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Who would ever want Onis out.

| You know how the japanese had this weird thing for throwing beans out their doors back in the day that eventually turned into a corporate event to sell expired soybeans (sasuga corporate, this is why we admire you and respect you) I heard people nowadays find the time to actually go all out and throw beans at hybrids or augged who have horns like Onis. And thus I pose this question.

Why would you throw anything at someone this cute.

>A picture is uploaded

| >... a picture of /what/

| >Its a picture of a small girl, barely 135 centimeters tall, wearing a small shirt and an oversized ribbon, she's holding an ice cream cone almost as big as her forearm and smiling widely, her cheeks full of the sugary sweets she was holding...
Its a rare picture of Talia A. Chanka wearing casual clothes, and her hair is tied up in long cream colored braids, exposing her forehead and horns.

| Tell me, would you throw beans at such a cute kid??
You wouldn't. Dont lie to me.

| I personally wouldn't throw beans at someone who looked like a child.
You know, unless I knew them very well.

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This thread is permanently archived