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So I listened to that streetpunk Radio Station.

| If you remember me from the other day, I had to deal with the most awful skater punks while the police shot at 'em.

I listened to that radio station they have called "Jet Set Radio" and HOLY SHIT these are bops! They may have made me lose my groceries to an explosion, but they have some groovy taste.

I'd raise a fringe weaver for the radio DJ.

| I'm... glad you enjoyed the music?

Do you want to retell the part where you lost your groceries?
-Red 9

| Huh... I wont comment on the name, but can someone tell me about Glitch City's copy right laws again...

| >>725651
Pretty sure guerilla radio stations don’t care to follow copyright laws

| To be clear, the other day I was out in the Commercial District getting groceries when there were these street punks skating around and spreading graffiti. They knocked me over, and worse yet, the law enforcement were using TANKS and SWAT! I mean, the White Nights were bad, but they weren't over the top!

| >>725989
What law enforcement is this exactly? GCPD?
-Red 9

| I think so? I didn't quite get a good look because I dodging fucking missiles.

| >>726166
I just don't think GCPD has enough spare tanks and SWAT teams to be using them on wall-taggers.
-Red 9

| That's what's so freaking weird about it! It's beyond ridiculous!
But if it means, I get to listen to Jet Set Radio? Hell, I'm fine losing groceries and a few buildings.

... I've had a few too many at the bar, I apologise.

| Hey its one ov the best radio stations out there! Sorry but your groceries tho

| >>c49c38 say what those tags look like in particular?

| Dawg, I was being shot at with missiles and tear gas, I think what the rudies were tagging might be the single least important thing I could take note of.

| Then you see what insignia or badge the SWAT or the Tanks had?

| Uh... It was some sort of golden diamond.

| Yeah, no idea whose that is then. I doubt GCPD uses the golden diamond as their badge though.
-Red 9


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This thread is permanently archived