(Setting) Capsule Bar

| > The winter days of cheer are over in the Motor District, and life goes back to the normal everyone is used to. Megachristmas was always a nice distraction, at least for a little while.

>Inside the Capsule, everything looked about the same no matter the time of year so it's not like the people who hang around there even noticed. Same walls, same drifters lounging around, same bar.

| > What was different was the person that was hanging behind the bar. Instead of the usual Frank or Pete, it was now Dusty. She did look a little different than normal, having traded racing leathers for more traditionally feminine clothing.

> She did look a little uncomfortable, but she hid it well enough as she sat on a little ledge she'd made herself while waiting for people to show up. The whole space was empty, for once, and she was eager for that void to be filled quick.

| >A man enters the bar
>A prominant mustache, a baddly trimmed beard. short deep brown hair curly and unkept.
>Wearing a black felt coat.
>green eyes, who sit deeply into their sunken sockets, frowning.
>He approaches the counter and sits down on a chair.
>He flags the bar tender
"Anything strong, make it big"
>He says in a deep, tired, voice

| >>729140

> Dusty hops off their ledge and starts on making a drink, the choppy hair framing her face bouncing as she does so. The finished drink is fairly Amber and for a second she wonders if she made it right before serving it

“Okay! Here’s a big piledriver then! Pete swears by them so I think you’ll like them too.”

> Dusty sets it down in front of the man and gives a thumbs up

“You gonna pay as you go or you planning on staying here a spell?”

| >Another set of people enters the bar. The group was led by Impulse, dressed in a black hardshell jacket. As usual, a mask - a black two-hole balaclava - covered his face, making it hard to recognize him at first glance. He is flanked by two other figures, one is a man dressed in a similar outfit to Impulse's. The other is a woman dressed in a leather jacket and a beanie. Each has a pistol by their side.
>The trio made their way towards the counter.

"Hello Dusty, how it's going?"

| >>729146
>The man takes the piledrive, inspects it and swirls it around, his eyes looking upon the glass, inspecting every minute detail.
>He takes a sip
"I'll be here a while, I always am."
>He says, eyeing the pair that came in
"So long as it doesn't get too noisy, anyway"
>He turns back to Dusty
"Can I ask you a question tender?"

| >>729147

“Howd— Fuck, Hi, y’all. Take a seat and I’ll fix up drinks since my boy left again. One sec!

>Dusty turns her attention back to the stranger

"Question? Uh... sure I guess? I can multitask, I think."

> She gets by the station, ready to make drinks again but keeping attentive to whatever she was going to get asked.

| >>729150
>The man's face stays unchanging, tiredness mixed with underlying shivers.
>He swirls the drink
"What do you see in front of you, what do you think I look like?"
>He asks, seriously, his eyes fix into yours.
>A deep stare, but somehow it seems like the man in front of you isn't all there. like something is missing.

| >>729153

> Dusty states back, confused. She furrows her brow and shrugs.

“You look like you could be Pete’s old man. Maybe a little less gray, I mean. But definitely you just look like someone who’s lived out in the wastes. I dunno. What kind of answer were you expecting?”

| >>729150
"Now that you mentioned it. Pete's doing fine, I hope?"

>Impulse replies in his usual RP accent as he and his companions take a seat.

"Oh right, you haven't met these fine folks yet. This bloke right here is Andrew..."

>He says as he gesture towards the other man, who waves at you and flashes you a smile.

"Hey hi, how you doing?"

>He greets you, he had no distinct accent.

| >>729155

> Dusty shifts back to her friends, looking a little looser now

“Oh, the Boy is fine! He had to go back to be with his wife and the baby for Megachristmas. Work can wait, he said. Also, hi Andrew. I’m Dusty. Now a bartender I guess, on top of whatever other things I am”

| >>729154
>The man smirks
"The wastes huh, not bad for an answer; plus seems like you're honest, good thing."
>he takes a larger swig this time, his eyes closed as he enjoys the taste.
"As for what I was expecting, Washed up is the word I usually expect, annoying is another; usually comes in a set"
>He says, simply
"I'm not denying it though, it's all true. I just like confirming it, making sure I haven't changed while I wasn't looking"

| >>729156
"Nice to meet you, Dusty. Oh, and you can call me Andy."

>Andy replies, he had no accent in his voice.

"...and this lady's Valentine, Andrew's sister."

