(Setting/Bar)The Hazy Moonlighter: Valentine Special『Love Under the Moonlight!』

| >it open mic night and the moonlighter is open for business once again!
>However there seems to be some sort of event ongoing tonight! Scarlett and purple heart themed decorations lightly scattered around the tables marked with rose filler vases and cheesy but nice love songs play on the radio in a rather effective attempt at making a romantic atmosphere
>in the front of the door a standing sign with the words
"Valentine day special.
Come inside!"
>this all seems a bit familiar...

| >in a new change However, inside the bar is alight with chatter as cassie the bartender talks with the various patrons who came in today with out a partner, bringing them comfort by way of good drink and fine conversation
"Nonono it has to be B-link. I quite enjoy how calming their music is you see"
>still ever efficient Cassie is still cleaning some glasses under the counter while talks

>yet on the opposite end of the spectrum the booths are filled with a quiet warmth

| >as always gem busses tables with that silly little maid outfit of hers, ducking in between tables with drinks and food destined to warm the bellies and hearts of those who actually manage to land themselves a valentine!
"Ahehe! Please enjoy!"

>not a night goes by where there isnt some form of hustle and bustle in this beloved establishment~
>and it seems the well aged counter will get some sweeter stories to tell tonight~

| >the staff bow as you enter, door chimes drowned in the sea of white noise
"Hello there and welcome to the moonlighter!"

| >Two figures enter the bar, the first is who Cassius and crew would recognize as Impulse, dressed in a hooded parka and a pair of combat pants. He also wears a fleece beanie and has his pistol tucked into a holster. What's unusual about him is that he isn't actually wearing any kind of masks. Instead he wears a wide smile on his face as he enters, arm in arm with another person - a woman, also smiling a wide, beautiful smile as she looks into her partner's eyes.

| >This woman is dressed in a leather jacket and a pair of navy blue jeans. She has a black beanie covering part of her short black hair, which is cut into a shoulder-length bob with one side groomed back behind her ears. A plain metal necklace and a black knitted turtleneck can be seen underneath the jacket as it isn't zipped up all the way.
>Both of them take a seat at the counter, both of their eyes still fixated on each other.

| >cassius simply smiles then turns to another customer
>in response to that, whoever greg is slams a fist on his table with a resounding

>as one would expect some patrons laugh at the usual shenanigans as Cassius shakes his head with a laugh afore turning to the two
"Congratulations you actually got her~
Now then, shall i get you a table or would you perhaps prefer your usual seat by the counter?"
>he asks with a smile

| >>738334
>The laughing finally gets their attention and the couple break their gaze from each other. Impulse's still smiling as he sits down at his usual counter and replies.

"Cassius, you absolute bastard, you made a bet out of me?"

>This prompts his date to chuckles, sitting down.

"Well, at least he's betting for you."

>She says, smiling. The girl has a similar accent to Impulse.

| >>738335
"Yeah i was using Going to use it to pay for your drinks if you got a date~
Its nice to see i wasn't wrong"
>he laughs, genuinely happy to see his friend in a nice position
"Here lets start running through it then eh? What can i get you two?
i would ask for a story bu-"
>as he says that another regular walks in

"Hello there an- oh.
>and in response they slam their fist on the wall
>and a 50 creds was transferred

| >with that out of the way he turns back to his charge
"Yeah greg wasn't the only one haha...
So would you like a special drink or just something from the usual menu"

>with a flutter gem places down two large pint glasses of beer down for the two, perfectly emulating a German bar maid. Primarily because she is a german and also the bar maid
"Ahehe! Congratulations mister pulse"

| >>738339
"Why is everyone congratulating just him and not me?"

>The woman speaks up, pouting and crossing her arms.

"Hey, that just means they think you're a great woman to be with, which you are."

>Impulse replies, which brings a smile back to her face. He slowly pulls her in for a hug.


>She replies, putting her hand around the man's shoulder to return the hug.

"Let's order, hmm?"

>He continues, kissing her on the forehead and releasing her from the embrace.

| "You know what? Let's switch it up. I think I'll have a piano man"

>Impulse finally orders.

"Actually, what do you guys have for special drinks?"

| >>738377
"Because saying "you are a lucky man" or similar or Congratulations to you is another way to say "i want to plow your partner" where i come from"
>he shakes his head
"But the actual reason is i believe we just now meet and i didn't know your name...sorry"
>he gives a akward laugh then pulls out a magician's wand with a playful smirk in some paltry attempt to move past that lil oopsies

| >>738378
>and pulls out a tulip glass, giving it a tap it somehow automatically fills itself with a pleasant blue drink
"And voila a piano man!"
>served over with a quickness
"Oh couples menu? Uhh its a bit interesting, i ask each partner a question then serve a special drink matching what they told me.
So if the missy says you like strong stuff and pulse says she likes sweet things the drink will be both strong and sweet~"

| >>738380
>The first reply prompts the woman to blushes, her already rosy cheek to turn bright red. When you states your second reason she tries to laugh it off but she is still fairly flustered.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that. My name's Valentine. I like something a bit happy."

>Impulse takes the pianoman.

"Come on, Cassius, you've got your own girl. Also, she definitely likes the strong stuff."

>He continues, chuckling. Valentine giggles a bit at the last part as well.

| >>738387
"*Exacly*! Tiss why i didn't say it. I am and fully intend to be loyal to my dearest g-"
>choking on the works he pauses as his face blooms into a bright red...melting into a warm smile Completely unseen from Cassius's normal unwaveringly calm demeanor
"-girlfriend...heheh...sorry its still kinda unreal to me sometimes..ya know...? They call it butterflies...they aren't wrong"
>with that same dreaming smile he sighs, leaning back for a moment to muse

| "I get caught staring and i never know what to say...i feel like calling her beautiful would never do it justice..and..and it would feel kinda Hollow..like its not enough for her...like i should do more.."
>redder and redder his face grows before finally snapping out of his trance and slapping himself back into focus
"Ere wait no im working.
Right so what do you think dear pulse here likes miss valentine?"
>he asks prepping Glass

| >>738394
"Yeah, I get it. I do feel the same bloody thing right now. I still can't believe she said yes."

>Impulse replies, turning to lock eyes with his girl once again.

"Him? Yeah, he needs something bitter to balance out this sweetness he's giving me."

>Valentine continues, smiling as she looks back at her partner.

"You know what? Get me something with a kick. I wanna know if this is a dream or not."

>Impulse continues.

| >>738398
"Bitter and strong...alright i can work with that"
>once again he leans back, pondering the order and how to get it perfect for his good pal
"Hmmm nikolaschka perhaps...? Hmmm no too sweet and it lacks the elegance.. moscow mule..? Hmm not bitter enough..ahh i have it now"
>with a satisfied smile he pulls up a special heart shaped glass, a thin elegant curv runs across it allowing two drinks in the glass at once
"Coming~ right~ up~"

| >and with a showman like sway he spins out a bottle of suprisingly strong black tea liqueur!measuring at a whopping 95 alcohol by volume! then pouring 30ml into a shaker glass filled with ice. Following up with 90ml of matcha soda he lets it sit as he takes out a a set of various herbs and throws it into the mix as well!
>shaking lightly then serving in both sides of the glass with blue and red colored straws!
>they seem special somehow

| "The straws make it taste different~,
Thats the 'special' part~
please enjoy!"
>the drink is slided over with style

| >>738417
"Cheers, mate."

>Impulse says, catching the glass.

