grades- forensics, health and safety..."

>"...and biohazardous waste disposal!"

>trainbrochure.mpx has ended.

| >>740243
So... a lot of places. What about that message earlier? About the uh PCS offices? -CN

| >>740243
Aww, no need to be shy, haha! I don't think you're in trouble, Lisa, CN isn't here to scold you.

... What is this an advertisement for? Six months of training...


| >>740245


>Uploading... DISSPCS.pdx

>Whereby... the Pathogen Containment Division is hereby dissolved, with all assets to be divided according to express need by LT. Irons... unclaimed or rejected applications for equipment will be immediately auctioned and the proceeds returned to the department in an escrow account, maintained by LT. Irons...

| >>740246



>A blurry jpx image is uploaded to the thread, which looks like it was quickly grabbed off a matrix search engine. You immediately recognize the five point star and the acronyms stamped proudly along the center...

>The G.C.P.D.

| >>740247
So... someone has things from a containment office? -CN

| I never heard of this.

| >>740264
Huh, weird. Maybe a scrapped GCPD project?

| Ooop and thats runner drama. Alright gem no more civies lets go

Awww alright....
I still dun get how you speak...but i am going to hope that means something positive!
Anyway cant stay now that you are giving the protagonist people plot hooks! Have a nice day lisa! Bye!

| Well speak of the Lisa. Long time no see.

| >>740263










|-| /-\ | _| 0 |-| |\|

| >>740423
It talks! How's it going?

| >>740432






| >>740441
I've seen that wiggle before. That's the "I've seen something very interesting and it's not something I should say" look.

| >>740447




| >>740448
Very interesting, but, it's also not my problem. I'm trying to stay retired.
-John Madden

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