>Impulse says as he turns to gesture towards the woman in leather, who also waves back.

"Hey there, Dusty, right?"

>Impulse then continues.

"Well, guess everyone has to be with their family for megachristmas, Red got his break to be with his girl as well."

| >Standing out from the usual electric vehicles outside was a red Crown Victoria with the words 'RED CAB' written in white on the side. The big boat of a car weaved its way through traffic and parked near the Bar. A slightly built young man with a flat driving cap and some old-fashioned clothes exited the vehicle and entered the bar. After glancing around briefly he sat at the bar and waited for the bartender Dusty to be free. He looked a bit tired, but not unhappy.

| >>729179

> Dusty waves hi and sets her elbows down at the bar to give a quick sigh

"Yeah. I almost went back with Pete for Megachristmas but decided not to this year. Me and Fox just spent it together which I guess was nice. Let me get these other dudes while y'all get nice and cozy, 'kay?"

"Well, if you need anything else, just holler!"


"Hey new boy, know what you're drinking or do you need a sec or five?"

| >>729255
"Sunshine cloud, please. A big one, actually. No karmotrine."
>He heard the talk of Megachristmas and gave a light chuckle.
"Heh. My grandpa and my friend Ys have to be the only people I know around here who still call it Christmas. I think the latter might just do it ironically or something, though."

| >>729255
>The man nods
"Sure, I'll do just that"
>He goes back to slowly nursing his drink

| >>729260

> Dusty gets to work making the drink, getting it made correctly, even though it might not be in the normal kind of glass that would come from a normal BTC bar.

"Oh yeah? I can only barely remember when it was just normal Christmas. Or I think so, anyway. Maybe i just found a box in the house without the Mega- part. It's been a while"

| >>729274
"A lot of people still treat it like regular Christmas where I'm from, Florida. Just a cultural thing, I guess. Or maybe just a lot of older people that didn't like being told Christmas wasn't Christmas anymore, or something."
> He idly watched her make the drink.
"I've been living in GC for about a year now. Haven't been in this part of town too much, though."

| >>729255
"Ha, yeah, and I was stuck with these two bastards playing Megachristmas songs on the piano and the guitar I got them. It just went on and on."

>Impulse says, chuckling as he put his arm around his two companions' shoulders.

"...and he enjoyed every fucking second of it."

>Andy adds, also chuckling.

"Guys, should we order? My throat's running dry."

>Valentine says.

| >>729280
"Oh, I see. Yeah, that makes sense to me. Not many people from other districts come here, since the gangs effectively run the place. But some of us like that, especially if you do more illegal shit from time to time, right you three?"

"Y'all said stuff about music? I don't like the classic instrument type stuff, but i guess it's fitting for megachristmas time"

> Dusty sets the drink in front of the man and perches back up on her ledge, waiting for a new round

| >>729344
"I prefer the term 'Necessary Evil' but yes, we do something less than legal according to them corporate types."

>Impulse says.

"But let's not talk about that now. I'll have a gut punch if that can be managed. Andy's probably going for a piledriver, I believe..."

>He continues, looking over to his friend, who nods back.

"Yep, I'll have a piledriver."

>Andy confirms.

"I'll have a Blue Fairy, no Karmotrine, I'm banned from getting drunk for a month."

>Valentine says.

| "Boss just got me a guitar as a megachristmas gift so I'm trying to improve with it. Val's really good with her piano though, and her voice is just perfect."

>Andrew speaks up again, glancing over to his sister.

"Alright, that's enough, you're gonna make me blush."

>Valentine replies, her face already slightly turning red as a smile appears on it.

| >>729344
"Well, right now I'm just playing taxi driver until there's an opening again at the bar across town I usually work at, so nothing left of the law for me. Unless my grandpa comes up with some scheme to drag me into, but that's a rabbit hole I probably shouldn't go down."
> The man who was probably the last human taxi driver in GC thanked Dusty for the drink and took a sip. He seemed more than satisfied.

| >>729467
"My name's Miro, by the way. Sorry for not saying that earlier, I'm still not always the best at, well, social things."

| >>729407

"Okay, I'll get those drinks out then! Just don't break into song right now or I'll have to kick the lot of you out. Back when they're ready, 'kay?"

> Dusty gives them a nod and gets to work to making the drinks. She does work a little clumsily, but she has it down. Her dress sways around as she shakes drinks, something that she's not too happy about. Once they're done, she gives them as they asked and gave a confident nod

| >>729468

> Dusty gets back to Miro and nods, finally taking in what he had told her.