"Yeah, thanks. Pulse, you wanna drink this together?"

>Valentine says. She is a little flustered by the shape of the glass.

"Hmm? You can do the honor, I'll finish this Piano man first."

>Impulse replies, downing half of the Piano man in his hand. Valentine complied and took a little drink from the straw. She is a little surprised by how strong it was but keeps it to herself, simply putting the glass back down.

| >>738418
>the first thing that comes to mind is the sheer strength of the mix! Fittingly so given the alcohol used to make it
>akin to the sting of a bee it numbs ones mouth...yet not in a a bad way! As if the numb sensation one feels in the lips of a lover it leaves one without words with a pleasant tingling numbness
>it taste like matcha herb tea with a hefty punch! Perhaps...jut perhaps the mental image comes to mind as one takes a sip

| >you finally managed to score a date with the target of your affection
>its a crisp autumn afternoon with the sun blaring up high, the scent of fresh cut grass fill your nose as you walk through a park, children playing merrily across the grounds
>then you reach your destination~ a small secluded cafe, quiet and comfortable...the perfect spot for a date just you and them
>you were supposed to order something you usually like but~

| >in the spur of the moment the butterflies in your stomach make you order green tea instead
>the bitter drink meets your lips and makes you recoil at the taste...then you lock eyes with them to find they had the exact same experience~
>then you both laugh~ it didn't matter~ time with them made it more delicious then anything you would normally like

>perhaps...just perhaps...the taste brings that scene to mind

| >>738649
>Valentine did, in fact, recoiled slightly at how strong the drink was or how it had tasted; she also did take a little too much and the drink unexpectedly hit her, hard. She tries to hide it, but Impulse notices that something's wrong.

"Val, is something wrong?"

>He asks, he frowns and a worried look appears in his eyes.

"N-nothing. Just a little... surprised, by the drink."

>Valentine replies, stuttering a tiny bit; the drink had overwhelmed her a little, she smiles.

| "Well then, let's give this little bastard a try. I swear, Cassius, if you tried to poison my date, I will literally murder you."

>Impulse says, with a off-handed remark at the end as he smiles back at his girlfriend. He picks up the glass and take mouthful... and gets hit by the same taste.

"Ah, ballocks! Alright, not bad, french twat. Not bad at all."

>The shout prompts Valentine to laughs a bit. She leans in toward her date.

"Give me some of that."

>She kisses him.

| >>738665
>a very strong pang of regret hits him internally as he realizes what he has just done
>"oh dear god i know its valentines but those two will be at it all night...well them and the several others flirting it up
>ahhhh damn this place if only i didn't like it and everyone i got to know thanks to it" he thinks
>luckily the man has a poker face to win the championships with! Paired with a genuine happiness for everyone and you got yourself a business smile that says nothing!

| "Glad you like it, ya spurd."
>and with that perfect smile of caring a big brother he dons when happy he pulls out a glass to wipe down
"Wonder where liz is..."

>the other people at the bar However look in complete sorrow, after all the ad did say the single ones would have the bar to themselves...
>not even angry, just disappointed in themselves
>save for the admirable few who either down said pain with drinks or came for said drinks in the first place

| >Peeking in was a figure of a small girl. Long black hair going down to her back, and wearing a pink sweater with a picture of an animated cat.
>One look immediately revealed the sweater was much too big for her, so big that it went down to her knees, covering her jeans.
>Despite her looks, this small girl was quite old enough to drink.
>Looking around the bar, she goes over to the bar and jumps up into an empty barstool, a wide smile on her face.
"Good Evening~!"

| >>738673
>The two keep at it for a while, before one of them has to stop for breath. Valentine suddenly remembers that they're still in a bar and blushes. She returns to her seat, still smiling, her eyes still fixed on her date for a while.

"That was... nice."

>Impulse does the same while taking Valentine's hand and gives it a nice squeeze.


>He replies.

"H-hey, there's something I still wanna ask."

>Valentine manages to start, taking a glance at her hands in his.

| "Shoot."

>He replies, taking his unfinished glass of piano man in the other hand.

"What's your real name? I think it's a little weird to... you know, date someone without knowing their real name."

>Valentine asks, pulling her hand back as she talk.

"Oh, that. My name's Fields, Rowan Fields. It doesn't matter that much but you're right, you should know my name. Right now? I think I can tell you anything."

>He says, touching Valentine's chin.

| "Well, I'm glad."

>She replies, giving Impulse another kiss; just a little peck this time.

"Well, what should I call you now? Pulse? Fields? Rowan?"

"Well, what do you want to call me? You can choose, my mates used to call me Row."

>He replies.

"Row... I kinda like that. That's what I'm calling you now. Row, row, row your boat..."

>She grins cheekily as she bring up the rhyme.

"Gently down the stream..."

>Impulse joins in on the rhyme and both of them laughs.

| >>738679
>the staff bow as you enter
"Hello there ma'am welcome to the moonlighter! Please do make yourself comfortable"

>from the stage is a resounding "ba dum tiss"
>absolutely delightful

| >>738763
"Mmm? You're not gonna ask my age or anything? I must be slacking~"
>The girl giggles softly and hums quietly, leaning on the counter.
>She glances over at the couple and gives them an innocent smile before letting out a soft sigh and looking back at the bartender.
"Say, what do you recommend that's sweet~?"

| >>738766
"I ask you that when you order something alcoholic, so do show it if you decide on that"
>he gives a cheeky little chuckle back
"Hmmm but for something sweet?
Hmm with booze you can't really go wrong with a sugar rush...ah but those are everywhere so maybe a black velvet or honey beer"
>leaning back slightly he realizes he will be doing this a lot tonigh, thus Cassius pulls a chair closer
"For something non alcoholic i would recommend a Cinderella miss"

| >>738773
>Pulling out her ID, she slides it onto the table. Her age shows that she is 23, and the girl's name is Aduial, though strangely she doesn't have a last name.
>After placing her ID, she taps her chin at the options given to her, humming softly to herself again.
"Mmmm...Let's start with a Cinderella and a Black Velvet~"
>Aduial plays with her hair for a bit, giving the bar another look around, mainly focusing on the stage.

| >>738774
>giving the id a good look he hands back
"Huh last time i saw you was that one night stand...i should go back some time"
>then readying a shaker glass and a chilled champagne flute he pours in 90ml of champagne and 90ml of dark beer, stirring thoroughly twice then sliding it over
"And now for the Cinderella just a moment lieutenant"
>pouring in 40ml of orange, lemon and pineapple juice together with some ice a delicious Cinderella is soon slid over in a martini glass!

| >>738775
"One night stand...? Gosh, I can't remember that time..."
>Aduial shrugs and watches the bartender do his bartending, stopping the champagne flute between her fingers.
"That's Major to you~"
>With a small giggle and a quick joking glare, she takes a sip of the first drink.
>As the second drink slid towards her, she stops it in a similar fashion.
"Champagne and Beer...Interesting...~"

| >They completely ignore the sound coming from the stage. They just look at each other, unmoving and holding each other hands.

"Hey, Row? Can I ask you something else?"

>Valentine speaks up after a while to break the silence.

"I told you, I can tell you anything right now, just ask."

>Impulse replies.

"Why me? I thought you would go for someone... more refined or... prettier, I guess?"

>Valentine replies, averting her eyes.

| "Why shouldn't I choose you? You're funny, you looks cute when you smile, and I love it when I'm with you. What not to like?"

>Impulse replies as he leans in closer once again. Whispering the next part into her ears.

