Things to do around the city

| So I’m more of an indoor person, but lately I’m feeling like I need a change in scenery. Something other than the walls of my apartment.
So I want to ask: does anyone here know any good spots to just kill time around the city? Doesn’t matter what, long as it’s relatively safe.


| >Safe
>Glitch City
I have bad news for you.


| There's an arcade in Northoak if you've got creds to waste. Mostly just shitty VR shooters, but there's a few retro gems there too.

- MonkeyWrench

| If you need eats Seymon's Sushi does a killer dragon roll.


| You could always try killing a man, that seems to happen plenty around the city.
- Swill

| >>727541 I agree, kill a man. Not exactly hard to do with the GCPD in charge of finding you.

| >>727551

> Relatively safe
> Kill a man

C'mon guys...

| >>727569 Guess this is just the murder thread now then. Hooray for murder!

- MonkeyWrench

| >whyisthistownlikethis.mpx
>attached is a quick video taken from a coffee shop window, gunshots ring in the distance echoing past the streets and alleyways leading to the coffee shop. Visible from past the logo stenciled window is 2 blonde woman fighting each other whith high heels as a rouge third one drunkenly vomits all over the other two

I was just trying to get my morning coffee...
I...i suppose people watching could be "fun" depending

| Welp, seeing as this turned into “go kill a man for fun” I don't think I'll be going out.

Maybe my guts were right. If I wanna survive I should just stay in bed for now.


| I mean, you can always just go to a bar and meet some folks. Some of them have good security.

Watch, now he's gonna say it's the Hazy Moonlight because they have some of our guys there as security.

Took the words out of my mouth, good chap, he is. The Hazy Moonlighter is very secure as they have our folks there as security (and they have a .50 cal auto-turret installed) to stop troublemakers.

Called it.

| >>727685 I don’t really know my surroundings yet, frankly. I only moved here a month or so ago, y’see? Part of the reason I stay in so much.

I’ve heard of the bar before thought just never knew where it was. By “your guys” do you mean the folks in that Everlasting Twilight gang I hear about on here and at work?


| >>727700
The Moonlighter's in a corner between Glitz, Neon, and Uptown. It's run by a couple of my good friends.

Also no, we're not part of that Syndicate, although I understand the confusion. We are our own group, but we do a lot of the same thing as those people.

I run a weapon store and a range. My group tried our best to combat other local gangs and, like the syndicate, the growing cult in Downtown.

| Should i perhaps get you a discount or something? See if maybe darling can go for a happy hour?

| >>727795
...and that's the co-owner of the Hazy Moonlighter, Cassius, or as I like to call him, the crazy French bastard with a fox mask and a weird bloody headset.

He does make some good drinks though.

| Easy on the name dropping sheesh
Unlike you im not brave enough to use my name as my tag

| >>727811
Pretty sure everybody knows your name if they visited your place. Also, jokes on you, Impulse's not my real name.

Wait, it isn't?

| >>727771 Well, thanks for the recommendation and thanks for clearing everything up, even if I remain a little confused...

I’ll definitely look into stopping by some time. Drinks tend to taste better or worse depending on the environment you’re in. I’ll see when I can muster up the want to go out again.


| >>728086
yeah whatever just quiet down anyway.
Your name aint impulse so i bet you wouldn't appreciate me calling you by your real name here just openly..

we try to be as comfy as possible!

| >>728944
Look on the bright side, at least I didn't say your last name, eh?

| I mean the BTC apartment complex here in Neon is pretty safe because of my landlord's proficiency with a shotgun but in terms of places that actually have things to do, I'm admittedly at a loss.
- SciFox

Trouble usually gets contained pretty quickly at the bars around here I've been too, but then again said trouble happens pretty frequently.
- BrittanYs

| This city's been dead for years, now.

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