If you leave me now

| You'll take await the biggest part of me

Ooooooooh baby please don't go

| Ooooooh, girl, just got to have you by my siiide

Ooooooh, no, baby please don't go

That's... actually right on. Good job.

Thank you.

| This is incredibly old stuff for you guys to be aware of. Where did you hear this?

- Zombie

| >>728656
My parents used to sing this to me when I was young. Guess it just stuck.

You wouldn't want to hear my explanation...

| Ooh, Chicago! Haven't thought of this one in a while! I think I might actually have a cassette with this on it lying around, but I'll have to check.
- SciFox

Inb4 you're the only nerd here who knows what a cassette tape is.
- BrittanYs.

| wtf ?

| >>729101 You own a cassette tape? Are you willing to sell it?
I'll pay top dollar.

- Zombie




- Mew

| >>729133


It's hard to let you go~


| >>729126
Sorry, but not in a million years. Seriously, this stuff wouldn't be so hard to find if people didn't throw it out so religiously. Or at least that's what grandpa says.
- SciFox

Speaking of people throwing things away, I'll bet you could find whatever you want if you spend enough time poking through your local scrapyards. I know I have.
- BrittanYs

Aren't those places private property?
- SciFox

And when has that ever stopped me?
- BrittanYs

| >>729142 Not in a million years eh? I'm surprised, and even a little disheartened, but it's at least nice to know that something so rare is with an owner who understands its value.
Perhaps you be so kind as to let me view the cassette tape in person, maybe even listen to it if you have a way to play it. A thing of such antique beauty, I'd love to get to see it for myself.

- Zombie

| >>729186
I might consider it. If you're set on finding one for yourself and aren't willing to follow my friend into restricted areas I could see if my grandpa has anything of interest. He deals in antiques and while him having a Chicago tape would be a long shot I'm certain he has some cassettes.
- SciFox

| >>729244 An antique dealer eh? Does he work in GC? If so there's a good chance I'll already know him.

I'm something of a collector myself, so I'd greatly appreciate if you could tell me where exactly I'd find a gentleman with such wonderful items for sale.

- Zombie

| >>729292
Grandpa is... hard to keep track of, but he has been making appearances at auction houses and street markets in GC lately. Best way to handle this is for me to contact him and tell him someone's after some rare music media. He'll be glad to make a sale.
- SciFox

| >>0209ed If you need to reach me then drop a word in with Josephi at the Last Resort bar on Springston.
He'll know where to find me.

I look forward to hearing from you and your grandfather.

- Zombie

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