"Besides, you look plenty beautiful right now."

>Surprisingly, he doesn't go for a kiss, he just back off. Valentine blushes and keeps on averting her eyes as she tries to process what had just been said to her.

| >After doing that, Impulse does a complete 180 and turns around to greet the girl at the counter, just to tease his date.

"Good day to you, lady. How's the drink?"

>He calls out to Aduial. A cheeky grin on his face. The girl behind him is blushing very heavily.

| >>738970
"Mmm? You mean me?"
>Aduial tilts her head slightly and points at herself before. She looks at both of her drinks then tilts her head to the other side.
"And...Which one do you mean? Because they're both really good~"
>The girl giggles and takes a sip of the Black Velvet, chasing it with the Cinderella.

| >>738953
"Yeah a it had ramen and was quite the crisp night, very comfy..."
>with a chuclle he tilts his head trying to remember
"although the name of the stand escapes me...sid's...? Something like that. I know it happened though, gem was there too"

"Haiiiii!">said gem the barmaid waves a hello! Upon hearing her name

"Yes hello gem dearheart.
Anyway how is the drink major?"
>he smiles yet his eyes say "please save me from this couple hell"

| >>738984
"Ah, well, no matter. I'm Impulse, by the way. What's your name?"

>Impulse replies, finishing his glass of Piano Man and setting it on the counter.

>Meanwhile, Valentine is still flustered in the background, looking at her date almost longingly.

| >Gathering her thoughts, she closes her eyes and tilts her head from side to side.
>First she looks to the bartender with a big smile
"They're both really great, thank you~"
>With another giggle, she turns to Impulse and glances past him for a moment.
"You can call me Aduial, or even Evening~ Either one works~"

| >>739224
"Well, nice to meet you, Evening. I think I've heard of you before. Though I can't quite place it if we've met."

>Impulse replies, smiling and extending out a hand for a handshake.

"Well, hello, Evening. I'm Valentine, Valentine Storm, and I believe you're talking to my >date."

>Valentine introduces herself with a forced smile, interrupting Impulse's attempt at the handshake, pulling his arm back to hold as she throw her arm around his back.

| >Impulse turns to look at his companion, almost pleasantly surprised. He smiles and laughs.

"Val, honey, are you jealous?"

"No no, not at all. We were having a moment and then you just stopped and go talk to another girl. No, I'm not jealous. >At. >All."

>She says, turning to Evening with an almost territorial look.

| >>739293
"Ara~ It seems you have yourself a keeper there, Mister Impulse~"
>Aduial gives an innocent smile at Valentine, playing with her own hair for a moment
"Don't worry miss, I won't steal your date...You know, unless he has a thing for...smaller women~"
>Leaning back slightly, the girl puts her hands behind her head, giving a mischievous grin, knowing well what she's getting in to
"Anyway~ You've probably seen my name on a certain message board here and there~"

| >>739378
>Evening's gestures manage to make Valentine even more frustrated at both you and her own date. Before she could do anything though, Impulse chimes in.

"Yeah, you're right, she's a keeper. She's just so perfect I needed to tease her and see how she reacts."

>He says, pulling his date in for another kiss, which seems to calm her down.

"God, why can't I stay mad at you."

>Valentine says, after they did.

"Sorry about that by the way, Miss Evening, that was a rude of me."

| >>739393
>Aduial gives a wink in response, giggling softly again.
"Oh please, that wasn't so bad~ Being in the military exposed me to...A good amount of hostility~"
>She shrugs and takes another sip of her drink.
"Both by hostiles and friendlies, aha...~"

| >A person enters the bar, A character on the small side with long flowing cream colored hair and red Oni-like horns growing atop her forehead, her sharp eyes looking around before she approaches the bar counter and sits down
>Chanka has arrived!
"Gimme Chocolate! I saw the sign, gimme! gimme!"
>She demands with her childish voice, both hands on her hips

| >>739501
"Coming right up..?! Any preference miss?"
>an oder was received and thus cassie will serve wholeheartedly! Preparing a tray and some cocoa powder it seems he would make the chocolate himself!?
"I can get ya just about anything, just don't ask for alcohol filled chocolate without Presenting an id first. So what will it be? Milk...perhaps hazelnut?"
>but before he starts of course he must ask
"Ah wait, if you wish not to wait i have some premade"

| >>739506
>Chanka is confused at the mention of an ID
"Why would I have to present an ID, I'm an adult can't you see!!"
>She says, closing her eyes and puffing her non-existant chest forwards with a smug grin plastered unto her face
"Add plenty of karmotrine, Bailey's if you have it!!"
>She demands

| >>739455
"And now im getting flashbacks to getting shelled in the sandbox..."
>he refills the drinks of pulse, Valentine and aduial while waiting

| >>739507
"Yes yes i know im sorry but its kinda the rules."
>the bartender sighs
"Ya know? even if you are above drinking age i need to be presented one at least once. Gotta go through all the legal hoops and whatnot"
>still he gets started making some alcoholic chocolate, pouring a *entire* bottle of karmotrine as per requested
>luckily it was "a lot" and not 'optional' so nobody is dying tonight! Yey!
>oh and some bailey's cant forget that
"Ill have it out for you in a snap"

| >>739509
>Chanka mumbles as her cheeks puff up and she puts a hand within her large military grade coat, Made to order of course, her size wasn't anything close to "standard"
>She hands the bartender a driver's license, and a serious portrait of the small Oni looks back at you. It shows the name "Talia Alicia Chanka" along with a birthdate putting her at... 38 years old? It doesn't look fake.
"Happy now?"
>She says, obviously unhappy

| >>739513
>he simply shrugs and then places hown a plate full of...roses...? Flowers of all sorts piled onto the plate in a very elegant fashion
"Good enough for me here is your chocolate miss"
>lilies, madonnas, roses and Irises...they look real! Nonono they *have!* to be real! brushing upon ones finger they are delicate to the touch! Soft and vibrant beautiful flowers
"Please enjoy!"
>yet they smell delicious

| >>739515
>Chanka nods to herself
"Thanks! But why the flowers?"
>She doesn't seem to get it, but still drinks nonetheless

| >>739524
"Presentation~ also because it adds more surface area i can use to put flavors in"
>soft as a real flower! Sinking ones teeth in gives way for the delicate texture to flow fourth! Melting in ones mouth you could taste the soft creaminess of the bailey's cream pairing well with the notes of sweet milk chocolate
>all wrapped in a heck of a kick! Its like eating high quality coffee liqueur instead of drinking it
"Hope you like it"

| >>739536
>Chanka seems pleased, her eyebrows loosening up as she half-closes her eyes
"Not bad!, good work! You have my praise!"
>She exclaims
"I may even forgive you for demanding an ID, proving you saw me as a Child!"
>She laughs loudly

| >>739585
"If i actually saw someone as a child then i wouldn't have given the lovely lady next to you a drink either"
>with a laugh he gestures to aduial
"Still im glad you enjoy it, just give a ring if you desire anything else. Hah tell ya what ill even pay for it if you order a meal!
Consider it my apology for such a terrible slight"
>that odd mix of Completely causal yet still business demeanor
>cant say its all that bad for some
>a good mix of nice conversation and service eh?

| >>739455
>Impulse raises an eyebrow at the mention of the military.

"You've been in the military, miss Evening?"

>He then turns to address the newly-arrived Chanka(>>10795a) with a salute.

"Well, if it isn't miss Oni, I mean Chanka. Pray tell, how was Setsubun, Major?"

