What to do when you find a robot at the bottom of West Port?

| I'm a deep sea diver by trade, mostly for old abandoned junk people toss into the bay that I can bring up for scrap or salvaged tech parts. About a week ago during one of my dives, I stumbled across this:
>A picture is uploaded of what appears to be a large humanoid robotic frame of some sort, too foreign to be a Lilim but still humanoid. It was covered in seaweed and garbage, hanging up on chains wrapped around its chest and shoulders and mounted to a garage or machine shop wall.

| None of the electrical ports on this thing fit any type of cord that I have come across, but I was able to splice something together to hook into its central computing systems when I hooked it up to 8 (!) car batteries. Whatever the power source is for this thing, its clearly something significantly more powerful than what would be available on the street, though it seems pretty much dead. Doing a diagnostics check revealed that the thing still has binary hard-coded into it though.

| The programming and scripting languages it uses above the binary have syntaxes that also don't match any known system that I've ever seen. Honestly, I think there's supposed to be some sort of AI or VI inside of this thing to control it, all I've really been able to get to have been some strange primary directive type stuff that I've been trying to decode for a little while now. The only recognizable things I've seen have been "Protector of the Environment" and "Warden Unit: PRRG"

| Not sure if I'm gonna part this thing out, seems like it's working with some pretty rare tech, whether its really old or really obscure/new is beyond me. Though, I'm not entirely sure how to activate it, much less run the amount of energy that it demands. I'm gonna keep hard-translating the binary to try to find what this thing does and what it's made for, and I may dive back down to where I found it to see if anything like it was with it there. Anybody ever see anything like this?

| This sounds like the start to a horror movie...


| Sounds like something from the early days of robotics, back in 2040.
- Makura

| >rare tech
>unknown programming language
>possible AI core

Tell us more.

| Make sure you don't activate the distress signal. Cops will be on your ass.

| Hey all, back again a few days later. I can pretty confidently say this thing is either prototype tech from another country, or its from outer space. This thing, while completely foreign, has a very human-based design. It looks humanoid, in a very intentional way, but almost like it was made for some sort of war. It can speak whatever language you show it, as well as some more that I've never even heard of. This thing...Its intricately complex. It seems to be intelligent...smart.

| >A picture is posted of a now far more cleaned up suit of robotic armor, now much more visible and much less covered in gunk. One clear look at it and you can tell that it has a soldier-esque design to it, now with an additional part: A sort of pistol in his right hand, but with a clearly technological design, covered in the same metal that he was made from. His clean armor shows a red visor, with silver armored parts and gold detail, with a chest plate that had the face of a lion.

| >The helmet had a gold shaped glyph of some sort on its forehead, and some lines on the mouth section of the silver and gold helmet. The eyes of the lion on the chest plate were emerald green, complete with two spiked teeth protruding out from below the chestplate and two protruding up from the golden beltline, making the design clearly defined. The shoulders spaulders had tiered flames on them, as well as the forearms and leg greaves. The backplate was open and connected to wires.

| >The figure was scarred, as if from battle, but a lot of the scratches were buffed out, so the armor still had a glint of shine to it. The wires in the back are hooked up now to some sort of DIY cube apparatus made up of about 16 car batteries. It seemed to be switched off for the moment, so the robot/cyborg/android/whatever it is, was off.
Look guys, when I turn this thing on, it starts speaking back at me, like "I am Robo Warden, protector of the environment, guardian of earth!"

| Yet, I'll talk at it in a different language and it will just translate itself automatically, like its trying to communicate with me however it can. It seems to be able to "watch" me by turning its head, yet it hasn't regained full body control yet. I'm not sure how much more power I need to hook up to this thing to make it work, since apparently it takes more power than 16 cars, but at least I've got it talking. I also found another part for it down in West Port: the blaster.

| It seems to have a button on it, but it doesn't do anything, and there's nothing to really load into it, which makes me think it runs off of whatever energy system exists inside of it. Speaking of energy system, that's what the bot seems to keep repeating: Its power core is dead and needs to be recharged. Once it absorbs enough power, it may be able to reactivate and "continue its mission". Though, what that mission is, I'm not really sure, nor is he. He won't say it, at least.

| Well well well...

