Found something neat

| Its this device that records the visual and audio data from dreams.
When in close proximity to a person who is sleeping you'll be able to see and hear their dreams. However you can also record them.
Found it dumpster diving in the RID. Fixed it up a bit and got it working.
Says "Dream Catcher prototype" on it.

| Are you interested in selling?

| >>717550
I ain't got much use for it.
So i guess for a good price.

| >>717551
I have a lot of use I could get from this I believe. So, I'll go with 200 nuyen.

| >>717552
Can you do 300?

| >>717553
I'd prefer not to spend that much could 250 work?

| >>717554
I'll dm you an address

| >>717555
mulțumesc, thank you.

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