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paid off my sister's augs

| Ty Loli for helping finally pay off my sister's eye augments.
Had a bunch of lolicoins as a joke and they went high enough I was able to pay those off.

| Thanks to lolicoin I was finally able to finish paying off my kiroshi optics. Good thing too because having only one and a half eyes for a few months sucked serious gonk.

| Thanks to lolicoin I got to pay off my mother's student loan debts. Useless degree that she never got to use, but it screwed up our entire childhood. Just happy to free her from that trouble. Hopefully one day I'll pay off my own.

| Thanks to Lolicoin I finally managed to cure my BTL addiction and recover my normalcy, I couldnt have done it without the help of everyone who stuck it to the corpos!
-Real Testimony

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This thread is permanently archived