"It's maybe sometimes better to not get on the wrong side of the law. I ain't just livin' here 'cuz I like it. I mean... I *do* but... besides the point. Stay working at a bar. It's not for me, but maybe it's for you."

> She gives a shrug and adjusts her dress down. It looks surprisingly nice for the district

"Oh, I'm Dusty, by the way. I don't sign autographs unless Pistol Pete is around"

| >>729556
"That's affirm, I ain't got my guitar with me right now. Bit hard to carry around, ya know?"

>Andrew replies as he start chuging down his drink. The other two do the same.

"Damn, that's pretty good. I still wish there's karmotrine in this though."

>Valentine comments.

"Let's keep you sober, yeah?. You gave me both the most flattering and terrifying experience last time."

>Impulse says, Valentine didn't reply, but her face turns red again at the mention of last time.

| >>729565
“Glad you like the drink! I was given a basic course in this stuff so I’m just learning as I go along. Not like anyone complains anyway here.”

> She walks back over and pulls a can from underneath the counter, drinking the contents before throwing the can deftly into the trash can across the bar with little effort

“Last time you were drunk was that bad, eh? I’ve been there, girl. Too many fuckin’ times”

| >>729557 "Nice to meet you. Pistol Pete? I've never been good with names, but that doesn't ring a bell. You and him famous around here or something? I swear, I never know what's going on..."
> He drank more of the sunshine cloud. Lack of caffeine aside, it did seem to be helping him recover from the visible tiredness he had walking in.

| >>729647
"Well, it wasn't exactly bad..."

>Valentine says, still red but also smiling while she takes a small sip from her glass.

"Oh, you can say that, you were the one that did it. We still need to talk about that when we get back, by the way."

>Impulse replies, before downing the rest of his drink.

>Andrew leans in and whispers to Dusty, definitely not doing a good enough job.

>"She tried to make out with him."

"Because you bloody let her do it!"

>Impulse shouts.

| >>729692
"Eh, we had our infamy. Still do in some places, but we're retired now. At least for the most part. Unless there's a lot of Zen to be made, but that's unlikely."


> Dusty blushes slightly, unsure of what to do now. She looks at Impulse and back to Valentine and turns her head away to regain her composure

"W-well, I guess that happens. Gotta learn to control what you do when you drink too much, but now I'll be sure to give you less... than none?"

| >>729731
"That would be much appreciated, thank you Dusty."

>Impulse says, quickly calming down.

"Yeah, thanks."

>Valentine replies. Her face is still red. She fiddles around with her glass as she thinks of something else to talk about. Both Valentine and Impulse averted their eyes from eachother.

>Andrew leans over again.

>"I ship them."

"Andy, shut up. Dusty, can I have another gut punch please?"

>Impulse says after a while, raising his empty glass for Dusty to see.


| >>729742

> Dusty stifles a laugh as she hops off her perch and fixes up another Gut Punch for Impulse. She sets it down in front of him and starts to crack her knuckles

"If you want him to shut up, I could always give him a real gut punch. But that sounds a little too mean, even by my standards"

| >>729747
"That could be appropriate, but I think I can handle my own folks, thanks on the offer though."

>Impulse politely replies with a grin as he takes the glass.

>"Look at them, they are so cute together."

>Andrew continues to whisper more while you prepare the drink.

"Um, does the offer stand for me? Give him like a little slap for me maybe?"

>Valentine starts.

| >>729756

"A slap? I don't know about that. My hands aren't exactly soft enough to not make it noticeable. Maybe if they keep it up, I might do it for me"

> Dusty flashes a sly grin and flexes her fingers as if eyeing up the best way to approach a slap

"Although, I shouldn't say anything anyway. Not with me and Pete being a pair, anyway..."

| >>730007
"Well, judging from what Red told us, I'm sure you two are quite a pair."

>Andrew replies, returning a smug grin.

"It's alright, I can do it myself."

>Valentine says as she reaches over Impulse to give Andrew a slap.

"Nope, ain't getting me."

>Andrew managed to get out of the way, making Valentine fall short onto Impulse's lap. Luckily, Impulse secures his glass of drink in time so that's less spill to deal with.

"Bloody hell, careful, almost knock my drink over."

| >"...and you're telling me they aren't cute together?"

