(Minor Event) Light in the Sky

| >Somewhere inside the Flooded District, a bearded man finishes off the last of the twitching cultists on the ground with his over-and-under 12-gauge. As the smoke from his shotgun clears, the man walks through the pile of bodies and guns on the floor. Stopping at a corpse of the former cultist warrior-priest – a figure of authority within the cult – now nothing more than a body on the ground with a hole punched through his mask.

| >He reaches down to pick up an amulet – a delicate little tech piece hung on an otherwise cheap chainlet and leaves the scene out for the scavengers to clean up.
>The man makes his way back outside of the cult sect, clutching the amulet in his one hand and his shotgun in the other. He strolls through the haphazardly laid path over water of the district, whistling an old tune unrecognizable to most locals. He hops onto a boat docked beside the path and quickly speeds away.

| >Hours later, he arrives at a small makeshift wooden shack built on top of a sunken ruin in the middle of nowhere on the edge of Flooded. He ties the boat to a small wooden pole and quickly but carefully runs along the makeshift dock into the shack, leaving the gun in his boat but still holding on tight to the amulet. He slams the door behind him and smiles at what's standing in front of him – a metallic door-like structure with a complex tech attached to it.

| >The man put the amulet, which fitted perfectly to the portal almost like a key would to its lock. He allows himself a smile and a quiet celebratory 'yes' under his breath as the portal seems to spring to life with a flash. He could see the other side of it – an inside of a laboratory of some kind – instead of the depressing backdrop of his dilapidated shack. His joy quickly turns to fear as the machine doesn't stop booting up and quickly destablizes. Then, it explodes…

| >Every scavenger out on their boats competing for the riches of the Abyssal District could hear the loud explosion coming from the direction of that old battered shack.
>As reality cracks from the portal itself and merges with its surroundings, the flooded surfaces of the Abyssal district become a lush forest, its ruined buildings under the water disappears, replaced by a swamped sunken village surrounded by green lush fields and woods.

| >Once the scavengers pass the threshold, they find their boats stuck on solid earth, unable to move. They abandon their boat and explore the vast woods.
>For the rest of the denizens of Glitch however, the sky just flashed bright green for a quarter of a second. Strange, sure, but still easily dismissed. The area looks unchanged from outside views. A few scavengers that venture out into Abyssal and never come back, easily forgotten as the rest, and Glitch City goes on.

| >The man recovers from the explosion heavily concussed but still breathing. His eyes slowly adjust again to his shack, which stay mostly the same. The portal is out of service, the delicate pieces of tech burned out and melted together.

>"No, no, no. It couldn't be."

| >The man scrambles to his feet, not even having the time to realize that the world around him has changed as well. He reaches out his hand to the melted piece of machinery, only to find something else more worrying – him. His hands start to fade in and out of existence. He looks down at his body, only to see it happening to the rest of his body as well. The man screams, his howling voice periodically interrupted when his body fades away, replaced by a robotic glitching sound.

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