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Leaks 2 : Electric Boogaloo

| >More documents are leaked from the same anonymous source as before( https://dangeru.us/cyb/thread/732285 ).
[Personnel Log] : T-2 'Killgore' (Brian Baker)
American Operative, former member of the now-defunct NDSec Guard Regiment. Skilled Operative with exceptional leadership skills. Transfered from SET RRT(Rapid Response Team) Gamma-2 'Lightning and Thunder' to SET SPF(Special Purpose Fireteam) Alpha 'Tunnel Dweller', where he is to act as team leader.

| [Personnel Log] : T-3 'Pestilence' (Terry Hudson)
GC-native, former double agent of GoI-0007(The Sawtooth Gang). Joined SET after he was recovered by the RRT Gamma-2 when the group caught him relaying intelligence to SET operative. Reported to have developed a friendship with one of the members of the revoery team - T-2 'Killgore'(Brian Baker) - after the incident. Joined SPF Alpha at the request of Killgore.

| [Personnel Log] : T-3 'Archer' (Penny Redwood)
GC-native, recruited and mentored by T-1 'Sabre'(Owen Riley). Remarkable performance during marksmanship and unconventional tactics training and above average performance on all other training. Admirable performance on all three previous operations, undergoing evaluation to be promoted to T-2. Joined SPF Alpha under the permission of Sabre.

| >A note was attached to the document file.
"Managed to recover the corrupted files."

| (Note/OOC : This was part of the Vermintide event that happened a little while back. ( https://dangeru.us/cyb/thread/730342 ) and it's actually a plotline that's gonna be hosted on UKT's discord server. If anyone's interested to participate in it you can join the discord server via the link below.




| Alright, this isn't funny now. We need to find out who's leaking these.

Great! Start with suspect 1 : Motherfucking Ares.

What have I done?

Slacking on updating the cybersecurity?

Revealing our position with a light show that one time?

Alright, fair.

| Aw, fuck, my name's on there as well. This is gonna be shit. I knew I shouldn't have let her join that bloody team.

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