"Hey, can I have something else that's a little less... strong?"

>Valentine asks Cassius as he comes over to refill her drink.

| >>739621
>As soon as Setsubun is mentionned the Oni starts gritting her sharp teeth, grinding them in a regular motion
"Argh! Don't remind me of that! Do you know how many people threw beans at me!!! If you're going to throw beans at me atleast make them jelly beans, not soy beans!!! I'm not even a japanese ONI anyway!!! I'm american!!"
>She vents out her frustration loudly, her feet flapping back and forth beneath her stool as she takes a hard gulp of her chocolate drink.

| >>739635
"Soybeans can be a delight though, miss. Our friends made us some of those steamed buns and the bean paste filling she made is nice and sweet."

>Valentine replies, smiling and giggling softly.

| >>739621
"Ah your usual then"
>and just like magic he slides over a nice cold pint of beer, deep dark porter bubbles with the perfect ratio of size and chill

>he heard jelly beans
>so he serves jellybeans
>oohh coconut flavour

| >>739621
"Indeed I have~! I was a specialist in covert operations~ ...Though I have a good idea as to why, aha..."
>Aduial giggles softly, twirling her hair before glancing over at the oni.
"Despite my young age, I was still put in that big of a role, so a lot of my soldiers nor my enemies didn't really respect me that much..."
>Her face dropped a smile for a moment before quickly smiling again
"But that's all in the past now, even if I enjoyed my time in the military~ Ahaha~"

| >>739761
"I feel ya, I joined the Army when I was 18, the Rangers when I was 20. Could've probably been something more than a sergeant, but you never know."

>Impulse replies, softly smiling.

"Joined a PMC, either the best or the worst decision in the entirety of my worthless life, still can't decide which."

>He, too, dropped a smule when he mentions the PMC, but then picks it up again when he continues.

"As you said, it's the past now. Gotta make do with what you've got, eh?"

| >>739657
"Thank you."

>Valentine says as she takes the porter. She sets it down on the counter as she listens to Impulse's rambling, a little bit of a concerned look on her face as she fiddles a little with the pint in her hand.

| >>740029
"Cheers then"
>bartender of course half listening on the conversation while cleaning some glasses because thats kinda the job the thought then forms his foolish french mind
"Wait is everyone here former military...? Or well...off duty in my case"

| >>740069
"Well, no, Val's not ex-military. Isn't that right?"

>Impulse replies, looking back to Valentine, who snapped out of her worried face and answers.

"Yeah, no, I've never been in the army or all that. You does train me pretty well though."

>She says, smiling and giving her partner a soft little punch.

"Well, you do deserve some of the credit, you're a wonder with that remington of yours."

| >>740026
"Though, you can't completely forget the past, or else you'll lose what make you...well you~"
>Leaning back again, Aduial lets out a soft yawn and stares up at nothing in particular.
"I try to remember my past experiences and convert them to the now, and it's been working pretty well, I think~"

| >>740172
"I do remember, even those that I try to... forget. No, especially those that I want to forget."

>As Impulse says that, his smiles slowly fades and he sighs.

"But it is what it is, and you're right. I wouldn't be here today if I chose a different path. Honestly? I wouldn't have it any other way."

>He turns to hold Valentine's hand, smiling again when he sees the girl's face.

"Yeah, I think I'm content with the present."

| >>740332
>Taking her drink, she swirls it around a little bit, smiling softly.
"Sometime those time you wanna forget, are those big defining events! It's important you don't forget those~!"
>Leaning back forward, she downs the rest of her drinks and lets out a soft breath.
"The present is nice~ And who knows, maybe I'll find someone to look at like that~"
>Aduial shrugs and lets out a laugh.

| >>740421
>once again half listening he places down a wrapped box in front of aduial
>this cinnamon toast idiot heard "present" and in a dum twist of fate the patrons who came without a date were given presents if they asked
>a very indirect "sorry but it must suck to have no game" made all the more sweeter by the good fellow in question giving the gift
"Sorry you couldn't get anyone for valentines"

>in a hideous stroke of irony the single people get cooler stuff for Valentine's

| >>740431
>A soft huff comes from Aduial, looking down at the present.
"Well...It's not like I'm actively looking anyway~ I'm sure if I put myself out more, I could attract all sorts of people~"
>Shrugging again, she shakes the box gently, listening close

| >>740439
"Bust a move then starlight"
>he chuckles back bemused at that thought, similar thought he had once upon a time ago

>by the sounds alone its hard to tell...something soft but also something else more solid and...liquid of some sort?
>at the very least from that one can gather the box holds multiple items inside it

>the box itself is quite well wrapped! Valentine's themed wrapping paper tied by a lovely red silk bow
>nobody would say no if you also kept the bow Definitely

| >>740446
"I will~"
>Aduial giggles softly, closing her eyes and listening closer still. She hums to herself softly, opening her eyes halfway and starts to whisper to herself.
"Perfume...? From the way this is wrapped, it has to be a pretty nice thing..."
>Unwrapping the bow, she takes a look before tying it in her hair. Nodding to herself, she starts to carefully unwrap and open the box.

| >>740451
>unwrapped it slowly to not tear the wrapper too badly or ruin the bow somehow reveals your standard cardboard giftbox
>nothing much to say there thus you most likely open the lid

>first things first the guess of perfume was suprisingly close! It was actually a bottle of wine! A fairly high quality vintage and winery as well!
>but the actual treasure was of course the cute fluffy teddy bear holding a generic "Better luck next year" card
>with a lovely necklace as well...

| >>740460
"Heh...Must be getting rusty...That's what I get for not doing field work anymore~"
>Giving another shrug, she immediately goes for the teddy bear and gives it a gentle squeeze.
"Marx it is~"
>Giggling to herself, she looks at the necklace and looks it over, checking for any hidden mechanisms or something like that.
"Oh, thank you for the gifts, by the way~"

| >>740421
"Maybe, you're a charming person yourself, probably won't be too hard trying to find someone who fits you."

>Impulse turns back to face Evening opening her box of presents and smiles as he addresses Cassius.

"Oi, you lots give out gifts now? Where was that when I was single?"

>Impulse shouts over at the baguette man.

| >>740462
>nothing like that by the looks of it! Just a cute fluffy teddt bear wearing a very beautiful and very expensive looking necklace, said necklace most likely also intended for the reciver

"It was not Valentine's~
Sorry but the people with no game get a consolation prize~"
>he laughs a very smug laugh
"Sorry sir but couples are not eligible for gifts hahah!
That includes myself so i guide others to a treasure i cannot receive.."

| >>740541
>A small blush spreads on the girl's face.
"In this city, I think anything is possible~"

>Giggling, she holds the bear close to her, putting the necklace on herself now.
"It's very nice...~"

| >Chanka, having been silent this whole time, drinking and snacking flags down the bartender once more
>She seems pouty
"Can I get something with more oomph? Something stronger! Tastier too!"
>She exclaims

| >>740558
"Stronger and tastier...? Rather open request but right away"
>rather broad but he can work with that! Leaning on the thinking chair for a moment to think of what to serve it hits him fairly quickly!
>prepared with a ice filled shaker he gets to work on the drink
>30ml of Mozart white chocolate liqueur, 25 lm of mint liqueur and 5 mp of fresh cream all together and shaking vigorously
>then poured into a choco powder rimmed martini glass and slid over
"Amusez-vous demòi~"

| >>740549
"Well, that's fair, I guess. After all, I have the best gift right here."