>Andrew whispers to you again, purposefully letting them hear it this time.

>Valentine blushes once again as she recover herself, quickly getting up and back to her seat. Impulse just calmly looks over, and gives Andrew a punch, fairly light, but still strong enough to hurt a little.

"Yeah, okay, I deserved that."

>Andrew says as he get back up.

| >>729731 "Hmm... you know, now that I think about it more you and Pete's names sound more familiar. The bounty hunters, right? I'd ask how you ended up tending bar here, but I'm guessing the 'retired' part is the answer."
> By now he was about halfway done with his sunshine cloud.

| >>730070

> Dusty can't help but laugh at this whole situation. Despite her rough appearance and demeanor, she actually looked a little cute while doing this. She slaps the bar top a bit to help her get back into her groove and to settle the trio down

"Okay, okay you three... any more rowdiness and we're gonna have to cut you all off! HA just kidding, as if we really even do that here. No wonder you've been worn down Pulse"

| >>730366

> Dusty seems to perk up on hearing that someone remembers her for past exploits. She quickly swoops over slams down in front of Miro, her eyes shining like comets

"THANK YOU. Hold up I gotta-"

> She pulls her phone out and spins to take a picture of herself with Miro in the frame before turning back and pocketing her phone

"Sorry, you just helped me win a bet is all. Glad to know we're still remembered out there. Feels like ancient history even though it wasn't"

| >>730375
Miro smiled a bit.
"Honestly, I thought that was just me being bad at remembering things. I didn't realize people had forgotten about you that much. I'll admit I haven't heard a lot, just little bits, probably because I haven't been here very long."
> More of the sunshine cloud was consumed.
"I'll probably get going after I finish this. Driving that big boat of a car at night on unfamiliar streets is a bad idea on its own, and I'd rather not let myself get too tired."

| >>730374
"Yeah, I do wish I didn't pay them to follow my arse all the time."

>Impulse says, he sighs as he continues to drain

"Also, Andy, you're paying."

"Wait, what?"

>Andrew near spits out his piledriver when he heard it.

"...and you'd better give the lass a generous tip while you're at it."

>Impulse continues, glancing over at Dusty.

"Oh, and you are definitely still remembered by my group. Red really liked working with you and Pete."

| >>730376
"Eh, people here just don't know who we are for the most part but maybe that's better. I don't need more people looking to ghost me out there. If you need to pay, let me know, 'kay? I'll still be here if you forget, or I'll track you down too."

> She knocks against the bar as if to drive her point."

"Aww I know we are! It's just nice for a girl to feel special sometimes. Plus I won a bet so it's even better!"

| >>730384
"Yeah, boss, it's nice for girls to feel special. Why don't you go ahead and give poor old Val a kiss. I bet that'll make her feel very special."

>Andrew says, gesturing towards Valentine, who is very heavily flustered as she continues sipping her drink.

| >>730389

> Dusty tries to stifle her laughs, crouching down behind the bar to get away even. She pops back up, shaking her head and messing up her hair even more

“Andy you’re gonna get punched by me even and that’s just for my own sake. But i like you enough to at least warn ya”

> She pulls a can out from underneath the bar and cracks it open, drinking some of it before putting it back

“I should get the hit in before Pulse skins you right here though...”

| >>730390
"I call dibs on first punch."

>Impulse says as he slams the glass on the counter and goes for a punch, but Andrew blocks it. Impulse manages to hit him on the second, and returns to his drink after doing so.

>Andrew pulls back from the punch pretty quickly and return to his seat.

"Alright, that one hurts a lot more."

>Valentine put her head on the counter beside her glass and wraps her arm around to try and hide her red face.

| >>730390
>The green-eyed man flags dusty with a short holler
"I'll take another drink, Tender; give me something that tastes terrible"
>He asks, before turning his head towards the other guests, he scratches his beard lightly
"Gettin' busy... and loud"
>He mutters

| >>730384
> He gave what for him was probably a hearty laugh.
"Trust me, even I'm not dumb enough to just waltz out of a place without paying. If I was I doubt I'd have lasted this long here."
> He glanced down the bar to where some punching, among other things, seemed to be going on but decided that tonight wasn't the night for that as he finished most of his drink in one go. The rest was finished shortly after and he placed payment on the counter, plus a decent tip.

| >>730408

> Dusty quickly gets to work fixing up a drink from bottles around her, slamming down a rocks glass that looks clear. It fizzes and has what looks like citrus floating in it

"Cheers! Ahh... it is getting loud, just the way a biker bar should be. This place is too quiet for my likin' sometimes. Drink's a gin and tonic. I dunno what tonic is but it tastes bad to me. Fuck gin."

| >>730540

> Dusty retires the glass and money, quickly wiping down the spot with a rag before giving Miro a sort of salute

"Thanks for the scratch, Miro. Hopefully you can stop by again soon when the whole place has the gang in."

