Skater punks invading Motor District

| I just left the garage I live in at the Motor District right? Bunch of graffiti all over the the entrance! I’m not complaining really, me and my roommate think it looks sick as fuck and riding around the place, the others seem to agree

Where the fuck can I give these guys money to go cause some hell over in the Glitz or Uptown because I’d be happy to see them go do that soon


| No idea, but I agree that they look seriously fucking awesome. Anyone knows who these taggers are?

| I don't know, but I can't get food till my next paycheck thanks to them and the cops. Funky Music though.

| bart world no mercy

| Maybe I should get in on tagging as well.

Please don't.

Now I'm definitely spraying my room.

Don't, on the basis that we share the room and I would hate to see your shitty graffiti everytime I wake up and go to bed.

You really have no confidence in me, do you.

Listen, you are good at a lot of things, art definitely isn't one of them. On the other note, can I pay those taggers to spray my wall?

| I don't know? I mean they are street punks.

- Makura, The Groceries Guy

| >>727622
Sorry about your groceries, by the way, you want something so you can eat while you wait for your pay?
-Red 9

| That would be nice actually, Red 9, do you got a place to meet up?

- Makura, The Now, Curious, Groceries Guy

| >>728052
How about Neko Park? I'll have to walk my dog with my SO in a bit.
-Red 9

| That'd be groovy. I'll make my way there.

- Makura, The Groceries Guy, hoping to get food to eat this week.

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