Looking for someone

| I know this is very unprofessional and all that, but fuck it.
This is a personal request from me, but I'll say it out right: I'm affiliated with the GCPD.

So anyway, I'm looking for someone and it's related to that; see two days ago my superior just up and dissapeared and won't answer their phone anymore, which is a bothersome thing for both me and the precicnt seeing as they're basically one of our top officers...

So please, can somebody help? The brass wont do shit about it.

| I'll pay you if you do find her and atleast tell her to come back, don't even need to do anything else.

Here's a picture for reference.
>It's a picture of Major Talia A. Chanka, her cheeks filled and her eyes closed, sitting before a full plate with a tower of pancakes, she seems happy, very happy.
>There's even syrup on her Oni horns...

| good riddance, another fragging pig dead.

| >>730360
haha look i'm edgy on the cybernet. go fuck yourself gurl

| >>730362

No thanks, you blue bloods fuck us all the time, wage cuck!


| She's either off to find candy, or the rats got her. Seriously, have you seen these rats yet.
-Red 9

| >>730363
Great, another one of these, this is why I hate the uncleaned netizens.


| >>730404
Haven't you heard? There are rats fucking everywhere. I'm surprised nobody reported shit about the rat cultists to you yet, those are annoying.
-Red 9

| >>730416
h-huh? Rat cultists?

| >>730418
You GCPD folks seriously need to keep up with the world. Rat cultists thqt run around and chant some weird shit about rats and ruining my fucking sleep pattern, yes.
-Red 9

| Yo, sorry the net seems to be giving you a hard time. Can't say I recognize that picture. Normally I'd be jumping at the opportunity to do some detective but I'm kinda stuck on top of a building trying to keep my neighbor from developing rat ptsd.
- BrittanYs

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