>Impulse turns to wink at Valentine, who almost spit out her beer. She coughs a little and laughs.

"Wow, god, can you get any more cheesy?"

| >>740568
>Chanka looks over the drink with her ruby colored eyes, she nods not just once, but twice.
>She takes hold of the glass with two hands and.... dunks the liquid down her throat in just about a quarter of a second!

| >>740557
>Valentine touches her own nacklace - a plain silver one - when she notices Evening putting hers on.

"Hey, maybe you should meet my brother. He's a bit of a jokester, but he means well. Rowan here, however..."

>Valentine says as she throws her arm firmly around Impulse from behind.

"Is mine, alright? We can agree on that?"

>Impulse let out another louder laughs.

"Ha! One night in and she thinks I'm her possession. This relationship is gonna go well."

| >>740573
>with a business smile his eyes flash blue for just a moment, and in that moment no sound at all was able to be produced near the bar save for the voice of pulse saying the words
"I wear diapers and in kindergarten i ate my classmates poop thinking it was nutella!"
>said sound emanating from pulses butt
>ah right the headset...almost forgot he could do shit like that

>mischievous bastard

| >>740578
"Also, hey, major!"

>Valentine calls out to the officer, pulling out a small box of chocolate. She hands it over to the Oni.

"Wait, isn't that the chocolate I gave you? You wanna just give it away?"

>Impulse protests, squirming a little in Valentine's arm.

"It's mine to give, isn't it? Besides, the biggest gift I've got today is >you."

>Valentine whispers the last part into her partner's ear. Which prompts a laugh.

"Cheeky girl. This is why we're dating."

| >>740578
>it has a deep flavor, bearing hints of the fresh cream! As if drinking mint chocolate chip ice cream, but with the kick of a mule as the liqueur used was rather strong
>over all a good drink!

>the consistency However is rather thick compared to most drinks leadinv the dear bartender to look in awe as the oni drank it all so quickly
"I-im glad you like it...!?"

| >>740590
>Chanka is confused at the package you show her, but she starts smiling as soon as the word chocolate reaches her ears
"So this town still had great people I see! I shall accept this chocolate, ahaha!"
>She seems happy
"Delicious! One more!"

| >>740587
"OI! Cassius, you french BASTARD! I know you've got to somehow be behind that. If you would stop forcing your shit fetish on me, I would appreciate it."

>Impulse practically screams the word 'Bastard' at the top of his lungs.

>Valentine giggles a little before Impulse turns to look at her. She smiles sheepishly at her date.

"Sorry, couldn't help it. That's actually pretty cool that he can do that."

| >>740592
"O-oh right of course another chocolate grasshopper coming right up"
>and without a hitch cassie gets to work on another drink as ordered
>white chocolate liqueur, mind liqueur, fresh cream and chocolate rimmed martini glass
>served as quickly as you like!
"Errr i recommend you go a bit slower missy..it is a bit thicker then most"

>with a laugh and a nod he smiles a
"Sure thing mr nutella man"
>in response with pulses voice

>nice to see somethings dont change

| >>740592
"That's an apology for my date when he reminded you of Setsubun."

>Valentine says as she let the Oni take the box.

"I'll make sure to save some of those steamed buns I told you about for the next time I see you."

| >>740594
>Chanka only gives you a hearty grin and a laugh, showing off her sharp fangs
"I can handle it! I'm an adult!"
>The tiny oni seems to hesitate for half a second
"Well, you didnt have to..."
>She's drooling though, and her clawed hands are slowly reaching for the box

| >>740582
"I'm not quite in to the whole stealing a boyfriend/girlfriend thing, so don't worry~"
>Aduial giggles mischievously, grinning softly at Valentine
"Don't go stab crazy over him though, okay~?"

| >>740594
"Jokes on you! I don't even like nutella!"

>Impulse shouts back again, laughing and giving you the middle finger.

"Is it because of that time you ate your classmate's poop?"

>Valentine replies as she rests her head on Impulse's shoulder, cocking it a little to give it almost an inquisitive look.

"Brilliant, just abso-bloody-lutely brilliant! Now my date's roasting me!"

>Impulse turns around while Valentine grins cheekily and gives Cassius a thumbs up.

| >>740596
"Yet even adults can choke no..?
Meh just enjoy yourself i suppose haha"
>dum dum replies while cleaning a glass

>"enjoy your date missy" he mouths out with a silent chuckle
>then right back to silently cleaning the glasses he goes until someone else pokes him for an order

| >>740596
>Both Valentine and Impulse giggles a little and Valentine hands over the chocolate box.
>It's a small heart-shaped box, carefully wrapped in some white-and-pink gift wrappers.

| >>740602
>Chanka only gives a smug smile in response
>The oni seems unsure now... she waits, ponders and ruffles her own hair
>She hands the chocolate back to you!
"I'm an adult, I can't be taking this from you! consider your partner's crimes revoked! I'll forgive him! You should keep gifts from loved ones!"
>She seems a bit sad, but there's resolve in her eyes, her brow furrowed

| >>740599
"Well, I'm taking that as a yes. Don't worry, I'm sure I'm not going to be stabbing anyone over him. I'm sure he's going to be very much >faithful."

>She says the last part almost ominously, tightening her arm around the man's shoulder even more for a second before loosening it up again and laughing.

"But hit me up anytime if you want to meet my brother, alright?"

| >>740605
"Ooh~ Scary~"
>Aduial giggles softly and leans back again, hanging from the bar stool now. Almost immediately, she sits back up.
"And I'll keep that in mind~ Thank you~"

| >>740602
>Valentine gives you a little salute of acknowledgement and leans over from behind to give her date another peck in the cheek.

"Well, I still insist that you have at least some of it."

>Valentine refuses the box with a soft smile.

"It's Valentine's day, so I want everyone to be happy. Besides, the night's gonna go smoother if we don't have to lug the box around everywhere."

| >>740606
>Valentine giggles again, softly. She gives you a wink and a thumbs up before returning her attention to her boyfriend, who've quickly managed to turn around fully and finally return the embrace, closing their eyes resting their heads on each other's shoulders for a while, smiling contently.

| >Leaning back again, Aduial stares back up at the ceiling before letting out a soft groan of frustration, blinking her eyes a few times.
"My head hurts now..."

| >>740609
"Will you be needing an ice pack miss? Or perhaps some asprin?"
>not even wasting time he pulls out an ice pack from the fridge and hands it over

| >>740618
>Shaking her head, Aduial gives a small smile.
"Just a puzzle I'm having trouble solving, that's all...~ Thank you though, I appreciate the concern~"

| >>740619
>foolish girl you have activated bog brother mode
>and big brother glares disappointed
>for he is disappointed in you. But also concerned
"Well ill just leave this here for you should you change your mind"

| >>740621
>The effects of the glaring disappointment has little effect on the girl!
>Instead Aduial smiles softly, resting her hands over one another
"Thank you again for your concern~"
>She pauses and smirks mischievously

| >>740623
>he is not amused
>...or is he..? Curses that disappointment makes for a good poker face
"I would recommend you not do that to people, it would give some a heart attack."
>he returns to his glasses, two can play at that game it seems
"Concern? I just don't want corpses on the counter during valentines.
I am not c-concerned for you at all!
My ~ adorable ~ little ~ sister ~"
>his voice can be compared to the sweetest of molten chocolate and...is that tsundere!?Guh..strong..

| >>740623 >>740626
>Valentine raises her head up a little and watches as the situation unfolds.