> She hands back the credstick and rests her head on the counter momentarily before perking back up

"You said that you have driving to do? Don't be driving with four wheels after dark, unless you want bikers whippin' by you going 90-min"

| >>730608
"A classic it is, I guess those usually bring a bad taste to my mouth"
>The man chuckles at Dusty's honesty
"Maybe because it reminds me that everything has a better derivative, or that nothing can beat the original flash of inspiration... or maybe that's just thinking too deeply into things: It's bad practice I hear"
>He takes a large swig of the drink
"Can I ask you another question tender? A stupid one"

| >>730616

“Umm... I guess I mean why not? I’m in a decent enough mood for right now. I don’t think anything could break it right now, but that ain’t no invitation to try neither.”

> Dusty finishes her sentence and points at the man, as if a warning. She reaches back under the counter and drinks from more of the can she has stashed away. She seems refreshed by it

| >>730630
>The man smiles
"Not that kind of stupid, just generally"
>He pauses, and stares down into his glass longingly, before facing you again
"What do you think of pain?"
>His eyes seem to ask for a serious answer, despite the question's... vagueness

| >>730636

“Ehh??? What do I think of pain? It fuckin’ sucks! The only good thing about it is that it shows me what to avoid, like explosions and gunshots. The less pain I gotta deal with at any given moment, the better.”

> She crosses her arms and gives a huff, giving off the impression she’s much younger than she might appear to be.

“I’ll tell ya one thing that’s painful right now: the fact I can’t get a smoke in til I’m back in my place, and even then it’s only the walk there”

| >>730612
> He gave a happy grin and returned the salute, though his face grew a bit more worried after she mentioned the bikers
"Thanks for the advice. Not much I can do about it now, though, so I guess I'll just have to be careful. And I'll definitely be back. Nice talking with you."

| > Something about that exchange seemed to boost poor Miro's confidence! Perhaps the salute. As he walked out to his car he glanced left and right for bikers, but unfortunately the problems he'd be dealing with tonight would be much furrier and have much sharper teeth.

| >>730640
>The man laughs
"Well, that makes sense, I'd say"
>He gives a toothy grin
"I also could go for a smoke right now, I guess that is a pain, ahah!"
>He laughs once more
"Sorry I asked something so stupid, see i'm one of those guys; you know the ones: crazies who think about shit all the time, the kinda folk people would call auteurs or some other bullshit, creative types have at you."
>He takes a swig of his drink
"You know what I'm talkin' about right?"

| >Andrew finishes his drink and tries to get Dusty attention by raising up his empty glass for her to see.

"Talking about pain. Can I have another drink, maybe something to help with this pain I'm feeling right now."

>Impulse laughs.

"Yeah, get the bloke a gut punch. That'll help him."

| >>730651

> Dusty cocks her head to the side, unsure of what to make of him. She looks visibly confused, but shakes her head to rid herself of the thoughts and feeling.

“Nah, I don’t think I do know. Sorry pal. That’s just stuff I ain’t never learned with Pete, probably ‘cuz he ain’t never cared either”

> She shrugs and does an odd face, before realising what she’s doing. She blushes and coughs a bit before getting back to her usual self

| >>730727

> Dusty notices the empty glass and quickly grabs it out of Andy’s hand. She fixes up another gut punch in no time and slides in front of him as if she’d always been a bartender. The glass wobbles as it slides.

“Here ya go. Put a little extra kick in there, maybe it’ll help you stop hurting so much. Maybe it’ll make us hurt you even more. I’m excited to see what’s what!”

> She flashes a cheeky grin and goes to clean her current dirty glasses and shaker

| >>730765
"Ha, thanks, you're the best."

>Andrew takes a small sip, then put the glass back down.

"Yeah, I think we should get going as well. What do you think guys?"

>He looks back at the others.

"Alright, let me finish my drink first."

>Impulse replies, chuging down his remaining drink.

"Yeah, maybe we should leave."

