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Artful distractions

| >A picture is uploaded to this server
>A painting within a dark room, with large cloth covering what can only be assumed to be other pieces and sculptures seen all around.
>The painting is of a woman, with a gentle smile upon her face, long flowing brown hair waving like the sea. Wearing a simple white gown that exposes her large breasts almost completely. There is a trail of red near her lips, as if she had messed up her makeup.
>And her eyes have too many pupils within them.

| >A trail of gore is seen on the floor right before the painting, and seems to almost flow within it, upwards her body and near the red stain around her mouth, those eyes pierce into the camera, half closed.
>The name of the piece:


| That's... disturbing.
-Red 9

| >A picture is uploaded once more
>Another painting, set up in the middle of a large stage, illuminated by a single projector light.
>The painting is a man, his skin blue and his eyes bulging, his lips are blackened and his frail hands' veins look ready to pop at any moment.
>A rope is tied around his neck, his hands scratching all around it.
>The rope is tied around his back and as it rises it seemingly exits the painting and heads towards the ceiling where light doesn't reach.

| >The name of this piece:


| Yep, I'm officially creeped out. Hey! Alix, take a look at this.
-Red 9

What is this. Oh god, that's so screwed up.

| hawk........ you think this is.....????


| >>725195
... His friend? Yeah, but... why now? Didn't he say that story took place over 50 years ago?

God, >>>please tell me this isn't a timer...


| >Another picture is uploaded
>A lost and found box, illuminated dimly by a flashlight.
>Within it is an arm, blood fills the box.
>The file name:

| >>725238
Are these... all from one source? The same location?


| >Another painting is posted
>Its a lavish painting of a door with a small peephole, closed
>The sound of a knock comes from deep within the matrix, almost as if simply looking at the image made it appear down here

| I'm gonna fucking burn this shit to the ground if I ever find where this is.
-Red 9

| >"A visitor at this hour? Who could it possibly be!"
>A painting is posted again, the door is open. Behind it is a small figure, it's trait shadowed by the darkness outside the door
>"It's our good friend from next door! Surely we cannot leave him outside in the cold; please do step inside!"
>Another painting is posted.
>The face of that small being, up close.
>Fear, teeth shut tightly as the realization dawns upon them.

| >Another painting is uploaded
>The same woman as the first painting, her arm is squeezed within her breasts, her fingertips touching her chin, wiping off fresh blood, her eyes filled with even more pupils. Her pînk tongue tinted a sickly red.

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