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i havent laughed this hard since some schmuck bought and sold like several million DYNAMOCOIN

| keep it coming you autists, stick it to the corps!


| fucking emojis not working-

:velvetcarpet: :handsup:

| Dynamocoin.....
How many do I trade to get the hackerman life sized statue.

| >>735742
A few million credits. Plus half a mil more if you want a rubber doll to jerk off to as well.

| >>735742 psshh, late to the jump man, those were exclusive rewards only given to the first few who pre-ordered. Now you just get a box set of some old paperback book series labeled "Tears in the Rain" or some shit like that.

| >>735944

I read parts of that. It's supposed to be the first in a series of novels? Fourth or fifth book's been stuck in development hell for like two years lol.

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This thread is permanently archived