>Valentine, still flustered, agrees. She also finishes up her drink.

"It's decided then."

| >>730959

“Y’all gonna head out then? Stay safe out there then. I think some of the gangs might be antsy and seeing y’all pack might give them the wrong ideas”

> She knocks on the faux wood countertop as if to bring good luck and ward away the bad

“Maybe they’ll know you’re not from here though. They don’t take their affairs past the district boundary”

| >>731240
"Well, that'll give these two something to do other than follow me all day and be annoying."

>Impulse replies, laughing.

"Stop lying, I know you love our company, especially my sister's."

>Andrew objects.

"See what I mean?"

| >>731389

"Psshhhhh you mean to tell me little ole me has more willpower than you? I'm sure you can deal with them just a little while longer"

> Dusty laughs and tosses a shaker into the air as if were one of her pistols

"Maybe we can all go do something if it gets that bad. I think there's someone who rigged up a shooting gallery around here in one of the sewer tunnels"

| >>732213
"Well, that's a tempting offer. Another time, perhaps, another time."

>Impulse replies, as Andrew leave the pay alongside a good amount of tips on the table.

"Remember, you and your partner's welcomed to use my range anytime."

>He continues before he walked out the door, followed by the flustered Valentine.

"Well, nice meeting you, see you around maybe."

>Andrew takes another second to say a little good-bye before he follows Impulse out the door of the establishment.

| >>732219

"Nice meeting y'all too! Don't kill Pulse or anything!"

> Dusty waves and laughs a little as she does. Once she sees her friends leave, she stretches a bit and cracks her back while doing so. Despite her small frame, she looks quite sturdy and strong



| >A slim man enters the bar, his brown hair carefully tucked behind his ears. A comfortably knitted beige shawl wraps around his sides and a set of rectangular glasses rest upon the bridge of his nose.
>He sits down at one of the stools of the bar and smiles politely at the woman behind the counter.

"Nice atmosphere, I could see myself doing a reading here."

>He rests his wrists upon the countertop.

"I'd like something cool, and pleasant to taste, please. Any will do."

| >>733675

> Dusty scoffs a little at the comment of the nice atmosphere. She gets to work mixing a drink as she draws nearer

"If you think this is nice, you should see it when its full up with the gangs around. That's when it looks totally like a biker bar. Noisy and rowdy and oh so wonderful. Anyway, here's the drink, boy"

> Dusty places a drink in front of the man. It smells like a Cobalt Velvet, even if the glass is wrong

| > The man cheerily picks up the glass and takes a sip at it before turning and glancing at the open room behind him.

"I imagine that would be quite lovely, actually. It would be charged with energy from all of the people."

> He spun back around in his seat to face the bartender and took another polite sip from his Cobalt Velvet, giving a hum of appreciation at its fizz.

"My name is Edgar, by the way, I'm somewhat new to the city after making a fresh start with a new business."

| >>733926
“Oh? Well then Ho—howdy, Edgar. I’m Dusty. Starting fresh ain’t a bad plan here. Wait.... you’re not... no, his real name wasn’t Edgar. I almost confused you with someone else.”

> She shrugs and hops onto a portion of counter to sit on. She adjusts her dress for a more comfortable perch, her boots thumping the cabinets

“Whatcha do? Business I mean? My roommate has his own thing and I might be fixin’ somethin’ too”

| "It is a pleasure to meet you, Dusty, and I'm sorry that you might have had me confused with someone else."

> He adjusts his glasses and wraps his fingers around his drink before leaning comfortably onto the counter.

"Lovely you should ask, I run a small tea shop by myself. We serve a nice variety, at least what I can still get my hands on in this part of the world. I can't say it has quite the energy this establishment does, though."

| >>733944
"Oh, a tea place? I think Fox might like something like that. Also don't sweat me getting you mixed up for Missile Kid, he was always kind of weird."

> Dusty perches up once more on the countertop behind her, adjusting her dress as she settles into a comfortable position

"I guess there's something for everyone. I don't really like tea, but it's not like its common in the circles I ran in with my partner"

| >Two figures enter the bar, one was an average looking man wearing a black parka jacket and a beanie. The other is an older guy in military camo. Both are openly carrying a pistol. Dusty might recognize the younger man as Sabre.

"Oh hey, G'day, miss, can't quite remember your name."

>Sabre calls out as he reaches the counter and recognizes Dusty.

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