"Miss Evening, I thought you told me you're not quite into stealing boyfriends or girlfriends?"

>She said jokingly, giggling a little.

"You'll steal someone by accident if you keep on doing that, miss."

| >John walks in to the bar, looking around confused, and steps out, to check the name, before waking back in reassured, but confused.
>He takes a seat at the bar, flagging down the bartender.

| >>740653
>yes hello bartender there
>with a playful
"Hello and welcome to the moonlighter!"
>and customary bow from the staff the only bartender available heads over to take your order!
"Heya there what can i get you?"

| >>740655
"Had to double check, is it some kind of special day today?"
>John takes a peak behind the bartender, and point to a random bottle of booze.

"I'll have... that one."

| >>740657
"Yeah its valentines...did you not know?"
>bar bub laughs and looks at whatever you pointed at
"..sir thats Budweiser..."
>as a self respecting person that drinks beer he can not within good conscience serve someone what is essentially literally horse piss without confirmation
"I can just serve you an actual beer"

| >>740660
>John checks his watch, and nods.
"Huh, let me know if cupid comes, the lil' shit won't get me this time."

>John quietly points a little to the right of the budweiser.

| >>740664
"...thats strawberry cherry liqueur mixed with vanilla! Would you like that in a shot glass or cosmo glass? And with or without ice"
>he pulls down the bottle of incredibly pink booze and places it by the counter then looks for a fitting glass

| >>740666
"Make it a shot and a lowball with vodka."

>John stares at it, before looking to the surrounding people.

| >>740667
>with a simple nod he serves the drinks, pouring the pastel pink liqueur in a shot glass and following with a old fashioned glass of vodka
"Oh and before i forget, i must ask for proof of age. I know obviously a kid would not request lowball vodka but there is a cop here and we gotta go through the legal hoops...sorry"
>despite that, said drinks as slid over with grace

| >>740626
>Giggling softly, Aduial leans back and sticks her tongue out childishly
>Letting out a soft sigh, the girl smiles softly, tilting her head back to look over at Valentine
"I did say that~ Though, it's not my fault if they fall for me, I'm just being me, after all~"
>Aduial winks and brings her head forward again.

| >>740671
"What cop?"

>John says, downing the shot of liqueur, grimacing, and following it with a sip of vodka.

"I don't see a cop."

| >>740795
"Yeah ok fine but you cant sue us for drinks tonight"
>he shakes his head and continues his work, cleaning glasses and wiping down the counter
"Gem come give this guy the menu"

"Aye sir!"
>and just as asked the monochromatic bar maid comes over with a flourish! Gently placing down a menu for any foods
>oh and a small bowl of nuts
>whats a glass of hard liquor non mixed without some salty penuts?

| >>740630 >>740699
>he just laughs
"Hey i can play along with a gag~
Its all for fun and what have you after all no~?"
>then with a sly smile cassius tidies his hair and removes his glasses then leans in closer to aduial, close enough that one might perhaps pick up the scent of blueberries and cinnamon emanating from him
>wow he went from friendly bartender to absolute bishi real quick
>then with a dulcent tone he dreamily says

| "After all demoiselle a single moment with you is enough to make even the wildest dreams of a star eyed child look small and even the greatest kingdoms seem like naught but another stone by the road in comparison."
>delivered straight to her ears in such a way it would be hard not to get shivers and blush

>god damn...

| >>740699
"Oooh, you're a dangerous one, aren't you, Miss Evening."

>Valentine winks back before turning to Cassius

"Smooth, like butter."

>Valentine comments, giggling.

"If this is just a gag, then I wonder what you do with your actual girlfriend..."

| >>740817
>Closing her eyes and listening to the bartender, she takes in a breath.
>As he finishes, she opens one eye towards him, giving him a side smile.
"Mmmm...I give it a 8.5/10~ I liked the language in there, though the dreams analogy was a little corny~ Overall, smooth, mister bartender~"
>She giggles and tilts her head back then to each side
"I'm not looking for someone to love right now, unfortunately~ And from the sounds of it, you have someone yourself~"

| >>740819
"Me? Dangerous? No no~ I'm just a young retired major who happens to look this cute~"
>Bringing herself forward, she points two fingers to her cheeks and winks, sticking her tongue out.

| >>740949
"I guess I'll have to stop my sergeant from falling for this cute little major then."

>Valentine smiles again, shielding Impulse's eyes so he couldn't see Evening.

"Val, don't do that. How am I supposed to admire you if you're closing my eyes."

>Impulse pushes Valentine's hand from closing his eyes and smiles as well.

| >>740980
"Mmm...An enlisted soldier falling for a senior officer~? I would have to court martial him in that case~"
>Her tongue slides back into her mouth and she gives a small smile to Impulse.
"But I shouldn't have to worry about that, now should I, Ser-geant~?"

| >>740819 >>740948
>returning his glasses and hair back how they should be with a laugh he gets back to work
"Hahah yeah i was thinking on something incredibly cheesy to say to liz later...you can smell the cheddar on that one hahah! Im almost proud of it"
>he slides the counter a refill on there drinks
Here that ones on me, apologies for that mess of an attempt haha!"

| >>740988
"That's an affirm, ma'am!"

>Impulse takes a glance over his shoulder and salutes Evening, but wasn't able to get a proper one in before his date turns his head back and gives him a brief kiss.

"Honey, I only let you see because you said you were going to admire me. The only girl you can look at tonight is me and me alone, alright?"

>Valentine flashes a sly smile. Impulse laughs.

"Alright, roger that, my eyes are on you."

| >>740816
"Don't mind if I do."

>John throws some assorted nuts in his mouth, while reading the menu.

"Ehhh... Just keep the nuts and vodka flowing."

>He taps away on his phone, messaging someone.

| >>741002
>Clasping her hands together and tilting her head to the side, Aduial smiles softly.
>The smile was playful, but behind it was a wave of caution directed to Impulse.
"Very well~ Enjoy yourself~"
>Turning back to the bartender, Aduial shrugs.
"Sometimes cheesy is the best route~ Especially if you already like each other~"

| “Well, I think it might be our time to leave. We have a long way back and I’m already a little tipsy.”

>Impulse stands up, still smiling with his eyes still fixed on his girlfriend. He leaves the pay on the counter alongside a generous tip.

>Valentine breaks her gaze for a moment to wave good-bye to Evening and Cassius.

>Of course, they give a show of kissing each other one more time before leaving through the door.

| >>740607
>Chanka seems unsure still, but takes a chocolate with her clawed hands
"Hmn, well if you insist! No take backs then!"
>She eats it!
>Her eyes widen and her expression grows into one of bliss
>Seems she liked it

| >>741216
"Well, enjoy your chocolates, major."

>Valentine flashes you a smile before she follows Impulse out of the bar.

"Maybe, we'll see you around."

| >>741327
>Chanka waves as she watches both of you leave

| >>741468
"Wait, that's the police officer?"

>John thumbs at Chanka, supressing a chuckle.

| >>741152
"If all else fails darling dearest will certainly get a laugh from it eh?"
>he chuckles oof his silly little hopes and
>waves the two goodbye...after secretly recording the last kiss
"Heh...thats going in the pulse cringe compilation.."