I didn't expect an ARG for the latest DYNAMOFORCE season, but here we are. -Data

| Connect it to an IBN, maybe that'll fix the unreadable code!

| You tried just straight up asking what the power source is? It could be something more synthetic than standard electricity. A few corps messed around with shit like that a few decades ago, plasma based cells and the like.

Could be worth a look into.

- Spinach

| Few hours later, and I've tried the suggestions given to me. Hooking an IBN up to the thing only served to throw it into a damn trance and get it to spit more code at me than I knew what to do with. Nothing really recognizable. Asking it what its power source was, though, revealed something else to me: It has a central fuel cell, which is fueled by Source knows what, but it seems to be taking the charge from the car batteries as a trickle. Its gaining power, about at 15% right now.

| Whatever it is, its gaining power, and draining my supply of car batteries quickly. I'm actually sorta thinking that I need to do some sort of hackjob programming work to keep this thing from killing us all if it does get fully powered, so I'm gonna spend more time trying to decipher its prime directives and see how I can push them into a positive direction. I may be able to make "him" do good things with the power he has, whatever it is. That's the hope, anyway. Will keep posted.

| I've got one of those old tank battery if you need. Might cut it better than that car batteries you've got. Just don't ask where I've got it from, that's a secret.

Where did you get it from?

Secret, lad, secret.

| >>739623 I'll take you up on your offer, that might serve to charge this thing up a bit more than car batteries, but to be honest I'm racing against the clock here because I only have access to this thing's programming while its charging and I don't want it to get to full power before I put some sort of safeguards in place for it...I think I may be able to change a few of these words using some copy/paste from other parts of its code, and hope that it protects us, and nothing else.

| >>740058
Right then, if you wanna tell me where to drop the thing off. I'll send some blokes over with the battery.

| >>740059 Alrighty, I think I've got the coding work finished. Its a hackjob, because I didn't really understand the language, but I translated a lot to binary and used that to reinput other commands that were already inherent and change a few things.

He now no longer calls himself "Robo Warden" but goes by the name "Silver Spaulders". Took a page from those Wardrobe sentai heroes that do good around the city. I'm thinking this guy can do some of that good work too, hopefully.

| You can go ahead and send the big tank battery down to [encoded address given, admitted user-only unlock] whenever you're ready. I may have some scrap I could exchange that you may find useful, or I'll just pay you, whatever's fair when you get here. I'm hoping now to fully charge him and see what he's like when up to 100% capacity and with my new safeguards in place, and these car batteries are just not going fast enough, so maybe yours will help it go faster. Thanks again!

| I've been following this thread a while now, and it seems like you've finally got things under control here.

Now that it's safe I was wondering if maybe you'd be willing to let me come and check this piece out. I'm something of a retro tech enthusiast myself, so I may be able to shed some light on where this peculiar little robot originates from. If necessary I'd be willing to compensate you for the privilege, of course.


| >>740394 >>740395
That's a copy, mate. I'll send some lads your way with the battery. All I ask in return is to let those lads see this 'Silver Paulder' and stick around for a little bit, if that's alright with ya. They're armed but I promise they won't stick their noses in unless they need to.

| >>740406 >>740412 Sure thing, the power trickle has gone up to about 35% at this point, I'm sure he'll be up to 100% power sooner than later with the big battery. You guys can come take a look at this if you want, I'm sure he's smart enough to probably go on his own by the time I'm done with him. He's been talking more and more too...fun stuff.
Anyway come on over:[Encrypted address posted]-OP
(We can do this on a thread on here, or we can do it over Discord, whatever y'all prefer.)

| Wonderful news.

I'll be able to make it there in a couple of hours, so you'll see me then.

I'll meet you outside the property, look for the guy in the real leather jacket.

Let me know if there's anything you'll be needing from me in exchange for this kind gesture.

Pleasure doing business.


| Alright, there should be a hovercraft landing near your address quite soon. Don't be alarmed by the blokes with guns, they're there mostly for security.

(Is this gonna be a setting? If so, we might be better off doing it in the main /cyb/ discord server assuming both of you are in it. Just to avoid breaking any rules. Of course, I have nothing against doing it here if it's more convenient.)


| Oooh oooooh OOOOOOOH~!

This looks so cool! I'd kill to see this thing in person! I'd kill to see it kill! I'm a huge Lilim nut, but this is something either so old that I've never seen it or it's some crazy futuristic thing. I'm coming over to see this thing, I NEED TO!



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