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Eyo wtf

| So i wanna get out to downtown and have a bro night with ma homie, rite? Then when we go round a spooky corner this creepy drek in a hoodie and a weird-ass mask lunged out and shanked my bro with dis weird ornate knife. i was like yo wtf but the dude didn't say nothing. So now i'm freaking out, rite?then this other dude wearing like the same hoodie an everything and shanked the other creepy dude. So i just took ma bro and booked it outta there while they go at it with eachother.

| So update, ma homie is still alive, but the doc told us the knife had some kind of poison? What kind of weird shit is this? Stay out of DT, yall.

| Cult killers I guess?

| Geez, scary. Stay safe out there

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This thread is permanently archived