| Looking to do business. Discreet chummers *only,* remember that here, business is business.

Think you got a cause? Think you can change the world? Frag off. Either you got the nuyen or you get out.


| What kinda business we talking that requires zero moral perspective and no questions asked?
-Hardly Alive

| >>739554

The kind that pays 30k a pop. You got the stones for it, netrunner?


| >>739558 Nothing you can show me can faze me. Depends on what you're asking for, though. Need more intel than "30k a pop."
-Hardly Alive

| >>739578

There's a shipment coming in to a little known group of wiseguys what be looking to profit on the local healthcare industry, semi-legal like. A certain Mister Johnson's interested in using semi-legal means to redirect the wiseguys' semi-legal products to places where they can be legally better used.

You with me so far?


| >>739962 I'm hearing you. This run loud or quiet?
-Hardly Alive

| >>740043

Quietly loud. Target's got standard security, nothing too special. Would be nice if this could be swept under the rug nice 'n easy.

...but there's a bonus if it looked like a different Johnson ordered it, y'know what i'm saying?


| >>740046 Maybe. We got a specific chummer in mind to frame, or is it just that obvious our Johnson's looking for this stuff?
-Hardly Alive

| >>740051

Keh. A "chummer."

Does the name "PrimoGen" mean anything to you? What about some initials that start with V and end with L?


| >>740057 Nuff said, I'm clued in. Don't want the algorithms on our tail. I can do it, if its for a bonus after all. Anybody else gonna show up, or just me?

| -Hardly Alive

| Anything to get back at those bastards, I'm in.

| >>740060 >>740066

Chummer A, meet Chummer B. We'll wait a bit and see if anyone else's interested in making easy nuyen.


| >>740066 Hey Chummer B. You're not with that new group stealing contracts on runs, right? Wanna make sure everything here goes smoothly.
-Hardly Alive

| Can I be Chummer C?
-Chummer D

| >>740397
Me? Stealing contracts? Ha, don't make me laugh. Chummer, I'm way too busy fucking with them cultists to do those petty kind of drek.

| >>740408 Right, sounds good then. OP, we doing this or what?
-Hardly Alive

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