"Oh that..?"
>a nameless patron asks with a knowing smile

"Yes...ill have it edited next sunday hahaha....!"
>oh dear

| >>741608
>That last kiss was actually really cute ngl.

| >>741613
>***you underestimate the entertainment value of the cringe compilation***

"Favorite part has to be the drunken roast video"

"Oh yeah no competition its like the main event hahah"

| > A young-looking Catboomer walks in to decorated bar and her face seems to light up upon seeing the decorations. Her dress seems to fit in well, even. She quickly makes her way to find an open seat at the bar and sits down

> She fixes her hair as she sits, her " extra ears" twitching as she gets settled down. She scans around, as if looking for someone. This is clearly taking up the majority of her attention

| >>741998
>the staff bow as you enter
"Hello there and welcome to the moonlighter, please make yourself comfortable"
>nice and bustling establishment, like a jazz club but more...homey and cozy

| >Glancing over at the catboomer, the girl smiles softly, giving her a small wave before looking around the bar again, peeking the stage every so often.

| >>742040

> The Catboomer glances over and sees the staring and wave. She looks surprised and a little embarrassed at first. Nervously, she waves back before looking around for a bartender to get a drink in

| >>742040
"Thinking about making q performance missy?"
>the bartender raises an eyebrow
"Its open mic night and well honestly i will actually fraggin pay to hear something that isnt the sound of peoples kissing..."

>yes bartender, glasses brown hair blue vest behind the counter
>only guy working it too, poor guy
>i miss you frank please come back to us. The french fool can only do so much

| >Aduial hops off of the stool and lands with a little twirl.

>Hands behind her back, she gives a little peace sign to >>742049 and>>742062

"I guess I can try to remember some songs...~"

| >>742069
"And i may remember that a particularly good performance may or may not get 1000 zenny for graces us with a lovely song~"
>he chuckles back

"Oh song! Glowstick time!"
>and with an excited bounce gem throws a black and white set of glowsticks to Cassius, catching him square in the chest


"cant listen to a live performance without em!"

"...and you just had these on you...?"

>and with a nod and a crack of her own she gazes expectantly at the stage

| >>742062

> The catboomer waves down the bartender with a card in her hand. She seems excited from the looks of it. Or maybe just worried he won’t notice her

“Excuse me! Bartender! Can I please please please get a sunshine cloud! Easy of the karmotrine please”

> A cute sounding voice for a cute looking girl

| >>742099
>nope the girl gets his attention, i mean its his job come on. Gentlemen like the cinnamon toast idiot of a bartender does his job...almost as good as his predecessor
"Sure thing! Just gotta ask for some ID first is all~
Gotta go through the legal hoops and yadda yadda"

| >>742106

> She hands over the ID in her hands. Raleigh Winstead, DOB: 07-07-207X. The SIN was mostly obscured by clever placement of her middle finger

“I think this more than counts, right? I promise I’ll pay and everything too”

> She gives a wink and sticks her tongue out as if to show she’s being playfully serious

| >>742092
>Stepping on the stage, Aduial closes her eyes and clears her throat.

"This is...Soul's Refrain"

>Holding the mic with both of her hands, she starts to sing.
Her singing voice was slightly deeper, more of a "mommy" voice.

| >>742113
"Hold on move your finger just a bit"
>he gently moves it just a small amount, still covering the sin However but a bit less over the dob
"Yeah 5 alright. I get hiding your sins but the finger made the 5 look like a 7."
>he chuckles a nod
"But aye that works! Now check your hands~"
>and just like magic there is somehow a sunshine cloud in her...hands...h-w-wuh how¿¡!?
"Please enjoy miss winstead"

| >>742177
"Woohhh hooo!"
>gem cheers and rocks and sways her glowsticks to the beat
>the absolute fool cassie listens more grateful for something that drowns out the fraggin romance then anything
>he mouths out a simple "thannnkkk youuuuu"

| >>742197

> Raleigh seems unfazed by the sleight of hand. She quickly flourishes her own hand and the ID card seemingly disappears

"Thank you, I think. You can just call me Raleigh. I'd like that a lot more."

> She sips her drink a little and continues to look around the place, trying to peer at others as if looking for something or someone

| >>742283
"Ah and here i was hoping i could be all elegant and call you my lady winstead~ make you feel a bit special like a noble~ maybe sell the joint as classy~"
>he teases just a little bit, half musing on the thought of ways to make ththe bar feel just a bit more welcoming and appealing to folks
"Kidding kidding~"
>shrugging off his mischievous bout with a laugh he gets on topic
"Uhh you looking for someone?
...if your another one of franks exes the dude left town months ago"

| >From directly outside the doorway comes a drawn out and shrill screeching noise. A figure is hunched over the chalkboard sign advertising this special event the bar is hosting.

| >>742294
>between the singing, the audible romance, the passing of cars, the fact that the sound of gunshots and violence are literally a daily occurrence and other general white noise nobody really bats an eye to the noise

>either too busy with their romance, drowning themselves in lovesick induced alcoholism or working their job of entertaining both of the above to really even notice

| >And so it continues unnoticed. The figure bobs back and forth. It cleans closer to the sign, then further away. If anyone within the bar bothered to look they might notice that this person (?) is balanced on one foot. The leg thats raised... oh that can't be right... has its knee bending in a way it definitely shouldn't be.

| >>742293

> She jumps to attention, seemingly pulled out of the trance she was in. She instinctively goes up to scratch one of the appendages on her head that seems to have a piece missing

"Oh! I'm sorry, what? I don't know who this Frank person might be. No, I'm umm... umm... just admiring the space is all! I like today. Very cosy."

| >>742301
>on valentines day, on a special event with this type of company and drinks for that cheap a price in this time of day in this time of year localized entirely within Y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶k̶i̶t̶c̶h̶e̶n̶?̶ a usually busy street? Not bar staff nor nameless npc i am afraid

>and when it comes to cassius or the patrons even if they did notice they Probably would pay attention, brushing it off as some runner drama they don't want to get involved with

| >>742303
"Mmmm? Oh this does bring up quite the opportunity then!
What does this establishment make you feel then? The atmosphere and general feel specifically if i may ask?

Sah a jazz club or perhaps a classy hotel bar"
>he idly asks while cleaning some glasses
>at this point after X amount of time listening to a bunch of singles dumping their frustrations on him yhe good bar tender is visibly grateful to talk about anything else

| >The figure gives a final sort of bow or nod before finishing..... whatever it is theyre doing and trotting into the lively bar.

>Its a girl!! Or a young woman to be precise. From the waist up she looks pretty normal, if a bit skinny. Below... jeez what is up with her legs? Her knees are backwards! And shes got some big feet. She smiles and looks for a place to sit.

| >>742308
>the staff bow as you enter
"Hello there ma'am and welcome to tbe moonlighter!"
>doorchimes ring to the pleasant-...albeit overly pink -night
"Give a ring when you decide on what you would like!"
>no visible pain or discomfort for them legs? Then no worries from the good tender, Probably just one of those body mod people, bird type features do make them stand out he had to admit

| "Ah wait don't use booth 3 yet gems yet to clean it and the last couple spilled some durian juice.
stinks like you wouldn't believe!"

"I dun wanna clean it thoughhhhh"
>she pouts in protest

"Honestly i dont blame you"

| >>742310 >>742311
>She blinks. Its unclear for a sec whether or not she understood you, or maybe shes just having trouble hearing with all the chatter and noise.

