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Thank You

| Good day to you again, Denizens of Glitch City.

We might be a new group to this city, only having formed this year, but nonetheless we are dedicated to keeping the peace and helping the common people of the city.

There maybe groups of people who are skeptical of our group, abd we hope that we could persuade you to understand our cause and that you migtht truly support it. But there are also people who are supportive of us, and for that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

| It's truly a blessing to serve such a wonderful community. You may like us or hate us, but we guarantee that we'll always try our best.

So here's to another year, may it be full of peace and prosperity for us the common people. Happy New Year, Happy Holidays.

We serve from the shadow.

-Noel Pearce, Syndicate of Everlasting Twilight

| Another update on our operations, we are continuing our efforts to combat the new cults in Downtown. We have our combat staffs on stand by in the district to prevent or at the least keep the collateral damage as low as possible in a case of a public shootout.

We understand that having armed security around the perimeter maybe unsettling, but we assure you that we are just trying our best to ensure your safety and keep the peace.

-Noel Pearce

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This thread is permanently archived