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The Monk and the Rocks

| Once, there was a young monk, new to her path who desired to achieve enlightenment. He went to his wise teacher on the hill, and asked him to teach her enlightenment, the truth of who she was, what life was, what happened after death, and such.

The teacher spoke: "Yes, I can teach you enlightenment. Every day, bring me a rock from the village below, and when you've found the right rock, I will teach you the secret to enlightenment."

| The monk was ecstatic, so she started to bring the rocks.

Every day she would bring a new rock to the wise teacher, and every day the teacher would respond the same way: "No, that is not the right rock." She brought small rocks, large rocks, sharp rocks, dull rocks, all different kinds of rocks, but every day the wise teacher responded the same way: "No, that is not the right rock."

This happened for days, which turned to weeks, to months, to years.

| Eventually, the monk grew tired and frustrated, and out of spite grabbed the largest rock that she could bring to the wise teacher, but he responded the same: "No, that is not the right rock."

Exhausted, the monk dropped the rock, and exclaimed: "I have brought you every kind of rock, and none of them have been the right one! I am done bringing you rocks! There is no right rock!"

The wise teacher smiled. "Yes, you're right. There is no right rock."

And the monk was enlightened.

| the wise man bowed his head solemnly and spoke: "theres actually zero difference between good & bad things. you imbecile. you fucking moron"

| then a rat bit the wise man.
and the rat was enlightened

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