>After a few mildly awkward seconds she nods briskly and then saunters over to the nearest empty table she can find. Just one with a single seat will do!

| >>742307

"Oh... I guess it's really just the day. I mean, this is like places I've seen around too. I just like Valentine's Day stuff. Everything else is a bonus, I guess. Or something I just don't really notice. If it weren't for all the decorations, I might have found some place quieter"

> She takes another small sip of her drink. Seems she mostly ordered it just to have something to do

| >>742312
>ooh someone using a table! Neat i can use gem instead of cass for this

>the cute monochrome barmaid ditzes over placing down drinks and orders to the other tables along the way!
>starting with a inhuman stack on her arms that only a well trained german barmaid can somehow handle, yet the by the time she arrives to the girls table only a notepad and pen rests in her hands
>placing down a menu with pep she asks
"Ready for your order miss?"

| >>742313
"The quaint romantic atmosphere then i see? Ahehe feeling lovesick perhaps miss Raleigh?
The sighs and sounds helping you muster the courage to spill your own heart to somebody maybe?"
>he asks gently, hoping he didn't actually ask something that would hit close to home
"If so it would certainly be a clever idea i must admit! I mean if these drunken doo doos are able to act this...brazen then certainly a confession isnt all that embarrassing"

| >>742315
>The woman is just getting herself situated when the waitress arrives. She has her chair all turned around so she can sit more comfortably. She stomps the ground a few times before settling into her seat and leaning her chest into the backrest.

>Hm... decisions decisions. As she peruses the menu a set of talons makes its way into view. They reach up and scratch the side of the womans head as she thinks. Where did those come from, her hands are right there on the table?

| >>742320
>oohh it was a birdy mod type! Neat
"Ah take your time then! Ill be just a ring away~☆!"
>and thus the dear starlet wanders off to serve other patrons

>the menu is fairly in depth for a bar! Suprisingly so in fact as it holds things completely uncharacteristic for a bar!
>from your standard bar type food like onion rings and snacks to nothing short of gourmet level dishes like Étouffée and Foie gras

| >>742316

“Please, just call me Raleigh. And no. I don’t really have any love sickness right now. I can see why people would use today to confess what they really feel. It’s so cute and I don’t judge anyone for wanting to confess or how they do it”

| >>742323
The footful of claws waves goodbye as the waitress flits off.

>Hm. So far no eating establishment around these parts serves what she really likes to eat, and she has learned that asking for her meal of choice often earns a bad reaction from the server working her table. Guess she'll just have to pick another option... she wonders if they have veal.

| >>742330
"So just here to relax then...? Have a nice drink and take in the feeling?
Haha that does sound pretty nice"
>he leans back with a chuckle
"Hmmm i dunno...using just your name outright feels a bit impersonal if not unprofessional...
But you do no wish for me to call you miss...hnmm"
>then this teasing toaster tart teeters on a ticklish thought
"How about a nickname then? Raleigh is quite a beautiful name but...how about rei-rei~? Cute name for a cute lady no?~"

| >>742331
>they in fact do! filet mignon just to name one of them! Oohhh and it comes optionally wrapped in bacon!
>despite the high quality and fancy feel its suprisingly affordable to...!
>even a college kid could Probably afford this if they decided to splurge on a little pig out
>otherwise most beef dishes can use veal upon request it seems

>while thinking gem returns to drop off a little bowl of salted nuts
>as any self respecting bar does

| >>742333

> Her appendages spike up and her face flushes red. She takes a drink to help cool herself down a bit, going a little too fast and making her cough a little from the sudden embarrassment deflector

“No, no, please I know you’re trying to simply be polite, but i like being called Raleigh most. It’s hard to relax when I feel so embarrassed”

> She ducks her head slightly, her hime-cut hair helping obscure her face as she manages to get back to her more composed self

| >>742341
>oh dear coughing! Mwehehe gambit successful. Maybbeeee just tease juussstt a bit more
"Oh dear are you alright rei-rei? Come now allow me"
>he leans in closely and pulls out a soft handkerchief and lightly tries to dab her lips to help clean up any spit and fluids from the coughing
"A lovely lady such as yourself certainly shouldn't have their cute little face marred in such a way no?"
>it smells like blueberries and cinnamon
>ahh a well meaning tease..oh dear!

| >>742347

> Her eyes widen immensely and she instinctively throws a wake-up slap at the bartender to get him to move away as she also moves backwards to put more distance between them

“HEY! Don’t you think it’s a incredibly rude to get so close to people you don’t know yet?!”

> She’s very flustered now, shaking as she yells. Seems her sudden act caused her drink to fall into the floor, glass and all.

| >>742351
>square in the face with finesse to boot!
>he leans away rubbing his face with a good hearted laugh
"Haha yeah i deserve that sorry hahah!"
>with a red cheek he pulls out a cold compress from the refrigerator and holds it to the mark
"Dang with a flourish too! Heck of a slap rei-rei!
doug how much was that tonight?"
>with a compliment to the frazzled lass he asks a patron
"That marks 5!"

"Sheesh ive been over performing then haha!"
>wait...was that the desired outcome!?

| >gem meanwhile immediately dives towards and just barely catches the glass! Just barely making it with a slide the drink spills a bit over her apron as cost for her impressive movement
>relived she wapes her brow as Cassius tosses her a replacement apron

"One point for hometeam"
>the foxlike bartender claps

| >>742352

> Raleigh is now properly angry, her whole face showing cold rage. She crosses her arms and glares at the bartender

“I was just trying to have a relaxing night. Thanks for ruining those plans, dickhead. I’m not even gonna pay for that drink any more.”

> She spins on her heel and storms out the bar in a huff

| >>742334
>The woman grins as Gem presents her with this modest selection of snacks. She crunches the shell of a peanut between her talons and pops the morsels inside into her mouth. The way she chews them is somehow unsettling.

>Something as fancy as filet mignon does not appeal to her unsophisticated palate. In fact, the less seasoning and spice used on her veal the better. She clucks quietly to herself. A cutlet or two should suffice.

| >>742351 >>742352 >>742354
>The smile disappears from the womans face as she observes the conflict at the bar. Her already wide eyes grow larger in alarm. Something like a croak makes its way out of her throat.
>The fluffy white muffler she wears wrapped around her neck looks like its begun to stand straight up.

| >>742359

> Both of Raleigh’s sets of ears twitch upon hearing the croaking sound and she scans around, trying to see what could have made the sound.

> She spots the odd.... bird woman... being and tries to focus in on them, cocking her head, hoping it would help. The sound made her stop dead in her tracks out of curiosity more than anything

| >>742354
"Of course i shant blame you"
>the bartender chuckles and waves them off

>now gem on the other hand attempts to stop her before they leave
>in their hands is a red heart shaped box, wrapped simple red bow
"O-oh excuse me miss! Before you leave please accept this!"
>and just as peppy as always attempts to hand over the box!
"Nobody should go through valentines without chocolate after all!"

>the staff bow as she leaves
"Thank you for coming Please come again"

| >>742358
>there is of course cutlet on the menu as they desire!
>just got to ring the cute waitress to make the order

>the peanuts are oddly delicious in a snackish sort of way! Ultimately they are just fried and salted penuts but the ratio of salt is juuusssttt right, combined with aftertones of garlic and just a hint of spice it makes for a very tasty snack! Perhaps this is why some people like peanuts with their drinks

| >>742419

> Raleigh takes the chocolate box, not wanting to be rude to someone who didn't have anything to do with her anger. She merely bows her head as a sign of thanks before looking at the box and the bird-like woman. She moves forward a bit and sets the box down in front of them instead of keeping it.


"You look like you might like sweets. I think my mom would have told me to not accept candy from strangers. I hope you don't mind"


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